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Husband Shames Wife For Her Still Pregnant Looking Stomach During Family Event, Strangers Clap Back

One of the most important moments in a woman’s life is when they have a baby. It’s a life-changing event, and while the whole family is overjoyed for the new family member, the mom sees her body transforming and not quite bouncing back to its initial shape.

However, she is not alone! She has the support of her whole family. While this is the perfect family photo, a woman didn’t get to experience the nicest things after her pregnancy ended. And her husband was completely oblivious about it!

Accepting the changes that take place after a pregnancy and trying our best to keep healthy and fit is a step towards loving our bodies.

Even though moms’ bodies features stripes, curves and dimples, they are proof of what they went through. But not all new moms get the support they need to be comfortable in their own skin.

You may have seen many celebrities sharing their post-pregnancy bodies and looking like they never gained a pound!

The secret behind their success may be the team of nutritionists and fitness trainers working together to help them get back into shape.

Stretch marks, saggy skin and that belly that juggles cannot possibly be alluring, we all know it. The woman’s body after a pregnancy is not exactly looking poetic, we know.

However, as soon as moms see their newborn’s face and they get to spend time with the baby, nothing else really matters.

The recovery time after a pregnancy is quite long and most moms that are not celebs do not have the time to go to a gym.

Babies are a 24/7 job, and moms cannot afford nannies to have time for themselves.

Everyone recovers at their own pace, and a fresh mom needs all the support and understanding she can get, especially from her husband and family.

However, not all people are the same, so when a man complained about his wife’s post-pregnancy body, strangers on the internet clapped back at him!

Women around the world have to be proud of their bodies, no matter how they look after giving birth to their babies. Nichole LaBreche Frank shared an eye-opening message this husband should definitely read!

“After each of my pregnancies, I have looked at my body and wondered where the hell my ‘perfect body’ went, and when did my stomach become, according to my oldest daughter, ‘old looking?'” But then I look at the baby fussing in her little bouncer and her rambunctious 3-year-old sister tending to her by putting her binky in her mouth, and I realise my body went to my children.”

An anonymous Reddit user posted his story on an AITA (Am I The A**hole) Reddit thread, asking for advice.

Instead, he made a lot of people so angry! Did he learn the lesson? Let’s see what he was complaining about.

The man’s wife ‘dared’ joining the family reunion dressed in a bathing suit! The husband got so many people angry at him he had to delete the post.

But someone took screenshots of the entire text, and we cannot stop but wondering whether this man was serious or trolling us.

“This Memorial Day, our family decided to have a small barbecue by our outdoor pool,” shared the husband in his post.

“My wife gave birth to our youngest daughter seven months ago, and this is the first time our family has gotten to have fun together.”

“My sister (26) and my mother, who are both staying in our guesthouse, came over and brought my six year old nephew,” he added.

The man explained that everyone was looking forward to swim in the pool, including his teenage niece who was posting Instagram Stories and TikTok videos. Then, the fun is “interrupted” by his wife.

Everything was going great until his wife shows up. Things get awkward “…when my wife walks out wearing a bikini,” he said.

The Redditer said it was strange since everyone saw her body in the swimsuit. It seems the issue was her “her still pregnant looking stomach.”

“Everybody got a full view of her still pregnant looking stomach as well as very wrinkled and leathery looking skin,” wrote the husband.

He added that his wife then entered the pool and began playing with their nephew, and then the husband’s mother took him aside to have a talk about it.

“My mom whispers in my ear that a 40 year old woman in a bikini looked tacky,” he said. But there was one more thing.

“She brings up that my daughter was planning to post a family picture to Instagram,” added the Redditor.

The man’s daughter said she couldn’t take a family photo with her mom dressed like that because her followers on Instagram would be disgusted by her body.

He recalls his daughter told him whoever saw that photo would have been “disturbed to see what looked like the female version of saggy testes.” So what did he do?

Although the man should have stood by his wife and told his mother and daughter that they have no right in shaming his wife’s body, this man decided to actually be the a**hole in the AITA subreddit.

“I pull my wife aside and ask if she could change into non pool going clothes or a one piece,” he continues his story. Her reaction was on point.

“She flips out at me and starts explaining how this body gave me a precious baby and made a general scene,” he recalled.

“She then storms off and we end up having to take the picture without her,” said the husband. But this wasn’t the first time she heard him shaming her for her looks…

The woman was now in her 40s and she had given birth to three children. The smallest child was now seven months.

According to the Redditor, the couple had been talking about her getting a tummy tuck, and recalled their fight after the barbecue party.

“When the party ends, she brings up the old argument of when we suggested she get a tummy tuck from the plastic surgeon my sister used,” he said.

It looks like his wife called hum misogynist and his objection was that he was “objectively pointing out the fact that if she could have a stomach that is flatter,” why shouldn’t she choose that option?

After their fight, the wife moved into the baby’s room and ignored him. Reaching out to his mom for support, she told him that he had her support.

The redditor believes that “only made a suggestion” and he was actually “looking out” for his teenage daughter.

“When the party ends, she brings up the old argument of when we suggested she get a tummy tuck from the plastic surgeon my sister used,” he said.

It looks like his wife called him a misogynist and his objection was that he was “objectively pointing out the fact that if she could have a stomach that is flatter,” why shouldn’t she choose that option?

So, he asked Redditors: “AITA for objecting to my wife’s bikini for family pictures?” The answers were not going to be to his liking, though.

A lot of people pointed out the obvious, and the internet simply flipped when they read his post!

“She gave birth to a baby, your baby, oh woe betide someone wearing a bikini who doesn’t have a flat stomach and gravity defying tits after giving birth,” wrote a Reddit user.

The same person added, “YTA and you know what, your daughter has 14k followers, who i can’t imagine is going to join a group body shaming session, since you allowed YOUR CHILD TO BODYSHAME HER OWN MOTHER! And you did it too, sorry a tummy tuck?”

“There is nothing tacky about her swim suit. Want a bikini body? Get bikini, put it on. Done. You and your family was so incredibly disrespectful to your wife,” wrote aRedditor.

“Yeah super YTA. There is nothing wrong with your wife’s stomach,” another person commented.

“YTA she was causing no harm to anyone,” said someone else, adding that “she was feeling confident and comfortable and the members of your family including yourself went out of your way to pick on her, insult her behind her back and destroy her confidence.”

The post was also shared on Twitter and it received the same reception. Some people even thought this story was fake since it was too outrageous to be true…

“There’s no way this is real, right?” a person questioned because this man’s story was too hard to believe. “YTA you, your mother, and your daughter,” they added.

People wondered whether the OP was a troll – someone who posts fake stories just to make people flip out for the fun of it.

“Body shaming after birth is for reals though. So while it seems far fetched to you, it might actually be someone’s reality,” wrote a woman in the Reddit thread.

“I come from a fairly misogynist family and I have seen this kind of dynamics with the women in my family. After giving birth, everyone comments about the weight of the mother, and I have seen a few of them, my mom included, succumb to it and try extreme diets that have eventually got them sick,” she added.

So, whether this story is fake or not, it’s essential to understand that body-shaming is unacceptable, especially when it comes to a mom.

This man should love his wife for who she is, for giving birth to his children and being by his side, not for her body.

Partners should support one another and give them the confidence they need to strive and be better.

We’re all supposed to love and respect each other, and this is exactly the story of how not to act in a relationship!

Recently, moms around the world took to Instagram to show the reality behind their postpartum bodies.

They shared photos of their bellies, leathery skin and stretch marks, and destroyed myths about celebs “bouncing back” so fast after pregnancy.

The Takebackpostpartum Instagram page captured some tear-jerking photos and stories of moms that had a rough time after their pregnancy.

“Cheers to you nanas who still cry about the marks on your skin from birthing your prefect babies. Cheers to motherhood, cheers to knowing that this too shall pass! And things will get better.”


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