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The Most Hurtful Things Girls Have Ever Said To A Guy

There are plenty of people in this world that can say some horrible things. A lot of guys from Reddit know the sting of what girls can say when they’re feeling particularly hurtful. Even though men can be just as hurtful, we’re gonna focus on the worst things girls have said this time.

From crazy ex-girlfriends to just plain nasty friends, there are so many guys that have had their esteem and, worse than that, dismantled from the people they thought they could trust. 

When I was about 20, one of my best friends came around and was upset that a guy had rejected her and said she wasn’t attractive. I did my best to console her and make her feel better.

But she said something that I always remembered whenever she asked me to help her. She was crying and slightly drunk. As I hugged her, she said, “now I understand what it must feel like to be you.” Story credit – Reddit/Hail_Bokonon

I was 14, onboard a RoRo-ship in the middle of the Adriatic, on our way to Greece (yes, the exact same ship that caught on fire last week). It was really friggin hot, so I decided against sleeping in our cabin. I took my sleeping bag topside and installed it myself.

Half an hour later, a couple of French girls show up. I was almost asleep but heard one of them say: “Hey, there’s someone sleeping there,” to which another girl replied: “Peut-etre il est Joli!” (“maybe he’s pretty!”). Immediately after those words, the whole world erupted into a blinding white light – the girl had taken a flashlight and shone it directly into my face. And then she spoke that single, terrible word, “Non.” Story Credit – Reddit/SebboNL

I once had a girl I was interested in. She openly flirted with me all the time, so the signals felt pretty strong. That’s why I was so confused when out of nowhere, this girl just straight up told me something terrible.

She said, “too bad you aren’t as good-looking as your brothers.” I have self-confidence issues, but being told I was the ugly brother was absolutely brutal to hear. For the record, I have four brothers. Story credit – Reddit/mind_teaser

I’m not a good-looking man. So imagine my surprise when a beautiful girl approaches me in a crowded bar. This had never happened before. She beckoned me close and said, “Hey, do you mind if I kiss you. It’s a dare”, then looked over at her table of friends in the distance who were in absolute hysterics.

“S..s.ss..sure,” I mumbled, not out of nerves for once but out of sadness. After I realized that I was just the butt of another joke, I didn’t want to kiss her at all, but I’m socially awkward at the best of times and saying no would’ve prolonged the situation even longer. No, I didn’t enjoy it. As her lips met mine, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Her friends were cheering across the crowded bar, and my own mates were starting to crack up. I wanted to disappear. Story credit – Reddit/HonestNeckbeard

To take that a little further: “nothing” when she ended the relationship. I was in a pretty serious relationship, and she abruptly ended it. I knew something was up the last few weeks of it, but she never made the time to talk about it. Then she ended it over the phone with lame excuses and half-truths. 

She avoided talking to me for the next month (because I was trying to figure out what the hell happened). While all of the things said in this thread are hurtful, being thrown aside like a piece of garbage with little to no explanation was extremely difficult to heal from. Story credit – Reddit/perma4

“You’re the most pathetic person I’ve ever met. It’s no wonder your parents don’t want to have a relationship with you. You work out at the gym, so people will like you and not talk behind your back.

But that’s far from the truth. In fact, everyone says how much of a loser you are. You’re a balding 30-year-old with a physique that no one could be attracted to; despite going to the gym, no one ever will.” Story credit- Reddit/ClownOnHer

On a night out with some friends about seven years ago, We were outside in the beer garden as it was a very nice day, and 2 of my friends were smokers at the time. Anyway, we are outside drinking and having a good time, and when my friends excused themselves to get more drinks in, I overhear a couple of girls chatting at the table next to me. Basically, one of the girls was complaining about how she had been single for a while now and jokingly said that she was ‘desperate.’

Her friend says to her again in a joking way something along the lines of ‘you just need to pick one guy here and kiss him’ she said, ‘go on then, who would you choose?’ Her friend points at me and says, ‘what about that guy over there, with the long hair? And she goes, ‘oh good god, I’m not that desperate.’ Story credit – Reddit/greenwood90

So I asked this girl I really liked to senior prom, there were balloons and signs and everything. I had a sign asking her if she would go to prom with me (I was a really cheesy guy in high school).

The girl meant the world to me, so what did she do? She stared me down, frowned, and said, “why would I ever want to go to prom with you?”, not as bad as some of this thread, but man, it hurt. Story credit – Reddit/[deleted]

I don’t post much, but I might have a good one for this. I dated a girl for around a year and had just brought her home to meet my family during winter break. Since my family lives in Hawai’i, I stayed behind for an extra two weeks to spend time at home before the next semester started. Three days after she got back from her visit, she decided to break up with me over Facebook. It really took me by surprise. This was the first real relationship I had ever had and the first girl I ever “loved.” I took it pretty hard.

After a pretty rough (on me) 2 weeks of being confused, I gave her a call to set up a time I could pick up a few personal belongings I had left in her apartment (for safety reasons, she had a lock on her door). She told me the last time we spoke in person, “I don’t know why you are taking this so hard. You shouldn’t let someone mean this much to you in your life. Just move on; it’s no big deal. You will be fine.”

“Now that I’m earning more than you, I don’t think I need you anymore.” Eight years of supporting her from corner shop job to Deputy Head Teacher, working hard to get our first flat and then house, selling my business to have a better life together. 

I even took a pay cut and another job so I would be less stressed about work for her. Well, we’re divorced now. And I’ve tripled my salary since she left. I like waving to her from my Mercedes. Story credit – Reddit/[deleted]

I had a girlfriend scream in my face that I was worthless, would always be worthless, and would never accomplish anything or make anything of myself. It was at the end of an argument, so it didn’t come out of anywhere, but it was 20 years ago, and that still stings.

After she said that, I turned around and walked outside, but it was night. I was a teenager, we were 10 miles from my house, and she was my ride home. I had to swallow my pride and walk back inside. Whenever I think of this story, I kick myself for not walking the 10 miles. Story credit – Reddit/EricSweetscent

In grade 5 or 6, I was playing with a bouncy ball during recess, and this girl wanted the ball and said, “I’ll give you something for it you’ll never get, a kiss from a girl!” I have to admit. It was a good burn.

But at the time, I thought it was a bad trade and kept the ball for myself. I remembered it all these years, but finally, I stopped worrying. By the age of 25, I finally showed her! I kissed a girl! Story credit – Reddit/[deleted]

“I have a boyfriend now.” After dating her for two months, then told me she was not looking for a relationship but demanding in keeping me as a shoulder to cry on, not letting me get the distance I needed. 

After that, she took a long vacation while I did her job. The first thing was coming back as she got together with a mutual friend of ours, bringing me the news over the phone. It hit me with depression that I took half a year to get out of. Story credit – Reddit/Hioaragar

I go to the cinema alone quite often as I have nobody to go with and it’s also nicer to actually watch the film instead of having someone talk in your ear the whole time. I was in there early before the trailers had finished, and a young couple walked in and sat two rows behind me, to the left, eating their popcorn and talking about the latest gossip at school. I had my earphones in, pretending to listen to music. This way, I look a bit more normal than just sitting there staring at the screen. Music implies I like to party, but that is a good social activity that I do not currently take part in. I was listening in-depth to their conversation, but my heart suddenly froze when I heard her attempt to whisper the following:

“Wow, why did that boy come to the cinema alone? Does he have no friends?” The boy with her replied, “hahaha, what a loser!” They both shared some laughter while I maintained my staring contest with the screen in front of me. Their conversation quickly turned back on to someone at school who also had no friends, so I just got my packet of skittles out of my pocket and ate the whole bag at once Story credit – Reddit/[deleted]


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