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How well do you know your Skins?

Fortnite has made a ton of skins since its Battle Royale in 2017. You’ve played the game, got a few skins, and now it’s an ideal opportunity to test how good you are with Fortnite skins! Over 300 Fortnite skins are made available through Battle Passes, Items Shops, and promos. The number of skins accessible is entirely impressive and unquestionably a great venture for the video game company, Epic Games.

Do you think you know it all about Fortnite’s skins? Do you have the ability to pass our Fortnite Skin Test? The test contains a blend of simple and hard questions. You certainly know the answer to a couple of these, however we think there are some questions that may confuse you. You would do well to if you are furnished with information that stretches back to seasons past. Try not to stress, the test’s outcomes can’t be seen by anybody except you, unless you share it with your friends. Our test shows you the right answer after every choice. Along these lines you’ll learn a little if you happen to get the wrong answer. Now, are you ready for the challenge?

What is the male counterpart of the “Fate” skin?


What is the name of this skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Super Striker”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Finesse Finisher”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

Which Battle Pass Season included the “Black Knight” skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Season 3″,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Season 2″,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

During Season 4, which Battle Pass tier was the “Valor” skin unlocked?


Which company promo event gives you the “Galaxy” skin?


The “Red Knight” is the menace of what Fortnite location?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Anarchy Acres”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Fatal Fields”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

Which Battle Pass Season includes the “Lynx” skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Season 5″,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Season 7″,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

What historical culture is the “Magnus” skin inspired from?


When was the ‘Fortune’ skin initially released?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”July 13, 2018″,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”January 7, 2018″,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

Which of these is the ”Devastator” skin?


How many ‘Team Leader” bear skins were released?


How was the “Frozen Red Knight” skin released?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Battle Pass”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Part of a Bundle ”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name of this female basketball skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Triple Double”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Triple Threat”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

What is the female counterpart of the “Raven” skin?


When was the “Rosa” skin last seen in Fortnite’s Item Shop?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”November 1, 2018″,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”November 3, 2018″,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name of this skin?


Which Battle Pass Season included “The Rook” skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Season 5″,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Season 4″,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

What is the name of this skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”The Ice Queen”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Frost Queen”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

Which is the movie inspiration for “The Reaper” skin?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Die Hard”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”John Wick”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:””,”answerImage”:””}

How many V-Bucks do you need to purchase the “Merry Marauder” skin?



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