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I Just Want The Suffering to End: Stories of Worst Mothers-In-Law

One of the hardest next things a married couple must overcome is getting along with their mother-in-law, while maintaining reasonable boundaries. Especially when they insist on behaving like complete witches. If you’re in this position, just know you’re not alone. People in the Reddit community shared their nightmares with their mothers-in-law. Check them out!

We have been no contact with my in-laws for a little over a year. To keep it short I was blamed for miscarriages on top of a bunch of other bs we had to deal with which is why we decided we needed to walk away permanently. So to the point of this particular story, we had yet to change passwords for our streaming accounts and we let them use them even after our non-contact because, in all honesty, we didn’t care one way or another if they used it. But she started acting too entitled. Today however it was discovered that my JNMIL apparently didn’t like sharing an account with her husband so she felt brazen enough to create one for herself. Here we haven’t talked to her at all, have even sent a cease and desist their way when they showed up over the holidays and my husband’s place of work and she just decided that she was going to see what she could get away with apparently yet again. It’s one of those things that leave me in shock. Like you are now just asking that we boot you from accounts and this time none of the in-laws will have access. We were willing to leave well enough alone. It was no skin off us that any of them enjoyed it. However, neither I nor my husband tolerates that kind of entitlement. That even after losing contact because she couldn’t get out of her own way of feeling entitled to any and everything that didn’t belong to her, she still can’t learn that her actions are making things worse for herself. Maybe this isn’t that big of a deal, but it just seems to be her nature, and I really just needed to vent. Like it honestly is mind-blowing, just who does that? Blood_Rose-42

MIL at some point overheard me or my wife saying we were getting our daughter a new iPad for her birthday. She told us she already bought her one. I’m immediately annoyed because this was a gift I had been planning for a while. But later on, we found something annoying. Later that week she texted my wife asking which iPad my daughter wants. Obviously, at the time she said she bought it, she was lying. Birthday comes around. The daughter opens up her present to find some 5-year-old refurbished iPad. I immediately make a passive-aggressive comment questioning why it’s not in a normal iPad box. My MIL gets upset about the comment and my wife insists I apologize. So I give an empty apology to avoid drama, we quietly return the iPad and I buy the correct one. I can’t take it anymore. It’s like she’s trying to steal favoritism from my kids by always buying the “best gift” and spoiling them rotten. Additional-Hat-3128

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy we said we would 100% circumcise him. Well, we did research and decided against it even though my husband is circumcised. When my SIL and BIL met my son, they first asked how the circumcision went and we told them we decided against it. They didn’t say anything but they made a face of disgust at each other and walked away. Almost 6 months later my MIL called me and told me she couldn’t hold it in anymore and said something stupid. She told us that we are disgusting and unclean for not circumcising him. My husband told her he wishes she didn’t do that to him and that we are doing what’s best for our son. She said he would constantly get infections, her dad hates that he’s not circumcised, and everyone finds our choice bothersome. My husband simply said, “my child’s genitals are no one’s business and we will explain to him how we wash our parts when the time comes just like my wife would explain to our daughter how to do so. I think we’re going to keep our distance for a while because this is absurd.” And hung up. He was proud because he could never stick up to his mom until now. sabsworld22

For background, I have very little contact with my MIL and other in-laws for my peace of mind. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and due around 6 weeks from now! My birthday is also 3 weeks from now and apparently, My MIL is thinking about a birthday present for me. She texted my asking what size I am because she wants to buy me a maternity nightgown/robe. He politely responded saying that I don’t like nightgowns/robes and what she did next showed her true colors. She sent a really rude and short text. I’m just appalled that a grown woman would give her own son an attitude just because he told her my preference. I wouldn’t even use the thing for long since my birthday is 3 weeks away from my due date! It’s just one of the many examples of how it’s like walking on eggshells around her and I’m just so over her. Ironically, she preaches “be kind” to everyone and even has it all over her Facebook and car. She proudly wears a “be kind” shirt all the time but she can’t manage to actually be kind to her son. SIGH. Thick_Drag_4982

So I have a MIL who picks and chooses when to act a fool. Most recently, she did the worst thing that made my blood boil. She accused me and my fiancé of being thieves because we took our automatic air sprayer from her house (we just bought a house last year and are still moving stuff from hers). And when she acts a fool, it’s bad. Cursing, screaming, accusatory, abusive, and playing the victim. About a week ago a car drove and flipped into her front porch. My fiancé has been taking care of everything because MIL doesn’t know anything regarding researching and dealing with the insurance to help fix it. My fiancé has been so stressed over her BS, our own BS, and work, that he has barely slept in 2 weeks. He told me the other day that if worse comes to worst she will probably stay at our home. We are both against it because she’s a huge narcissist. The last time we went to her house, which was to help her and move stuff out, she was arguing with my fiancé and blamed me for him “attacking” her. I’m not thrilled to house her while her place gets fixed lol. SatisfactionMinimum7

I gave birth a few months ago to a healthy baby boy and my husband and I decided that our son would take both surnames with my surname going first before his. One hour after I had given birth, we called my in-laws to tell them the good news and his name and they immediately told us to drop my surname. And they told me something unexpected. They said, “that’s not our grandson then”. I was lost for words. I endured 12 hours of labor with 2 hours of pushing just to hear them say that. They went on to say that if our baby was a girl, she could hyphenate her surname, but because it’s a boy, he must only take my husband’s surname. God forbid my baby was a girl. A boy or girl shouldn’t matter so long as they are healthy! Keep in mind I was still sitting on the hospital bed covered in blood and hadn’t had a chance to eat or shower yet. Following this, they called my parents to force my parents to tell me to drop my surname and change my son’s surname. It became a massive ordeal. My MIL did not check-in to see how I was doing until 3 days later and my FIL and I have not spoken at all. Eventually, MIL said the surname doesn’t matter so we allowed her to visit but every time she visits I am overwhelmed with emotions. I’m reminded of my birth and how that special moment with my son was robbed from me. My husband has been amazing throughout all of this. He’s prioritized me and the baby and has limited the visits from my MIL. My FIL still doesn’t accept the surname so refuses to visit. I’ve been dealing with postpartum depression for the last 4 months and struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Am I wrong for feeling like I don’t want to see my MIL and FIL? I’m trying to do what’s best for my sanity and keep my husband’s interests in mind as he hopes one day my MIL/FIL can have a relationship with our son. soju6792

I gave birth to our second daughter on July 1st, it was an extremely traumatic birth. She ended up needing to be pulled out with forceps because it would have taken too long for the OR staff to have things ready for a C-section. My daughter and I both almost died, she was stuck and in distress and I was hemorrhaging. My husband called and informed everyone what had happened and that both of us would be okay. The doctor informed us that it would probably be best that we don’t have another baby or if we do it will need to be a planned C-section. We spent 48 hours in the hospital, came home and were settling in. Little did we know, something was waiting for us. When I got a text message from an old coworker congratulating me on the arrival of our new baby girl. She had seen a post on Facebook. Turns out MIL had taken it upon herself to announce the arrival, name, and every detail of our new baby. I was livid. This is my last baby and I wanted to be able to go about announcing her arrival in my own way and own time. We had no plans of doing it anytime soon. Wanting to take our time to come to terms with what had happened and enjoy and bond with our new baby before announcing her to the world. I took two days to draft a message to MIL. I asked her to take down her post and to refrain from making any more posts regarding our family without first discussing it with us. We had a conversation with her before our first daughter’s birth, stating that we didn’t want our personal information or information about our kids being out on social media. MIL is bringing other family members into it, calling my husband and SIL yelling and swearing to say I have a grudge against her. I am at the point where if she isn’t willing to handle this like an adult I will not allow her access to our kids. There have been many other issues in the past with her overstepping or completely ignoring boundaries. Ok-Plum-2176

So my issues with my MIL are growing and I’m having a really hard time and feeling a huge rage growing in me. Long story short, our toddler was getting a little out of hand. We were outside at a parade and he was sitting on a blanket eating a snack and he went a little crazy and dumped the snacks on the ground and rubbed his hands into it and was getting visibly upset (anyone who has/had a toddler knows what I’m talking about). Then this is when she went overboard. My MIL then hit my son on the head and then the arm. My husband and I were sitting there and yelled to her not to hit him!! She then said, “I just tapped him”. I can’t even explain it. It wasn’t just a “tap” but it wasn’t a full-on hit or slap..but it wasn’t nice anyways! She has previously told us to try doing that to get him to listen, but my husband and I disagree. I am just so upset about it. After the incident, my husband took him for a walk around right away to cool down a bit and I was left there by myself with my MIL. She didn’t even apologize. She just changed the subject completely to something totally unrelated. My husband hasn’t said anything about it since, however, I know that he was definitely upset about it. The worst part is that I was starting to feel a bit closer to her but she has made some mistakes around me in the past month. There was actually a full 1.5 years that we never spoke or saw her for various reasons but when I found out I was pregnant we slowly got back in touch with her. I just don’t know what to do. Our son’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and my MIL and mother will both be there. My MIL also doesn’t like my mother so there’s that issue as well FlowersforDaises

A couple of years ago I gave birth to our 1st child via unplanned C-section. It was a traumatic birth. I had a postpartum hemorrhage and was unconscious for hours after the surgery. My MIL called and said something selfish. My husband said she wanted us to come to her house when I was discharged so she could meet the baby. She wanted us to visit on our way home…not a few days later but as we were leaving. Who would ask that of a woman who just gave birth?! Seriously. MIL has 2 kids, she was a nurse for 20 years. You would think she would know better than to ask that. Of course, we said no! Fast forward to this month, I gave birth to our 2nd child. Thankfully, the birth was an uncomplicated VBAC. My husband and I were overjoyed that welcoming our 2nd child was a happy event. Well until my MIL called him asking once again that we stop by as we leave the hospital. He tells her no, again. She then plays victim saying she’s “just asking for 5 minutes and we’re keeping her grandchild away from her”. No lady, we are not keeping our baby from you. If you want to see her just come to our house. She is able to drive and physically able to make her way to our house. I’m pretty sure any woman who has just given birth, who has a safe comfortable home to go to, will want to go straight home. bananaphone92

My MIL is mad her 30-year-old son is on vacation without her…with his own family. Background: I am no-contact and my husband is low-contact with her due to how she treated him as a child and how she now treats our children and myself. Well, it has been a while since we went on vacation as we’ve had 2 more children within the past few years, and we decided to take our kids on a trip out of the country. Mind you, we do live far away from her. And she had recently asked her son to come home for a visit (of course, I and the kids weren’t invited) and my husband politely declined. Then she told my husband the worst things. We kept the trip on the down-low until we got here, now she’s  blowing up our phones asking why he would take us on a trip, rather than come stay with her. It’s like seriously?? My husband is a grown man with his own family Kamei2016

So I’m in the U.K.where if you take a child out of school for a holiday when it isn’t the summer (even if you didn’t miss a single day otherwise) they will fine you. She asked to take them for a week but wanted it to be before school ended. We agreed on the condition she paid the fine. Well, the fines came rolling in £60 for each parent for two kids — £240! Just to take them on holiday! But we were wrong to trust her. We showed her the paperwork and she said she wouldn’t pay it. We said but she agreed to it, and she said she would just pay £60 until the next fine came in (only one kid’s paperwork has arrived but we know the other will come soon). So she thinks we will pay £120 for her own vacation that she asked to take the kids on. She isn’t hard off for money either, she just doesn’t want to pay it. Too-much-pain

My husband and I are due for our first baby in about 10 weeks. I’m a high-risk pregnancy and she will be born early to avoid unnecessary risks. We have a blanket rule of no visitors for 2 weeks as that’s the only time my husband has off work and I want to settle into breastfeeding without a revolving door of visitors. We have made this abundantly clear to anyone and everyone. We never thought my MIL would do something terrible. My MIL seems to think she was exempt from this rule and when my husband enforced the fact it’s for everyone, she said she wants nothing to do with us. I’m absolutely fine with that as this is just the latest of a string of bullcrap from her entitled self but my husband feels like he needs to resolve it. I don’t know how to support him when I have so much dislike for someone and want to protect my baby from her. I dread to think how she will react when she’s told the other ground rules, e.g., no kissing, hand baby back as soon as she gets grizzly. None of his family understands the realities of breastfeeding, but that’s a different battle. Affectionate-Day-941

In three weeks we’re taking a vacation as a family for my daughter’s birthday. For the last 8 months, MIL and FIL said they weren’t going because “it’s a waste of money and she won’t remember”. BUT on the 4th of July my MIL got called out for lying and only wanting to be involved in my daughter’s life when others are around. Somehow it got brought up that we’re wearing birthday girl/mom/dad shirts on my birthday. It was originally just going to be the three of us, but the narcissistic individual she is, she convinced my husband it was my way of not including the 20 other family members blah blah blah. So, I found the same image without the “birthday girl’s parents” and told them to order them themselves and that they can have whatever color they wanted, but I didn’t want anyone in pink. That was the color of the birthday girl! She then proceeds to act like a baby. She cried to my husband about how I told her she can’t have family shirts because she can’t match the birthday girl. Lies. Then she tells my husband she got a different color and later on, we come to find out she ordered the same color. Would it be petty of me to order my daughter a different color shirt and not tell her? Here4entertainment10

I have had it. My husband and I are currently relocating to a city 2 hours away from his mother and are staying with his grandparents who are wonderful while we do job and apartment hunting. My MIL messaged him today and suggested a job offer near where she lives, and then said another ridiculous thing. She said he can live with her and see me in his free time. I moved to this country to be with him by the way. I don’t know how to react to this at all, I feel like it’s blatantly inconsiderate and unreasonable. The city we live in has plenty of job offers and there would be no real need for him to do this. We just came back from a two-day trip where I was very uncomfortable and avoided interacting with her. She only talks to my husband at the dinner table anyway. I feel disregarded and enraged that she would even dare make a suggestion like that. He doesn’t understand why I am so angry. tyvnzn

I gave birth to our little one about a half year ago, but since she’s a preemie, she’s more like 3-4 months old. A very sensitive kid, you must handle her gently, and speak to her softly, otherwise, she just gets nervous. Well, MIL takes pride in being a very energetic and active lady. And she wants to “help with the baby” sooo badly. But then, I thought she would be a great help. I was so wrong about it. She speaks loudly and moves quickly; our girl just won’t stop crying when she’s around. She also does weird things like shaking down the branches of the trees we see when we go for a walk with the girl, while the stroller is exactly under the branch, or shaking the stroller itself too aggressively so the baby’s head just moves from side to side! Or trying to get the baby out from a moving stroller without any warnings before. She sees this as helping with the baby, but I’m just afraid to leave her with the baby alone. I’m trying to stop her from doing these, but she keeps getting offended and doing other weird stuff. This causes me to avoid her as much as possible, but am I overreacting? ComprehensiveDrop874

My MIL is intrusive and lacks boundaries. She has been desperately trying to find excuses to come over all the time (dropping food, “oh, you got a new coffee machine I want to drink coffee,” “can I have xyz”). My significant other and I have been trying our best to make boundaries and limit her coming over. On a random Saturday, when I was doing meal prep for the whole week with my pajamas, oversized t-shirt, and messy kitchen, MIL called my husband and said “I came to drop your sister at a spa near your house. Should I come upstairs as I wait for your sister to finish”. Husband already told her no and said could you let us know 1-2 days in advance before you come. He said no because he knew I wouldn’t like it. He went to her house that day for 5 hours to see her. The next day (this Sunday) husband wanted to invite MIL (because he felt bad for saying no the day before). He told me when I watched a movie after 10 months to enjoy it before I started work (that’s how busy I have been). And instantly after hearing this I paused my movie and began to think about how I will do things on Sunday. I understand as we said no to her and I should compromise a little. But I’m starting my new job on Monday and I have to think about clothes, what to take for lunch and mentally prepare. I also want to enjoy this transition into work. Of course, I don’t want MIL to come and have my “me” time taken away. I just feel guilty for asking my husband if we can have MIL another day. I am busy thinking about what to do for tomorrow. I asked my husband that instead of having MIL at 7 pm, could we have her come early (so that I can get done with her and focus on my new milestone). My husband said if you feel stressed about this, we won’t invite her. pausing_21

My husband doesn’t answer my MIL’s calls because he doesn’t feel like chatting so she’ll blow up my phone to get me to have her call him back. It makes me uneasy because I have to remind him like 20 times in a day to call her back and remind him that if he doesn’t call her back, she’s gonna start spreading stuff about me and turning it into a “his wife is turning him against us” or “didn’t deliver the message to call back.” Like no, I did. He just doesn’t want to talk. Ugh. What would you do? Dense_Caregiver_7190

Our oldest was turning 5, so we threw her a party and invited a couple of friends and my in-laws. I had, prior to that, a pretty rocky relationship with my MIL and we do not have much contact. However, I decided to invite her, mostly because my daughter requested it. First of all, I spent two days in the kitchen and made a meal just for MIL, because she is a picky eater. The first thing she says is that she isn’t going to eat anything because she has stomach issues. Alrighty. Secondly, we told her not to buy anything. I bought two dolls and gave one to MIL, so she could give it to my daughter if she felt obliged to bring a present. She criticized the doll and told me it was stupid, and she brought underpants, not just for the birthday girl, but for all my kids. All of them are in the wrong sizes. Then, in front of the other guests, she told my daughter to take off her underpants, so she could try the new ones. Of course, I immediately stopped her. Finally, she decides to leave after just two hours. I asked MIL’s husband why they were leaving. He didn’t know. Then I asked MIL, and she told me that we have other guests to accommodate, and she didn’t want to intrude. I don’t know what to do with this big diva. I tried to be kind and respectful. I tried to forget about the past and start over. But she keeps being so awful-mannered that it disgusts me. Bubbly-Baker6862

Two of us in my family are immune-compromised, so my in-laws haven’t seen us since Covid started. I had a baby about a month after the initial lockdowns started whom they hadn’t met, so now where it’s summer and numbers are down, my husband said they could come but we would stick to outdoor things (MIL isn’t vaccinated and they haven’t been particularly careful at all). They complained a bit but came around. We’ve done most dining in outdoor restaurants, but they keep wanting to share drinks/food. Even before Covid, my older kid has a lot of allergies so we don’t usually like other people sharing food/drinks with him in case they’re eating something he’s allergic to, etc. But we found out that they are not very understanding. My in-laws keep trying to sneak their food and drinks to them — even if my kid is eating or drinking the exact same thing. Also, what’s the point of doing outdoor things for Covid if they’re literally going to be trying to share everything they eat or drink. And like many in this group, my husband refuses to enforce the boundary so it’s on me. Every single time even if he’s right there he claims he “didn’t hear it” or “didn’t see it”. gardeniaaa7

I’m currently pregnant with my first child and when I make conversation with my MIL (some things have happened in the past so my husband is always around as a buffer for conversations – rarely left alone) about the baby, she always asks to be included. Example – “I can’t wait to take the baby to see Christmas lights for the first time” or “Can you imagine them at the ranch?” And she immediately pips in and asks to be invited to these events. It is just rubbing me the wrong way and I’ve expressed to my husband I’m worried about boundaries after the baby is here. I don’t want to exclude her completely but there will be moments when I want it to be just us and making memories as a new family unit. I get she is alone (divorced for 20+ years and never remarried), but I can’t stomach everything being about what she needs or wants all the time. Especially worried with the baby’s first Christmas coming up. How do I firmly establish boundaries I may have to enforce myself? Some context for behavior, we had to ask her to stop coming to our house every weekend to spend the night, she almost ruined our wedding because she made it all about her (I was a COVID bride), and she constantly cries about being alone and living in a different city but does nothing to change it (even when we offer help). alex_in_the_wild


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