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“I’m Not Like Other Girls”: Creepy Women Stories

We hear many stories about men following women around and bothering them. But no one really talks about creepy women who think it’s okay to stalk their crush, threaten them, and even abuse them.

These Redditors shared their most chilling experiences with a girl, and they aren’t for the faint-hearted!

So this girl kind of went
crazy at me. I was in college at a weeknight party, and I met this cute
girl who had the same taste in music as me. We talked and flirted for a
bit, but she actually lived a few counties away, and I wasn’t super
interested in her personality, so I didn’t ask for her number or

Plus, it was a weeknight, and my roommates and I had to ditch
out pretty early because we had class the next day.

I told her, “Hey, nice to meet you but I’ve got to go home with my
friends.” And she flipped. First, she started calling me a “traitor”
because I want to leave with my “straight friends”.

She said I was
repressing my true feelings towards her because of the “ignorant redneck
town” that I lived in. She started screaming and crying at me (I think
she was pretty intoxicated) about how she felt chemistry, and I led her

Then, as if that’s not enough, I leave the party, and I’m walking to
my friend’s car, and she throws a beer can at me.


In college, I was sitting on the grass having lunch when a
middle-aged woman came up to me and asked for a hug. Before I could
react, she hugged me tight and kissed my forehead.

I quickly got out of there and scrubbed my forehead with disinfectant
hard. She then proceeded to stalk me, and I reported her to the college.

But the worst part is…nothing ever came of it.
Eventually, I dropped out for unrelated reasons, but a friend of mine who
still attended told me a few months later that a crazy woman was taken
in for stalking and harassing students who fit my description.


When I was a pizza delivery driver, I drove to a run-down hotel.

This older lady with a lazy eye came out and chatted with me. I was 19,
wide-eyed, and bushy-tailed. She told me that she was studying
psychology. I told her that I was studying music.

So, she invited me
inside, and her reason made me burst out into laughter—she said she wanted to study anatomy with me.

When I refused, she kept trying to persist and get me to come in and sleep with her.

It was not very fun.


In my bartending days, I had a lady ask me to escort her to her car
after closing. She was older, and while I’d seen her drink, she seemed

The place was a dive with a sketchy parking lot, but still, I offered
to call her a cab instead. “No,” she said, “My car won’t start unless
I’m sober. I have one of those things”.

And it was true. She had a breathalyzer attached to her ignition,
state-mandated style. So, I figured that if it started, then I could go
home. So, I walked her to her car, and on the way, she got kind of

Her next move was shocking—she grabbed my arm, turned me around to say something to me, then she tried to launch herself on me. I was so grossed out.

We got to the car, and she opened the door.
Before she got in, she burped, covered her mouth, blew her breath out,
leaned up, and said, “GIMME KISSIE.”

She then planted her smooth, wet
sponge right on my mouth. She got in, started the car miraculously, said,
“Thanks for the luck,” and drove off.

It was the worst.


I love fitness, and I work out a lot. The pictures that I take of
myself are for me to keep track of my progress and adjust my workouts.
My friends who saw the pictures kept bugging me about them.

They said that they’d always post shirtless selfies if they looked as good as me. After more badgering, I got on social media.

I started posting pictures after every morning workout. It was for
myself mostly, and I didn’t think much about who would see them.

And now, my aunt, my mother’s sister, started sending heart-eye emojis to me in my inbox. It seems harmless on the surface, but there’s a weird pattern to this—she sends them every night around 1 or 2 in the morning for my workout pictures from that morning.

I don’t know what to do, and it’s extremely uncomfortable having your
aunt send you heart-eye emojis for pictures of your bare body.


I’m a supervisor in a warehouse environment.

A woman in her early twenties just started working for me. I’m in my
early thirties, and a decade between ages is a bit much. She has no
concept of personal space.

During the worst encounter that I’ve ever had with her, she popped up randomly, rubbing against me. She also put a foot on my stool and leaned low to show down her shirt.

She talked about how she did not like her boyfriend and wanted a
“real man” because he’s useless. I’d mentioned having a wife several
times despite not having one to try and put her off, but she’d be

I’m looking for a reason to fire her. She hasn’t been doing well at work, so I hope to let her go officially.


I dated a girl in college, and several red flags came up that I had failed to see.

Like, if I ever looked at my phone when I was with her, she’d ask me
who I was texting. She called me names when she thought I was spending
too much time with my friends, even though I spent almost every waking
and sleeping hour with her.

She started fights with me just to make up. When I was working on my
thesis, she was upset with me. When I asked her why she said it was
because I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. Once, my phone battery
was dead for over an hour.

I charged it, and it lit up with over 50 text messages that went on for 10 minutes.

My roommates sat me down and pointed out everything that was wrong
with her one night. While they were telling me all this, she called me.

What I found out next was chilling.
It turns out that she was outside of the living room window listening
to the whole conversation. It was so creepy. After breaking up with her,
we ran into each other where I worked.

Within a week, she was back to show me her new boyfriend. I simply
smiled and said, “that’s nice”. I turned to her boyfriend, shook his
hand, and told him, “good luck”.


I had just turned 13 and was hanging out with a friend after Sunday
school. One of the teachers, a woman in her early twenties, sat next to

She reached her hand into my shirt, then she asked me the creepiest question ever:
“Is it warm in there”? I didn’t know what to do. I tried to be on my
best behavior for my friend, but it was very inappropriate.


I was at a bar where I often drank on the weekends, and a very much
on the “plus” of “plus-sized” woman came asking me for a light. As a
social and tipsy person, I gave her one.

We talked, and when she was finished, she decided that she wanted to
suck on something else. She was heavier than me, and I’m over 200

She put her arm around me and tried to push me into the wall.

She was trying to kiss me, and I told her to stop and to get off me, but she wouldn’t listen to me. So, I took drastic measures—I
just pushed her down.

She ended up falling off the curb a little and
sat on the ground very visibly upset but unable to actually get herself
up quickly.

I went back inside, paid for my tab, and left. When I went back to
that bar the next weekend, some guy greeted me and called me an offender,
and said that he should take me out back to “get what you give.”

I decided to leave, but as I was walking out, the bartender told me that if I ever come back, she would call officers on me.

I was also not allowed to come back. I found out later that the woman
had gone back inside and told everyone that I’d held her down on the
sidewalk but couldn’t get it up and left her there. I went again after a
while, and nobody seemed to remember.

I’ve seen the woman who tried being friendly with me every time I did.


I went on a Tinder date with a girl in college who tried controlling me from the very start.

I knew I had to get out, so I devised an escape plan. I convinced her to get something for me, and as soon as she was gone, I ditched the area and blocked her on everything.

I’m glad that she didn’t follow me where I was so I’d bump into her.


When I was fifteen, I went to play pool with my uncle. There was a
lady drinking at the bar, easily in her 70s, who called me over.

She made some bold, thinly veiled advances. She asked if she could
“read my palm” and said that she could tell I was active in bed. She
also told me she had a ranch with horses that needed exercise.

That was bad enough, but then I told my uncle and my
mom about it. They thought that it was hilarious. My mom still brings
it up as a nice “funny” story to tell.

It was kind of funny, but only
because there was no way that it would have ever happened with that

It made me feel so gross.


When I was 26, a friend rented an apartment to have her birthday
party. She invited all of her friends and colleagues.

I arrived late
because of work, and as soon as I stepped in, I saw a very wasted girl
who I had never seen before.

I knew she was a red flag immediately because all of my guy friends standing as far away as possible from her. I asked them what’s going on.

They told me that that girl kept trying to touch their butts and crotches.

The birthday girl already had a lot to drink and didn’t notice. More
friends came, and we just ignored the girl.

Eventually, she grabbed my
package from behind. I’d never even said a word to her. She did this to
every guy who came to the party.

We eventually got hold of the birthday girl’s attention and learned
that she didn’t even know her and was a friend of a friend. She was
pretty outraged and kicked her and her friend from the party.


In college, there was a girl who sat with me in between classes. We
chatted a lot, but I never thought anything of her other than a friend.

She had a fiancé and a baby but still always asked me to hang out. I
always refused. One time, she wanted me to “meet” her baby.

I told her
that I was busy, but then she messaged me online and revealed a shocking truth.

She started telling me that she wished that she was with me and not her fiancé. She also asked me to send pictures of my junk.

So, I deleted her and dropped that class. I’d never even said anything to her that was close to being considered flirting.


I was in the men’s section is in the back corner of a store looking
for underwear. After I found the rack, I had to spend a few minutes
finding the pairs that were comfortable.

While I searched, a lady walked past on the other side of the rack,
sobbing. She was pulling along luggage and speaking to someone on the

I could hear her say something about her mother’s funeral and assumed she was on the phone with a relative. So, I kept on.

By then, she sat down with her back against the emergency door still
crying and talking, except the things she said started making little
sense. That was when I realized that she wasn’t even on the phone.

She was talking to herself and probably had some issues.

When another guy came to look at the underwear rack, he noticed the
lady and gave me a questioning look. I just shrugged.

We both went back
to perusing the underwear, then all of a sudden, I felt the woman
standing a few feet behind us. She tapped my shoulder.

When I turned, I realized she was basically on top of me with her
mouth inches from my ear as if she was going to tell me a secret.

If I’d
turned my head faster, we would’ve kissed. Right then, she screamed at
the top of her lungs directly in my ear, “Help! Don’t touch me”! The
other guy and I stumbled back a few feet.

The lady then started sprinting toward me, screaming not to touch her.
She chased me through the store all the way to check out where
employees stopped me. The lady laid down on the floor sobbing, and
people start to crowd around us.

I was getting more nervous by the second, but the guy from the underwear rack showed up.

He explained what had happened and that she attacked me while I did
nothing. If he wasn’t there to corroborate, I might have been in a lot
of trouble.


I had a crush on a girl in high school who called me out of the blue a
year after graduating. She wanted to “catch up,” so I said, why not? We
hung out, and I told her about how I was talking to this really awesome

Then she asked to see my dorm room. Thinking nothing of it, I said sure and brought her over. Big mistake.

As soon as we got in the room, she turned off the lights and shoved me onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me and asked if I would regret sleeping with her
right then. I thought about it for a moment and answered that I would
regret it. She asked me why, and I told her that I was not that type of
guy who’d do that.

Then, out of nowhere, she yelled about how all guys wanted to sleep
with her and asked if my reluctance was because she’d gotten an STD. And
she yelled, asking me who told me about it.

In an instant, she calmed down and told me that we could still be
friends, and we didn’t need to be awkward about it, and I could finish
inside her.

I tossed her off me and kicked her out. Then I told her she was insane, deleted her online, and blocked her number.


When I was 20, I was traveling on a bus at night on a long journey.
A woman in her thirties was sitting next to me, and we shared some
polite small talk. Then, at one point, I closed my eyes and fell asleep
for a few minutes.

When I woke up, I was totally surprised by the current state of things—she had her hand on my thigh, very close to my crotch. I just stared out the window.

I didn’t know what else to do. But then I pressed the power button on
my phone, so she’d realize I was awake, and she slowly took her hand


One girl just assumed the role of being my girlfriend with no say from me.

She didn’t even tell me how she felt, and we did not even really speak
to each other. It was her feelings that fed her delusions that we were
together. Then she met my actual girlfriend, and her face went completely red.

She treated her horribly as if she was my mistress or sidepiece. I had no idea what was going on until that day, and everyone thought
we were together.

It wasn’t just because she told them that we were
together, but also gave all these details that were not true about our


I was waiting at the end of my driveway for a friend to pick me up.
An older woman, maybe in her early 30s, came up to me. She was wearing
nothing on top and was barely an inch away from my face.

She began
rubbing herself and asked me if I wanted to make her a “bad girl.” I
have never been so uncomfortable in my life.

So, I refused and apologized. She asked me why, and I told her that I
wasn’t interested. Really, I was just grossed out. I got home that day
and told my parents—I did not expect the reaction I got from them.

Because I was a 22-year-old guy, they didn’t take me seriously. So, I took a nap. I woke up to my mom telling me that an officer was there to speak to me.

Officers had been dispatched to the area because the woman from earlier had done the same thing to several other men.

When I was sleeping, my family was outside, and an officer asked them
if they knew anything. So, when I talked to him and told him my story,
he just laughed at me. That made me feel even worse about it.


One night with my friends, I was stuck in a weird situation…in a matter of seconds.
A woman grabbed me within seconds of me getting on the dance floor. She
pulled me away from my friends and brought me to her group of friends.

They surrounded me and made comments about my appearance and hair. They
wouldn’t let me go. I’ve never been comfortable in clubs, but this was
not fun.


Sitting in my car in a parking lot one day, car turned off, and windows rolled down. Some girl walks up to my passenger side car door and tries to get in.

The door was locked. I asked her what she was doing. She told me she was coming with me. I turned her away. She didn’t argue, just walked away.

I immediately felt guilty because I feel like she was trying to get away from a bad situation… so surreal.


I work at a hospital, and a travel nurse took a liking to me, which in itself wasn’t bad. I did not reciprocate, but she was very persistent.

Once, during bad covid, someone brought dogs over as a morale boost, and the ER and EMS staff (I am EMS staff) went out to chill with them.

She starts petting a dog and says, “God, I love dogs. Sometimes I wish I could have puppies instead of babies. Just pump like 9 of them out at once, and they’d be all soft and adorable” and stares directly at me.

I began actively avoiding her after that. Not as bad as some of the stories here, but still. Ew.


My ex. We
had been dating for better part of two years, and we lived together.
When we broke up, she moved out of the flat and into the flat directly
next to mine.

The building opposite has that reflective glass so she
could look directly into my bedroom. She then plugged in a dog camera (a
present that had remained in the box due to the fact that we didn’t
like the idea that we could be watched) and set it angled towards my

She then moved out of her new flat shortly after I left the area to
get away from her.


I met my sister’s boyfriend’s sister, who was 14, when I was 8. She sat
next to me on the couch and told me that I was really cute.

And she kept trying to get closer to me. She hugged me whenever she saw
me and was always really nice to me. One day, my sister and her
boyfriend started a Nerf fight with me and my brother.

It was fun, and I ended up teaming up with the 14-year-old girl. She
brought me to the bushes and asked me if I wanted to kiss her. I froze up immediately—I
only thought she’d just been very nice.

I panicked even more because I
had never kissed anyone before and also because I’d realized how gross
it was.

I told her no and ran past her to find my brother.
I never told anyone. She ended up in a car accident a month later, and
by the time she was better, my sister had broken up with her boyfriend.


I was at a house party and had too much to drink. I was laying on the ground near the bonfire, about to pass out.

This girl, who I barely knew was next to me, and she decided to take advantage of the situation…and me. She put her hand down my pants, which shocked me awake.

I freaked out and ran. I later had a crowd of girls around me telling me how awful I was for making her cry.


I had been on a couple of dates with a girl when she’d invited me out
on a big night with her friends. It was almost all women, but I was
having fun chatting with her friends.

One woman was getting very flirty. I didn’t make anything of it and
wandered back to my date to make it obvious that we were there together.

Then she got weird. Well, she started telling me
loudly that if wasn’t married, then I’d be in trouble because her
husband was at sea for months, and she hadn’t gotten any.

I got annoyed
with her and told her that I wasn’t interested in her and was with
someone else. But then my date looked at me like I was a jerk. It was a bad night out.


When I was in college, I matched with a cute girl online. After
messaging over a week or two, she seemed great and nice and so
definitely worth seeing.

We set up the first date, and it was the worst
first date that I’ve ever had. She came 40 minutes late and was several inches shorter and pounds heavier than her pictures.

The date almost ended right there, but I was too naive to just leave. So, we sat down and ordered drinks and food.

She immediately ordered several drinks and picked two appetizers as
well as the most expensive thing on the menu. We’d never discussed who
was paying, but it looked like she clearly assumed that it was me.

She quickly drank her drinks then ordered more. And that’s when the real weirdness started. 
She excessively complimented my looks in really creepy ways.

I’m a big
Scandinavian-looking guy with almost blonde hair and blue eyes, and I’m
6’6. She was complimenting my features, talking about how we’d have the
cutest babies.

She downed a couple more drinks and ranted about mixed couples.
Then she said that she needed to go to the bathroom. As soon as she was
away from the table, I frantically looked around for the waitress.

soon as she got to the table, I’d started to explain what was going on,
and she just winked and gave me my cheque.

She told me to follow her to the bar where she had my food wrapped up and ready.
I quickly dropped cash with a big tip and got the heck out of there.

When I got home, I opened my food and saw my waitress had left me a note
with her number saying when she got off work and asking if I wanted to
go on a better first date.

She was very pretty, so I was down. But here’s the best part—she
told me that my date had not brought any money and had a huge fit.
Officers were called to take her for attempted dine-and-dash.

So, her dad had to drive an hour into town to pay her bill for her to
be able to go home that night. She later messaged me on every channel
for months.


I was at my usual bar where I hung out after work when a lady who’d
obviously been drinking stumbled in. The staff knew me, so they let me
sit during close.

I’d been there for a half-hour before their official closing time, but
I’d been their last customer anyway. This woman came right up to me and
fell onto my shoulder.

She was talking, but it was incomprehensible, and I could tell by the
bartender’s reaction that they weren’t going to serve her. She was
hanging on my arm, and everyone started to think that I knew her.

I was becoming uncomfortable but knew the manager was coming to tell her to leave, and I didn’t want to make a scene.

The manager was taking his sweet time, and this woman thought that would be the perfect time to make her move. She was at least thirty years my senior.

She started running her hand up and down my leg. I managed to push her
off without agitating her that much. Then she started getting upset
about not getting her drink yet. That was when the manager finally came
and kicked her out.


My niece and I are five years apart, so from time to time, people mistake us for a couple.

We were hanging at the waterfront, and there was a cocktail party
spilling over into the street. A woman walked out of the party carrying a
glass, obviously tipsy, and saw us. When she did, she said, “Well,
you’re an attractive couple.”

So, we laughed and told her that we were actually uncle and niece.

Without missing a beat, the woman gave a disturbing reply: “Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t have something going on”!


When I was an assistant manager at Zumiez, I had a sales associate
who kept touching me and flirting with me. She was underaged.

I was 20
and she was 16, but she would literally shadow me when we worked

If I went to pick up something, she would run her nails across my back. The worst part? My manager did not believe me.

It was mainly because she was a really good associate and had the best numbers in the store for sales.

But then, one time, when I was closing the store with her, she tried to
grab a big no-no spot. Thankfully, my manager just happened to pass us
and saw what happened. To my great relief, my manager fired her on the


I’ve played in working bands for 20 years. I wouldn’t know where to start on my creepy women stories. Oh, this one chick wanted to be urinated on by the band.

We weren’t even famous. I mean, if I’m getting peed on, it’s gonna be someone famous, or what’s the point?


I was at a bar with my friends when an acquaintance of ours joined us. She was nice, and as the night went on, it became obvious to all involved that she was pumping drinks into me.

Still, no one said anything to her or tried to stop her. I
eventually blacked out, and when I opened my eyes, I got chills up my
spine—I was no longer at the bar but in her bathroom.

I threw up in her toilet and while I did, she was rubbing my back and
shoulders, whispering to me what she was going to do to me after I was
done puking.

I asked for some water, and when she got up, I ran out and never looked back.


I was working in an IT job, trying to run a network cable between the outlet and a machine.

The woman was in her 40s and dressed like a teenager. I’ll never forget what she said to me. She said, “That better not be all that you do when you’re under there.” I just told her I’d wait for her to go to lunch!


I came home after having a bad day, so my girlfriend made me hot chocolate “to cheer me up.”

I drank it, sat down to watch TV, started feeling drowsy, and woke up
the next afternoon feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. My mouth felt
like paper, I was disoriented, I couldn’t hold my head up, and I was
incredibly thirsty.

I went back to sleep, and when I woke up again later that night, I called her and asked what she’d put in the milk. Her response was chilling—She had apparently put a couple of pills of her medication to “help me relax.”


In college, I was interested in a girl who was not interested in me.

When I asked her out, she said yes, but I know now that it was a pity “yes.” Instead, she had an ulterior motive—she
kept trying to set me up with her friend, who was desperate to lose her

One time when we were hanging out, she invited that friend to
hang out with us.

Her friend kept trying to give me a lap dance. She was not my type. I
wasn’t attracted to her and kept telling her politely no, but she
wouldn’t stop.

She might have stopped if the girl hadn’t hyped her up
before. So, I picked her up and threw her off me. She landed on the floor. I don’t know who was most in the wrong.


After a long toxic relationship that ended in my early twenties, I
tried an online dating app. I matched with a girl and we clicked. We
texted for a couple of weeks until she decided that we should meet.

then that night, I woke up at two in the morning from her phone call
telling me she would be outside very soon.

I did think this was strange, but the thought of being close to
someone actually seemed nice. So, she parked her car outside my house
and got out of her car. When I saw her, my stomach dropped.

It was not the girl from the pictures that she’d sent. She was much
bigger and had a different hair color. She wasn’t who I was expecting at

She shoved me inside and acted horribly the entire time. She swore
like a sailor and was so annoying. We sat on my couch while she talked
trash about her friends and family.

Over time, she got closer and closer
to me until I stood up and made an excuse to get away. When I got out
of the washroom, she wasn’t wearing anything.

She was also in my bed and she wanted to cuddle. Being so put off at
that point, I told her that I was too tired and that I had a headache. I
stayed on the very edge of my bed for the entire night while she snored

When the sun came up, I set an alarm on my clock to wake her up. I
told her that I needed to leave for work, which she knew was a lie.

It was a Saturday. She demanded breakfast, so she got it. I told her
that I needed to leave, and she told me that she could stay until I got
back. That was when I told her to get out.

I got in my car and drove to
work. She followed me, and I went inside the empty office until she
left. I immediately blocked her number.


A former co-worker spoke to me in innuendos, made inappropriate
remarks toward me constantly, tried to touch and hug me whenever she
could, and hit me when I told her the ring that I was looking at online
wasn’t for her but for my girlfriend, who I intended to marry. It was
very troubling for me. I’d just started there.

I didn’t want to start a fuss and I needed the job. I never gave any
implication that I was interested in her. When she’d bluntly asked me
out, I said no—but I took it even further just to be safe.

I brought it up with HR because she seemed unstable. I was worried that
if I confronted her, she’d lie and have me fired. It’s easier to
believe a woman in this case.

When I talked to HR, they took it seriously and reassured me that she would leave the company soon, which she did.


My cousin reconnected with a popular girl from high school many years
later online. She’s all he ever talked about back then, and she barely
knew he existed.

So, when he told me that they’d connected, I was very
excited for him. After a few months of talking to Lisa long-distance,
they planned to spend the weekend together.

They were apartment hunting together. My cousin even turned down a
promotion opportunity in a new city to make things work for her.

As he
set off to go pick her up, he called me and was the happiest that I ever
heard him. On the way back from picking her up, my husband and I had
plans to meet with them for happy hour.

A couple of hours later, I noticed many missed phone calls from him. I called back, and he was not answering.

His texts were startling—he
kept mentioning that he was a little worried and creeped out. Confused,
I tried to get the story from him, but his responses were few and far
in between. Finally, he called me from a gas station bathroom.

He told me that she was not the girl he thought he was talking to. It
was not Lisa, but instead, Mary, another girl who went to our high

When he picked her up, she casually strolled to the car and
greeted him, making no reference to the fact that she’s a totally
different person! He didn’t know what to do.

They continued as if nothing was amiss. She was not just using Lisa’s
photos, but she was now also going by the name Lisa.

It was just so
bizarre! It was really sad because he’d really enjoyed her company, and
they’d actually hit it off before meeting. He said she looked even
better than he’d remembered.

He spent the day with her and then told her that work needed him for
an emergency. He dropped her off and immediately blocked her on

He deleted his social media, and eventually, relocated the
next month for work. It’s still a touchy subject for him, so I don’t
bring it up. And we will never know her end game.

My cousin was really depressed about this for months. It sucked. But I
do know that he eventually ran into someone who was in touch with the
real “Lisa” and learned that she was happily married and living in
another state.


I got on a nearly empty train at the end of the day to travel home
from work. I sat down and was on my phone.

As soon as the train
departed, a woman, out of nowhere, tried to get my phone from me
accusing me of trying to film her, which I had not done. I didn’t even
notice her presence before she had started screaming.

When she finally left, I felt the need to go sit somewhere else, so I
went to the next carriage. But just a few minutes later, she showed up
again with the train conductor who asked for my side of the story.

showing her that I had no images of her on my phone, she tried to calm
the woman down, but it didn’t work. In fact, things just got worse from there.

Then at the next station, another conductor came to me, and I had to
show the contents of my phone once more to prove my innocence. They
still were not able to calm the woman down.

As the train was due to
arrive at the airport, they saw no other option but to call ahead for
the airport security, which she had demanded.

When the train arrived and all the other passengers got off, the
airport security came on the train, and I had to repeat my story and
show them my phone.

After, they said that I was free to go but also
asked me if I wanted to file charges against her, and I’d thought about
it for a moment. I was tired and stressed out.

I just wanted to go home and requested that they held her there until
my train had left. I needed to make sure that she could not go after me
again as I traveled the last 15 minutes home on the second train.


A woman at work came from behind me while I was on an important call
with a client and groped my chest. Disgusted, I slapped her hand away,
gesturing that I did not like what she was doing.

So, she walked away
only to sneak up on me and do it again. Once I finished the call and got
off the phone, I was furious with her.

I told her that I did not like being touched and to never touch me again. Her response was chilling—she
told me to settle down since she was not a man.

Then she said that she
expected less fat on my pecs and hoped that I didn’t suffer the same
fate “down there.” This is when she crossed the line. It felt demeaning
and like assault.

When I told my manager about it, she asked if I could forget the
whole situation because it didn’t sound that serious. But I pressed her
harder because if the genders were swapped, it would be instant
termination. So, she couldn’t come to work for a week…but still got


When I worked at a call center, I sat down one day next to a
middle-aged woman who I didn’t know. A couple of hours in, I caught her
taking a photo of me.

When I confronted her, she confessed her sketchy motive—said
that she had sent my picture to her friends in her “mommy group.”
They’d all placed bets on whether or not she could get me into bed.


When my husband was eight years old, he was playing on a playground
across the street from his house. Usually, he went with his sister, but
this time, he was alone.

An older, more developed girl in her preteens
showed up and started to play with him. She suggested playing tag
together and if she caught him, she’d tickle and hug him.

Soon, he told her that he had to pee and ran into the woods. While he went, the girl made a rather predatory move—she
sneaked up on him even though he told her to go away.

With an older
sister, he knew that girls weren’t supposed to see him go #1. But she
insisted on staying staring wide-eyed at him. After he finished, he ran
away from her and raced home.

Today, we are married, and he cannot pee in front of me. He said that
ever since then, he physically can’t pee if he thinks anyone can see.
This means that he can’t start if he thinks that I, his wife, am

He asks me to step out of our washroom when he has to go. I
can’t even get the laundry bin if he’s going.


I hung out with this one girl, and I mentioned where my family is from. The next time we hung out, I saw her tablet and was instantly shocked—she
had the maps app already open, and she zoomed into the house where I
grew up.

I hadn’t told her my address, so she did some serious snooping.
I laughed it off in front of her but ended it as soon as I could.

For the following month, I got texts like, “Are you home? I see
people on your rooftop, is that you?” She lived 30 minutes away from me.


One summer, I was working from home and got a new garden tool. When I
got back, I started playing with it right away. It made a lot of noise,
which meant it worked.

So, I worked with it for a while, and time
passed. Then a client was suddenly in front of me while I had my shirt
off and was covered in fresh sweat.

I apologized profusely and pulled my T-shirt on. She needed to pick
something up, so I showed her into my outdoor office. When we got
inside, she took a deep breath to sniff the air.

I didn’t smell bad,
just fresh. She got what she came for then left. A few weeks after that,
the same customer returned with her husband. Her behavior this time around was worse.

She stepped out of the car in a short, form-fitting, deep-cut black
dress. It did not seem like appropriate attire for the time and place.

She threw a pashmina over her shoulders in a way that was like a dance.
So, we all went into my office. The office cat showed up when we sat
down, so I introduced him to the couple.

The woman began stroking the cat, and the strokes became longer and
longer until soon, she was touching my bare arm. I glared at her
husband, but he was nervously looking away.

I had had enough. So, I put
down the cat then made an excuse to end the meeting. I did not want to
be any part of their strange relationship.


I was in the reserves and hanging out at the base bar the night
before I flew out the next morning. There wasn’t anyone there, so I just
talked with the bartender.

Some girl came in and immediately started to
chat me up. She went on about how she liked it rough while I listened. But I had to stop her from talking more.

I told her that I just wanted some sleep after having a long day. And
this woman just straight up punched me in the face. The bartender
kicked her out. She’s apparently known in the area for doing what she
did to me.


I joined the reserve split option program and went to boot camp in
the summer. When I returned to school, I was encouraged to wear my
uniform once a month.

The first time I wore it, a freshman girl who
loved a man in uniform latched onto me and wouldn’t take no for an
answer. It would’ve worked…except there was one problem.

I was 18 and she was 14. I tried telling her that dating each other
wouldn’t even be allowed, but she had none of it. I got notes in my
locker and on my desk waiting for me. She showed up at my car or where
I’d grab lunch.

Anyway, I turned; she was right there. Then, I heard she
was telling her friends that we were dating.

She told them that we were a secret because I was concerned about our
age difference. That got me really worried because I was afraid that
she was suggesting that we were doing things that would get me in some
serious trouble.

When we did our in-school graduation ceremony, I
practically sprinted to my car to avoid her.

But she was there waiting for me with her friend. Luckily, her friend
was sane and knew her stories were lies, especially after I told the
girl right there that there was no way we’re dating.

Three years later, I
switched services and I was on leave. I volunteered at my recruiting
office to have thirty more days at home. I thought I had finally escaped her, but I was so, so wrong.

I got sent to my old school to help a chief give a lecture on nuclear
power to the physics students. The girl heard I was there and stormed
into the room.

She threw her arms around my neck and tried to kiss me
yelling about how she was 18 and I could have her now. That chief
flashed me a look of disapproval. It sucked.


I went out on a date with a woman who was very attractive and kind. I
didn’t know her very well and had only spoken to her a few times. When I
got to the restaurant, I sat down and waited.

And waited. Almost an
hour later, she finally showed up with an unexpected surprise—her baby. I had no idea that she had a kid. It wasn’t a big of a deal.

Except I was only 20. She sat down and the waitress took our order. I
talked about work, school, hobbies, and everything, but her toddler was
throwing a fit.

She threw her fork, straw, ice cubes, just anything she
got her tiny hands-on. She was not interested in me at all, but that
was fine considering she was a baby.

Meanwhile, my date just let me do most of the talking and just stared
at me the whole time. I don’t even know if she blinked or not, but she
did not try to calm her kid down or manage her at all.

Even our waitress
told her that her child was disrupting other guests. I left her a big
tip because I’d been so embarrassed.

Later, she texted me and her message took me completely off-guard. She
told me that I was “average.” When I asked her what she meant, she said
that I only had average potential as I talked a lot but didn’t interact
with her daughter.

Apparently, I was not “father material.” Confused, I
told her that we went on a first date and asked why she even brought
her kid.

This lady told me that she brought her kid to test me. I made a joke
about not getting a cheat sheet or study guide, and she told me that we
weren’t right for each other as she didn’t “do average.”

And then she
blocked me! She also complained about the restaurant, which she chose!


This was about 25 years ago now. I met this
girl online who was seriously attractive. Like, super attractive. If
someone like that would message me today, I would assume it was spam.

But she was legit. We talked for a while, and I didn’t ever really see
her creepy side on the phone or via chatroom. Once we transitioned to
meeting in public, that was when things started to seem off.

No matter
the room we were in, there was always someone who she knew and who
treated her poorly. There was always an evil guy who tried to be her
boyfriend but treated her badly.

I even broke down and asked a few folks
she pointed at, and of course they were like, ‘She said that about me?!
I don’t even know her.’

The final straw for me was when I was invited
to a friend’s party, and I invited her. After picking her up, she begged
me to let her friend come. I knew my friend was going to be a bit
ticked that I am inviting this girl already, and if she brings a friend,
it’s not going to go over well.

Mostly because it was not meant to be a
50-person party, just a couple friends. So, I told her, ‘Sorry, it
isn’t my party, and I am already reaching pretty far inviting you.’ Almost instantly she burst into the biggest,
loudest, belly-crying fit I have ever witnessed.

She was 18 years old,
screaming and crying at the top of her lungs in the passenger seat of my
car. It was so loud, I wanted to roll the windows down to protect my
ears, but I was too embarrassed that others may hear her.

She kept
screaming how unfair it is and asking me why I hate her and hate her
friend. I couldn’t even think of anything to say. It caught me so off
guard and made no sense, I didn’t have any words.

I was only 20 at the time, so I didn’t make
the best choice, but it did work out. I decided I would tell her I
changed my mind, and we could bring her friend. But when she got out to
go knock on her door, I would drive off.

And I did. I got a few nasty
online messages from her afterwards, but that was it. Thankfully she
didn’t know where I lived or anything like that, and she seemed to drop
it quickly.


I was at a friend’s birthday party for her
dog (this was probably was just an excuse to have people over and get
wasted) and another friend, lets call her M, is also there.

I had known M
for a couple of years, but I only really ever see her a couple of times
a year. She is very wasted, and also very married. Her husband was also
at the same party.

At one point in the night, she asks me if I have a
girlfriend (I did not), if I am looking for a girlfriend, and where I
would be looking for a girlfriend.

Then she says that I had been looking
in all the wrong places and that, if I wanted a good girl, I should
‘let her know’.

During this conversation, she also kept
trying to grab my hand, and so at one point, I made sure to always be
holding a handful of mini-pretzels in both of my hands as a sort of
excuse to not be able to hold hands. I can’t hold hands if I am holding
pretzels. Logic.

Then finally she says, ‘I like you, I really like you.’ I just try to respond with ‘okay’ and leave
it at that. This repeats for a while until she says, ‘Stop saying okay.
It makes me feel like you think I’m being fake.’

Then she keeps following me around the room
and keeps trying to make me dance with her until I leave. Her husband
was pretty much always in the same room as us, no more than a few feet
away while this was all happening.

I thought I was crazy and imagining
it all until another friend asked me on the same night as we were
leaving, ‘Was M trying to hit on you?’


We met online, but I lived in a small town
about an hour away from the big city she was in. I was desperate, but
now I realize with all the people in the city, it should have been a
warning sign that her distance was set so high.

While I knew most the
time people meet for the first time on the date, my traditional values
still had me offering to pick her up beforehand, and surprisingly she

I arrive to pick her up, knock on her door, she answered and
hands me a cat. Apparently, she was trying to herd the other cat away
from the door with her foot and she needed her hands.

She invited me in
because she wanted me to see her art that she sold online before we left
to the theater. She had made phone cases with Barbie heads sticking out
and earrings with googly eyes. It was all terrible.

The date went fine, and I continued to text
her the next day (as I said before I was desperate, there literally
wasn’t a single girl my age in my whole town.)

Sunday night comes
around, I text her goodnight. She replied goodnight, and I go to sleep. I
woke up to over twenty messages. She started at two in the morning and
then sent a second message five minutes later, asking why I didn’t

Then only a couple minutes later, she started to rant about how
this always happens to her and every guy ignores her. Then she starts
asking what is wrong with her and just kept going on and on. When I
finished reading it, I was flabbergasted.

I ended up texting her to
explain that I had gone to bed, and it’s very important to me that I’m
well rested to teach, so I don’t respond to texts after I go to bed. I
then apologized and told her I did not think that we were going to work,
and it wasn’t because any of the things she listed.


The woman I worked with became obsessed that myself and another coworker were having an affair. (we were not) She is IMing me at work, talking about how disgusting we both are and how she’s going to expose us.

I’m like begging her to knock it off, not because I’m guilty, but I don’t want to go through the embarrassment of reporting her to HR.

She actually walks over to my desk and calmly
explains how she’s going to email everybody, including this girl’s husband,
about all our dirty business.

Well, that as that, I told my friend what
was going on and how we were going to be “exposed,” and SHE went to HR.Amazingly enough, she was not fired.


Being a single father, the very ‘kind’ single
mother from the school-run mother’s society at my son’s nursery felt
she had to take me under her wing.

By taking me under her wing, she meant hitting on me for 6 weeks straight, and organising play dates with the
specific agenda of cornering me at her home, and offering horrendous homemade food, and constantly fishing for a date.

I politely declined,
did the whole ‘my wife died not so long ago, really not ready for
anything, appreciate you being friendly,’ but the message did not get

She eventually found me on a works night out, dressed in a toga
and half cut, where my friend asked her if she was “the creepy single
mum desperate to get with me.”

I wasn’t popular with the school-run witches haggle on Monday.


I was on a dating site for a few weeks and
caught a woman’s attention. She started emailing me, and that was cool.
Then we chatted. Still good.

Then a few days later, I turned around at a
grocery store, and there she was, looking at me. Uh…what?

While chatting, I mentioned a regional grocery
that I shop at and how they have a good produce section.

(I cook) She
hadn’t heard of it. Long story short, she had spent hours there waiting
for me just in case but was afraid to approach and instead just followed
me around.

The chick was cute and harmless. And I was
planning to ask her out, but that was too weird. I never spoke to her
again. Or saw her again.


When I was sixteen, I worked at a taco joint.
(I’d rather not mention the name because I’ve told stories elsewhere on Reddit that could get me into trouble. You can probably guess which

When working in the drive-thru, a middle-aged
woman in a minivan came through, and I proceeded to pass her bag of food
to her.

She asked me my name, how long I’ve been working here, how good
of a day I was having, and said it was nice to meet me. Very pleasant
exchange, and honestly, she made my day a little better.

Then she showed up again two more times that same week. Each time saying it was sooooooo
good to see me, and that I was really cute.

Which started to feel
weird. I ended up having a few days off from work, and I forgot about
her entirely. The day I went back to work, she appeared in the
drive-thru again. She said that she missed me and wondered where I was.

The last time I saw her she asked me how old I
was. I told her I was 16, which made her blissfully sigh and say “God,
you’re so young.” then she drove away.

Probably not as bad as the other stories on this thread, but I was very creeped out at the time.


To sum it up, I went to a super conservative college, and I tested my luck with a senior (I was a freshie at the time) with a date.

Her friend got my number and said I needed to go all in or run far away cause this girl was going to ask me to drop out of college and move to where she got her new job.

The senior girl proceeded to tell me that she could make the money and I would be a stay-at-home dad. I respectfully declined, lol.


I was in a bio class at my community college,
and a girl sat at my table on the first day. During the first few
weeks, I caught her stealing glances at me out of the corner of my eye.

Eventually, she moved to my side of the table and kept creeping closer
to me. (We used the rolling chairs)

Anyway, after one class, she turns to me and
puts her hand on my leg, and says, “so I’ve been looking at you for a
while now, and I think we should come back to my house.”

So I just looked at her and gave her a “what
are you thinking?” Look. I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me. After I
denied her, she moved on to the other guy at our table. I don’t know if he
went with her or not.


When I was homeschooled in 5th, 6th, and 7th
grade, I became friends with another homeschooled guy.

His family was
the most egotistical I’ve ever met, but that’s not relevant. What is
relevant is that he had a cousin named Lexi.

Lexi was several years younger than me at the
time, 8 or 9 IIRC. Her parents were going through a divorce and were
spoiling her, so when the custody battle came around, Lexi would pick a

Anyway, Lexi fell madly in love with me for whatever reason.
Now, I was only 12 or 13 at the time, and, like I said before, she was 8
or 9, and her often forward behavior made me very uncomfortable. She
would climb up on my lap and began giving me pecks on the cheeks,
whether I liked it or not.

Now, normally this wouldn’t be so bad, except
her spoiling mother fully supported her romantic endeavors and would
try to help Lexi in her quest to win me over.

I even remember Lexi’s mom
helping her hunt me down at a Halloween party and forcing me to take
various pictures with her.

The only way I won the battle was by
returning to normal school in 8th grade. Haven’t seen her since. I’m
about to graduate from high school, and I still remember how uncomfortable
this ordeal was…


My girlfriend broke up with me but went off the rails in the process.
She showed up at 2 in the morning, kept slamming her fists on the door,
and called my phone over 100 times.

This was in addition to 63 text messages, seven hate-filled voicemails, and five attempted video calls. But the final straw for me was when she tried breaking in through my front window.

She ripped the screen off the window and the mailbox off the wall.

She destroyed all my mail and scattered it throughout my yard. It rained the whole time too.


In community college I was in a creative
writing course and we were in the poetry portion of the semester.

was a girl in there that seemed cool, and we went bowling once outside
of class to kind of hang out and test the waters, but it was weird, and
nothing ever happened again.

This girl wrote a poem about us making out,
in great detail. It didn’t say my name. We never made out in real life.
And it described my looks in every detail; hair, eyes, height.

It was
blatantly obvious it was me in the poem. So much so, that the teacher
had this girl read it out loud, and as she did, the teacher just
grinned, and this girl was reading and looking over at me, and I’m
pretty sure I was embarrassed enough as it was…

… until that girl finished and the teacher immediately asked me “huffingtoncoast, what did you think of that poem?


This happened about 3 years ago:

I had heard my female neighbor madly
screaming for about an hour or so, which was actually a regular occurrence, always over nothing.

It had been quiet for a few minutes when my
doorbell rang. I opened, and she stood there outside my door. I had only
once spoken to her prior to this, and that had been about 2 minutes of
small talk.

Anyways, she immediately opened up about how
glad she was I had opened the door and that she had lost her cell
phone. I said that was a bummer, and she said that she wanted to ask if I
could help her.

To cut to the chase, of course, I helped her,
which involved her screaming at some other neighbours, who were inside
and had neither said anything nor responded to any of it, with me
standing next to her and me going to her flat, calling her cell phone,
so she could more easily find it (she had it on mute, though).

Then, she magically found it when I was
about to go, and she proceeded to enthusiastically thank me and
continuously hug me. I should add that this woman is about 25 years
older than me.

She asked me if I liked hippies, since apparently she
was a hippie (which I could not tell), then sheepishly laughed, saying
she was too old for me, anyway, all while I didn’t even get a word in
and just awkwardly tried to get the hell out of there.

Among other things, she proceeded to recite a
poem to me for about 5 minutes while holding eye contact the entire
time before I finally got away, citing I had just started to make
dinner for myself.

2 minutes after I was back in my flat,
somebody with a blocked caller ID called me on my cell phone. That’s
when the coin dropped that she now had my cell number. I didn’t answer
any of the 5 calls she made during the next 20 minutes.

I saw her once more, just outside our house,
and gave her as friendly a “hello” as I could muster, but she looked at
me like she had never seen me before and said nothing.


I’m a guy with a large Afro, and I typically
wear it wherever I go. Of course, having so much hair can lead to
multiple variations. Occasionally, I’ll wear my hair in a ponytail for
special occasions.

This girl I knew I texted frequently saw me
with a ponytail, and she begged one of my close friends to get a picture
of me with a ponytail.

She then proceeded to text me and say, “Damn, you
looked so attractive with this ponytail. You have any more pictures?”

So, of course, I was a bit weirded out because
she will be doing one of 2 things with those photos. 1, showing them to
other people, or 2, “taking matters into her own hands,” if you get my

So I just told her I didn’t have any photos and stopped talking to her.


She sent me a message on an online dating site, opening the conversation by telling me about her mental health issues that I would need to be able to deal with and the fact that she was looking for me to be third in a three-way relationship with her and her boyfriend.

It wasn’t really my thing, so I didn’t respond, but a couple of days later, I ran into her in the stairwell of my apartment building. Turned out she was my neighbour.


I once blocked a girl’s number because she
would text me every day after I refused to reply anymore after telling
her I didn’t want to talk.

I honestly don’t understand her obsession. I
would text myself a solid 2 times before giving up. Two years later, I unblocked the number out of curiosity.

SHE WAS STILL TEXTING ME DAILY. I sure hope I never run into her in person again.


I met a girl online once, and we went out a
few times. I wasn’t feeling it and told her as much. I had been in the
US Army for the previous six years.

Nothing special – I was a fueler.
She got it into her head that the military was forcing me to not date
her and that I had a much more clandestine job than in reality.

It wasn’t, and I didn’t. I had reached the
expiration of my term of service three years earlier, and my only contact
was the veterans’ affairs office at the university I was attending.

would constantly text me and message with nonsensical conspiracy
theories about why I couldn’t see her. I blocked her and moved on.

She hired a private investigator to tail me.
When I caught wind of him after a couple of days, I walked over to where he
was sitting and introduced myself.

He was flustered, but eventually, we
laid it all out. I told him that he was wasting his time watching me go
to class, the dining hall, and my house every day. I never saw him again
and never heard from her again.

Either she hired a more stealthy PI, or the
dude talked some sense into her. Either way, it didn’t progress beyond
that. I was ready to get a temporary restraining order or something, but
it never had to happen.

Two months later, I met my wife. We have been married for six years.


I dated this girl one summer during high
school. She seemed nice enough, and we kind of hit it off at a church
function. That was until my summer schedule started.

I went from working evenings at a local fast
food joint to working overnights, and I guess she couldn’t cope. She
would call my house and accuse my mom of lying for me and demand she
tell her where I really was.

She would drive by the restaurant all night
and would even wait for me to get home at 6 or 7 am, while I was still
in my work uniform, and accuse me of cheating.

Eventually, she started calling me every hour
or so at work. This was a time when most teenagers didn’t have phones,
so she was calling the work phone, which, as one could imagine, my
managers just loved.

She did not take the break-up well,
threatening to kill herself. She threatened to kill me, and she
threatened to kill my dog. When I started dating a co-worker toward the
end of the summer, she threatened her, too.

Teenage me never thought to try and get her
brought up on charges for threats and stalking. She eventually got the
hint and left me alone.


It was New Year’s at around 4 am. A friend
called me asking me to pick her up because she didn’t like who she was with
(as in she felt uncomfortable with them). Obviously, I walked down to
where she was.

It was only a 10-minute walk. I was a lil tipsy, but she
was crazy hammered. I tried to walk her home, but she insisted on
sitting down.

The nearest place was where I was staying, at
a friend’s place. We sat on the couch, and she immediately started
cuddling me and kissing me. I tried to push her off me, but she was
having none of that.

At one point, she had most of her weight on me. She
hastily undid my belt. Then, she tried to grab my member. I pushed her
hand away. Then, she whispered, ‘Come on. You know you want me too,’ and
she went for it again.

I immediately just shouted, ‘STOP!’ She then
started to cry, saying I don’t find her attractive. She got really
emotional and asked if I thought she was fat, etc.

I asked her if she
wanted any water. I went and got her some. When I came back, I find that
she had grabbed a razor blade out of her purse and cut her palm open.
She was shaking.

I got a bandage from the kitchen. We called a taxi to get her home. I paid for the taxi. I haven’t spoken to her since.

Needless to say, it took me a while to get
comfortable being alone with inebriated people for a while. It shook me
up more than I’d like.


It was my first blind date, set up by friends. I was 22 and had just graduated.

I picked her up because she didn’t drive. I found out that she was a sophomore at my alma mater – cool. I was surprised I had never seen her before because it wasn’t a large uni, and she was cute as heck.

Fast forward maybe two or three hours, we had
just wrapped up dinner and a stroll in a park downtown. Everything went
well, and we were walking to a comedy club.

She was saying really weird
things at this point, such as how happy she was that she met someone
like me, about the places she wants to honeymoon at, how many kids we
would have, and how beautiful they would be if we were married.

Now, she was a looker and really fun to hang
out with, but who talks about these kinds of things after knowing a
person for several hours? Red flags.

Later into the evening, we were walking to
the house I shared with a few roommates. Our place was maybe a block
from the comedy club, being a college neighborhood. She stopped me, and
we made out for a bit.

She was, for real, acting and talking like we had
been long-time lovers at this point. I made the decision to suggest I
take her home since it was getting late, but she insisted on coming home
with me. I pocket-dialed my friend.

‘Oh, I’m getting a call,’ I said. I played it
like he needed me for something. He was all high, giggling and saying
stupid stuff as he realized what must be happening.

Then, it turned for
the worse in a big way. She got angry, accused me of being gay, and said
she never should have come on the date, etc. She stormed off. Whew.

Fifteen minutes later, I was at my house
laughing and chatting with my roommates about my date when the back door
opened. Guess who walked in.

‘I knew it!’ she screamed. Queue me trying to
calm down this crazy girl while my friends were laughing and taking
pictures. Eventually, her friend came and got her.

‘Alisha,’ if you’re out there, I hope you found love.


Valentine’s Day, during my junior year of high school, two girls asked me out. One was super cute and timid, and I liked her a lot. The other had a boyfriend.

After turning the second girl down, she went
to her boyfriend and told him to beat me up because I was at fault for
making her want to cheat on him.

That turned out to be a bit of a final
straw for the boyfriend. He apologized to me and broke up with her in
the same sentence. We both received death threats from that girl for
multiple weeks after that.

As for me and the first girl, we are almost in our fourth year together.


She was the first to approach me when she
found out I was a journalism student. Having had no friends yet during
freshman year, I befriended her.

As the semester went on, she got more
and more annoying. She went as far as getting another sim card and
making up this dude named Jordan, just so we could talk about ‘guy

When I had had enough, I decided to call this ‘Jordan’ in the
middle of class. Her phone rang. I went all ‘Hi Jordan’ on her. She ran
out of the room.

She even invited herself when I went out to
the movies with my buds, buying herself a ticket. When we said we would
be going drinking in a different city (45 minutes away), she said she
couldn’t come, which was reassuring.

When we got to our spot, she wasn’t
there, but still managed to blow my phone up with texts and saying, ‘I
miss you,’ ‘I love you,’ and ‘You’re the best.’ I was like, this has got to stop.

The following week at school, before she
could even say anything, I immediately told her, ‘You do know I’m gay,
right?’ I really am. She started crying in front of so many people.

Her nuances dwindled little by little toward
the end of the semester. I moved from Journalism to Hospitality the
following term and had not heard from her since.

That was until around 2016 when she found out
that I broke up with my then-boyfriend. She started telling people how I
cheated on my ex with her. Girl, seriously?

She finally stopped after one of my intensely catty lady friends ‘talked’ to her. I have not heard from her since.


It started out as your classic love-at-first-sight story. We said, ‘I love you’ after two weeks. We moved in together
after two months. We were engaged after six months.

We had been
together for four years and some change. I left my rent-controlled
bachelor pad and picked a bigger apartment so she could have her art
studio. We did everything together and split all bills 50/50.

We had
different jobs in the same industry and made around the same income. We
really loved each other and, as cliché as it sounds, completed each
other. I am very analytical and stoic, and she is a creative artist.

one point, she went to an exhibit at comic con in New York City, so I help
her pack and drop her off at the airport. Everything was fine. She
should be back in four days. She never came back home.

She simply disappeared, ghosted me. The day
that she should have been home, I freaked out that she may be dead, only
to find myself blocked on all forms of social media, as well as email
and her phone number.

Everything I know was based on the unpaid credit
card bills that she left for me and her cell phone bill since we were
on the same plan. I found this one particular area code from New York
City over and over again on her call history and put everything

She must have met this guy at the San Diego comic con she went
to a few months before, and she systematically organized a plan to
abandon me.

She took as much as she could to New York City and never
looked back. Well, she maxed out our credit card for her new home in New
York City. By the time my grief turned into practicality, it was too
late for me to cancel everything.

I saw all of these houseware
purchases bought with my money for a house that I would never live in.

I couldn’t live in our apartment on one
income alone. She destroyed my self-esteem forever, and I can’t trust
anyone ever again. She ripped my heart from my chest, watched it die
slowly, and didn’t bother to clean up the mess.

All I want to know is
why she did it, but I don’t think she’ll ever tell me that. It is crazy
how much people can change in such a small amount of time. People can
still surprise you in the worst ways.

No matter how much you may prepare
yourself, it still hurts. Nothing is worth sinking to that level in
response. Being the bigger person is always the only positive to come
out of something so negative like this.

I could try to get the money
back in court, but being in a different state would make the matter
rather difficult.


My wife was on vacation in another country
with her parents. Before she left, we got into this huge fight, and she
decided to stay for a whole month longer with her family than she
planned to.

She broke up with me and shatters my heart. She confirmed
with me later on that she would be flying back home, but only to move
her stuff out of my place.

We shared an online photo storage account, so
any pictures that she took would be uploaded to the account
automatically, which I would see.

A day or two after she breaks up with
me, I see her getting very with a guy in a van. It turns out that she
had been seeing this guy behind my back for several weeks already.

wife and I had been best friends for years in high school, had been
together for ten years, and married for six of them. This was a huge

My initial reaction? Not as intense as I
expected, but confusing. We weren’t in an open relationship, but maybe
she had felt like the fire was just gone. Maybe she didn’t view me as a
romantic partner anymore.

I don’t want her to be locked in a
relationship that she doesn’t want. The guy she ended up with was her
ex-boyfriend, and I didn’t recognize him at the time because he had
shaved off his mustache.

She knew that this was literally the only
person in the world I would never have wanted her to end up with. He
treated her badly during their relationship, and she knew how badly I
would react had I known.

Several months pass by, and she collects her
things, divorces me, and flies back to the country she was vacationing
in to stay for a little while. She ended up marrying that guy and having
a few kids with him. Even worse, she had always been hesitant to have
kids, whereas I always wanted them.

It took me a few years to recover
from all of that. I dated around a bit, but I ended up in a good place
with a woman who is arguably the best thing that ever happened to me.


I was in the Navy and was out on deployment
for six months after just recently getting engaged (it’s one of those
stupid things that young military guys do).

One day, I get a letter from
my fiancée’s best friend, telling me that she caught my fiancée and
some other man together (this was years before email and smartphones
were common).

We wrote back and forth several times, and eventually, it
comes out how she caught them, how my fiancée begged her not to tell me,
and that the fiancée didn’t know that the two of us were corresponding.

I eventually get back to the States and
planned to play it off as though I didn’t know, but too many of my
friends intercepted me with the news. It turns out that it wasn’t just
the one guy, but several, and they let me know that she knew I was

Eventually, we met, and the confrontation was minimal and tame. We
broke off the engagement without a lot of drama, and she kept the ring.
The best friend who corresponded with me ended up hooking up with me, and
it grew surprisingly serious.

The two of us will celebrate our 32nd
wedding anniversary this year. Sometimes doing well is the best revenge.


My ex was a big drinker, and I wasn’t. She
would frequent this bar close to our place pretty often with friends.

rarely went with her because I just wasn’t a fan of bars or her
drinking friends. One night, she went out with a couple that I didn’t
mind that much.

I was bored at home, so I decided to head over for a
little bit. As I walk in, I see my ex sitting at the bar with the
couple. The bar was packed, and as soon as I made eye contact with my ex, she
had this strange look on her face.

She turns to this guy sitting next
to her, and he immediately gets up and leaves. I felt something strange
right away, but I brushed it off as me being irrational. I stayed for
like an hour and headed home.

I couldn’t shake the feeling I had, though,
so I checked one of her friend’s social media pages to see if there was
any connection that existed between my ex and this random dude. Sure
enough, he was friends with one of my ex’s friends.

I knew his name now, and I knew that I wasn’t
as crazy as I thought. I sat on the information, though. The next
weekend, she goes out drinking again and still had not returned home at
four in the morning.

I tried contacting her multiple times, and I got no
response. I woke up to her coming home at seven in the morning and
jumping in the shower immediately. I decided to check her phone while
she was in the shower, and she kept all of her messages with this same

There was some pretty telling information in the text thread. While
she was still showering, I grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and headed
to my best friend’s house.

Twenty minutes later, I get a phone call with
her going insane about me leaving and not saying anything. I laughed
and told her that if she wasn’t moved out by Monday, the police would be
there to force her out.

She wasn’t on the lease, and her parents lived
ten minutes away from me. That was that.


a girl online, we chat and set up a date. The date goes fine she’s a little
weird, a little sheltered but seems nice. Not much chemistry, but I think
that can take some time, so we give it another go and have a second date.

Confirm I have no interest in a relationship with this girl on the
second date, so we talk it out no hard feelings let’s be friends.

forward 1.5 years, I’m in my kitchen with some friends getting ready to
go out for my birthday dinner, when we hear a knock on the door.

go check, and no one is there, but there is a box with my name on it.
There is a card and some gifts which would be nice if this girl had ever
been to my house before. I had moved since our two dates and still have
no idea how she found me.


high school basketball team had a female student manager. When we had
games at other schools, she would always come up with a reason to need
to get something in the locker room when we were showering. But we were
so used to her, I guess no one said anything?

Coaches probably should have stepped in there.


in my dorm. She had a crush on my roommate. My roommate clearly didn’t
like her and told her several times.

Things got out of hand, and there were
times when my roommate would come running back to the room yelling
“lock the door, lock the door” and moments later the girl and her friend
would try to come barge in without permission.

creepy is this next part. Apparently, one night we accidentally left our
room unlocked, and she decided to sneak in and play/rub our heads. We
didn’t wake up but her roommate told us what she did a couple of days
later. I haven’t seen her in about a year, and I’m quite glad.


This younger girl, who I never even spoke to once in high school, had a crush on me. I got a note from her in my locker asking if I wanted to go out with her.

I had no idea of how to get it back to her, so I just wrote “no” and taped it to my locker. Then she started following me everywhere. I would try to talk to her, but she would just keep walking away, pretending I wasn’t talking to her. This goes on for like two years.

Then I was hanging out by myself one day around the neighborhood, and she comes walking up with three guys who wanted to kick my ass for some dumb unrelated stuff.

She somehow found out about it and brought them to me. After an embarrassing scene with me diffusing the situation with these angry gentlemen, they leave, and she finally sits down on the curb right next to me and starts flirting.

All I could do was just stare at her enormous bangs with a WTF expression until she got embarrassed and left.


I started going to a new doctor, the receptionist was cute, so I flirted a bit.

a waiting room, with other patients around. It was pretty innocent, she
reciprocated, I figured it was all in good fun. She escalated a bit,
stuff like scheduling me for days she was there, calling me directly
with reminders, etc.

Then she went
into the records, got my cell number, and started texting me. Telling
me she wants to meet up, she’s not happy with her husband, etc.

I noped out as fast as I could.


I was in New Orleans watching some street performers go crazy, and a mom came up behind me and fully grabbed both of my ass cheeks, I was 18 and standing next to both of my parents, and she said, “Hey you remind me of my son,” which is probably one of the weirdest things to say at that moment.


elementary school, there was a new Spanish girl who had a crush on me
and would literally be nonstop staring at me and following me.

and my friends tested it. In class, they would look and see she’d be
staring at me. In recess, we went to the very far corner of the field, and
she followed, so I went back to the school wall, and she followed, so I
told the teachers, and they finally got her to stop following me.

She disappeared a few days later. Nobody knew where she went.


were kids early teens. I thought she was mad cute. She was telling me
how once she pushed a boy she liked off the swings, and he broke his arm.
She was bragging about it. And she liked me now.

“Cool,” I thought. “I will now proceed to never see you again.”


Was at a bar with a large group of friends when this girl who was not affiliated with our group came up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt.

After a few buttons, she just slid her hands around my torso. I backed off, and the girls in our friend group blocked her from coming into contact with me again.


I had a co-worker who was about thirty years older than me. We always got along and had good conversations, but she would sometimes just walk over to me and grab my hand, and seductively suck on one of my fingers. I was 19 or 20, but it never really bothered me, so I just let it happen. Looking back, it’s pretty creepy.


Was talking to this girl in high school, we never did anything, and I decided to cut her off after a bit because I didn’t like how clingy she was.

Well, a few days later, a friend that had a class with her tells me she overheard her telling her friend how she wanted to key my car and burn my house down??? I never confronted her about that, but she seemed like a big enough nut to try it.


In middle school, I Googled myself, and I found that a girl wrote a fan fiction where I was the main character(s). It was a Twilight rip-off, and the main character had my first name, and his twin brother’s first name was my middle name. Oh, and we were werewolves.


This is my dad’s story. 2 instances of the same woman.

1. She confessed her love to my dad in front of my mom at my dad’s high school reunion. My dad politely declined.

2. My
dad showed up to a train accident in the middle of the desert outside a
tiny town. Who came off the train? The same woman. She started
blathering to my dad that this was a sign and that they were meant to be


I had a girl at an old job who never showered, even went so far as to dye her armpit hair, and of course, this is the type of girl who would not stop flirting with me.


I was complimented on the bus by a middle-aged woman, and I thanked her. I did not think of anything else until after she got off at the same stop as me she continued to follow me until I was home. Instead of confronting her, I just ran through many streets and came back until she was gone.


used to have a crush on a girl, I knew she was into weird stuff, but
one day I went to her house, and she offered me orange juice.

She took
an awfully long time preparing the juice, and when she came back with
it, I noticed that the color of the juice was too orange, and it left
like a metal taste in my mouth…

Later I went to the bathroom, and after
drying my hands with paper and lifting the trash bin to dispose of it, my
suspicious thoughts were confirmed.

After exiting the bathroom, I faked that my a family member got an accident and I need it to leave.


I went on a date with this chick, the first thing she says as we sit down is, “Okay, you should know something about me right away: I’m a high-functioning sociopath…”


A girl called me with a blocked number (“because she was afraid of rejection”)
and told me she met me at a student organization I ran in college.

absolutely didn’t remember her whatsoever, but she provided the correct
details. She told me she thought I was “the one” and couldn’t stop
thinking about me.

Thing was, I hadn’t been running the organization for
a year or two, so she had to have been thinking about me for a long
time before calling.

I wasn’t
interested, but I was very curious, so I told her I would meet her but
mentioned that I was moving out of the country soon. Her response was,
“but what about us?”We never met.


I was the “creepy girl”. Looking back, I feel so bad for this dude. We were on a choir field trip, and I thought we were really clicking.

He was the cutest guy that ever spoke to me. I ended up getting his number and took a photo of him (with his permission). I made it my phone’s wallpaper and called him almost every day.

I was convinced I loved him. Even would hug him without his consent when I could. I don’t remember how, but I finally quit. Poor guy. Aaron, sorry, dude.


A girl slid into my DMs by taking a screenshot of my post about my final high school wrestling match, and she edited it to where her Snapchat username looked like a tattoo on my forearm.

She then sent this to me and said, “I like your tattoo ;).” I consulted my male counterparts, and we all agreed this was creepy AF.


I got a school computer seat next to her one day and realized that she was looking at bloody pictures/videos of dead people.

I asked which horror film that was from, and she calmly said, “No, these are real,” and turned the screen so I could see it. It was real.


A girl once told me in the 8th grade that she was dreaming of me. My face was in the dream glazed with Nutella, and she was licking all the Nutella away from my face. That was more cringe than creepy but a combination of both.


Matched with a girl on a dating site, talked for a little bit, decided she wasn’t interesting, and told her I met someone and was leaving. She said she was in it and worked for Microsoft.

I only ever talked to her on the app and only had my email linked to my account, not that anybody can see that anyways.

I don’t connect my phone number to any account, and my number is unregistered through a fake company name set up by some guy to get me a cheap phone line, so not connected to my name at all.

Never gave her my real name, only had my account name. Somehow I started getting texts and calls, and it was from her. I blocked the number but can’t block texts. Still got random texts from her for like three years after I told her I was in a relationship.


I had a girl mention my height 17 times on our first date (yes, I counted.) We had been talking over Snapchat, and when she found out I was a tall fella, her interest in me skyrocketed.

Then on our second date, she brought a friend, and over the course of the night, they both (no matter what subject we were on before) brought the conversation back to my height. Her friend even mentioned that I would “definitely make tall babies,” in her words. Creeped me out. There was no third date.


I am a teacher, and I once glanced at one of my student’s mother’s phone, and I was her background on her phone.

I found out that she told her daughter we went on a few dates, which is crazy. I barely knew the lady. She was always really shy and barely talked to me, so I was very confused.


I met a girl at a summer camp once, she was nice at first, but on the second day of knowing her, she was dropping the “I love you” and then I found out that she was trying to do the same with my twin brother (we have very noticeable differences in personality and looks).

This happened right after a horrible end to a relationship, and she knew this.


When I was 17, I was the creepy girl. I was seeing this guy for 3 months, and his sister was one of my best friends. He was 18, and I really wanted things to work out.

He thought I was cheating on him, so he broke up with me, and I went ballistic. I harassed him, asking him to give me another chance, and when he ignored me, I harassed his sister. I drove past his house if I was nearby.

I would show up at his work (he was never there when I went). When I started going to his college (it’s the only local one), I found his car and would park near him and would wait to see if he’d get out of class around the same time.


Two years ago, I had a concert. After I got off the stage to talk with the people who came to see us, a girl that I never met before comes and kisses me.

When I back off, surprised, she notices it and yells at me, “You moved on that quickly, huh?”. For a moment, I wondered if she could be an ex of mine, but then I realized I never had a girlfriend. To this day, I don’t know who she is…


So once, when I was 14, there was this girl who would always follow me, which was strange because we only had one class together. She would constantly walk like 2 inches away from my back and would stare at me.

She once tried to follow me into the bathroom after one of my classes. I had a girlfriend back then, so whenever she saw me with her, she would start to give my Gf very strange looks, like she was going to kill her, later in the year, she was expelled for following a guy into the bathroom and slamming his head against the sink.


One time, I went to the Philippines and met a girl who liked me. She somehow got my Facebook, and upon leaving, she texted me on there every day for a few weeks saying that she loved me and wanted me, etc.

Keep in mind that I didn’t know her almost at all because I never talked to her. Even today, more than 2 years after the Philippines trip, she will still spam me with texts about loving me, etc. I don’t block her because I would feel bad.


Not me but my friend. He was dating this girl from a different town, and I knew there was something off about her the day I met her.

Her and my buddy dated for 8 months before he broke up with her. Almost immediately after, she was begging him to get back with her. Then she started sending him naked photos of herself, and she started calling him babe again, and she kept asking him to marry her.

She then started watching him at work (he’s a mechanic). The whole situation was crazy but luckily, she stopped after he moved out of state (for unrelated reasons)


when I was in year 7, 8, and 9 (in the UK, this is ages 11-14ish), there
was a girl who was generally a bit weird around me, and I’d usually
laugh it off and things.

But on multiple occasions in year 8, she licked
the back of my neck as I was sitting down for lunch. Again, I laughed
it off, but in year 9, she took out her tongue piercing and wiped it
across my hand in a lesson. That was weird.

2 years later, she’s a lot, and we’re good friends, so not a bad ending.


An older lady came to my door about a month ago and said, “Excuse me, my squirrel
is in your backyard, can I go get it.”

I didn’t want to question it
because having a pet squirrel makes more sense than having a pet bird,
but lots of people lock birds in their houses.

Anyway, I said sure, and
her response was, “you’re very handsome, I wish I was young enough to
date you.”I’ll never forget my squirrel lady.


Some girl came into my job and flirted with me a bit, kinda missed it until later after she left. She showed up about 4 hours later, and this time, I got her number. Hung out later that night and went back to her place, great fun. Go to work the next day, and she shows up with her parents at 11 am.


Back in high school, I was talking to this girl a lot. After a few months, I asked her out, and she said she didn’t want to date. It was all good, and we stopped talking. A few weeks go by, and I haven’t talked to her. She starts searching for me and asking my sister and my friends where I was.

She’d just stand there and listen to my conversations and wouldn’t leave even though I never acknowledged her.

Summer started, and she avoided me the next year. Sometimes though, when I look outside my window, I see a pair of those beady eyes staring back at me…

was about 20, sharing an apartment with friends. They had a girl over,
and at some point, she was just glancing at me the whole time and
following me around the place everywhere I went to.

it got to the point where virgin me was in my room doing some college
work on my laptop, clearly very nervous, and she just sat there on my bed
just looking around and trying to make up a conversation, then one of my
buds just flat out closes the door.

At this point, I looked at her and
said whatever was going on, it’s not going to happen.


It was my first semester at city college, so I was only 18. A 40-year-old female classmate became obsessed with me and would wait for me after class or in alcoves as I walked to class and then jump out to walk with me.

She kept talking about how I wasn’t like the other guys and how I’d make a great stepdad for her 13-year-old daughter. I was 18. And very afraid.


In 8th grade, I dated a girl for a couple of weeks. We broke up because she was super abusive. She started stalking me for a few months over the summer and, at one point, tried to stab me.

I always carry a knife when I’m out and about, so I pulled mine out, which was a small vintage hunting knife. She screamed and ran away, and I’d never seen her again.


Throughout high school, I dated the same girl. I found out in senior year that for that entire time, some random girl in our grade whom I had never even met before had been making up stories about the two of us.

She’d been claiming to be my childhood friend and that she was really close with us. It was very weird and incredibly surprising that it took so long to get back to me, but she was a weirdo stalker totally obsessed with our relationship.


A fake pregnancy scare. Happened to my brother. She threatened to disrupt a family event and make a scene about it.

Not the most horrifying story here but mind you, we’re from a very repressed community. It’s been a year since the breakup, and he still receives threats and is stalked on a regular basis at random hours of the night.


Had a girl follow me home 2 days after a one-night stand. Woke up to a note on my car saying that she “couldn’t sleep and wanted to show me she knew where I lived.” Mind you, her house was 45 mins away, not close but not far, I guess.

The dumbest thing I ever did was still talk to her after that, but 20-year-old me with no one else interested in me was desperate. Still one of my biggest regrets in life.


I was at a sleepover with one of my friends who happened to have a sister who also had friends over. One of his sister’s friends was the creepy one.

My friends caught her kissing me while I was asleep and sleeping on the same bed as me. Not crazy, but as a kid, it was pretty weird.


I was in middle school, I had a neighborhood girl that was obsessed with
me. She was always rude to me, along with her older sister.

One day she
left a dead squirrel in a box at the back gate of my parents’ house with a
love note. I was super confused at the time, and my dad was livid.

I learned later on in life that she came from a pretty messed up household which makes me sad.


Tried to break up with someone who was clearly nuts, or at least a massive exhibitionist/attention seeker, and she refused to leave my house.

Sat on the couch and just shrugged like, whattaya gonna do, force a female to leave your house, how would that look? Freaked me the hell out. I was reminded of just how much power women have in some situations.


A girl asked me on a date, and I obliged. Despite the date being really fun I wasn’t feeling it so I told her.

Woke up the next morning to her Instagram being filled with really zoomed-in pictures of me and my room, so you couldn’t tell who it was unless you knew the original picture, with the caption just screaming about how (without saying my name) I’m a bad person.


Was on a high school Europe trip, and this girl from another school would not leave me alone. She couldn’t take a hint, so I told her to stop talking to me, BIG mistake.

This only made things worse as I guess me not being into her was something she was into. Managed to survive the rest of the trip.


4 years after the trip, my mother moves into her school district. Every time I visit, I’m terrified.kanor24

met this girl at a rock show. Facebook was brand new, you had to be
invited. I invited her when we exchanged info, and she was trying to
share her MySpace info.

A couple of
months later, after chatting here and there, she said she was making a
trip through my area for spring break.

It wasn’t spring break for me
yet, but I said she could totally stop by my dorm, and I’d make time to
show her around the town. I thought we’d have some kind of date night.

had basically invited herself to my dorm for over a week. She became
very silent and awkward, and never tried to warm up to my friends. She
would just be silent and stare.

My friends obviously didn’t invite me to anything they were doing that week, as she was incredibly disturbing.

kept trying to get my friends to sneak me away and leave her in my dorm
to just eat my food and hang out. They thought it was hilarious leaving
me with her though, even though it wasn’t what I asked for.


Started talking to this girl, and she blew up my
phone non-stop with random stuff, sent unsolicited pics, including bikini
shots and stuff, and liked everything I posted on Facebook.

At first, I
didn’t really mind, it was nice getting some female attention, but after
a while, it started to get annoying, and then it started coming off as
clingy and desperate, especially with a lot of vaguebooking about how
bad she wanted a boyfriend.

It got to the point where I was starting to
get unhealthy vibes, so I blocked her. I felt bad for doing it,
but ultimately I have to look out for myself.

Another time, I was dating this girl, and her
ex’s new GF randomly hit me up and started stalking the f— out of me on Facebook, adding me into these weird flirty group chats, etc. That s—
was insane.



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