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Identical Triplets Take A DNA Test, But The Unsettling Truth Is Revealed

You may safely assume that if triplets take a DNA test, the results will be pretty much the same for all of them. That was exactly what Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm thought when their modeling career somehow led them taking a DNA test! The results are really bizarre!  

Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm were brought into this world on December 12, 1977, within an hour. It was a very difficult labor but thankfully the doctor managed to bring these triplets into this world safely and without complications. By the time they were born, the title “The Most Beautiful Triplets” started making headlines!

As identical twins, people had a hard time recognizing who is who. Even their parents admitted that they had difficulties telling them apart so they decided to make some special dot tattoos on them. The triplets grew up to be inseparable as well as identical which only made things worse!

Even from the beginning of their childhood, the girls were making a big impression to the local community. Attending the same high school in Jordan, Minessota the three girls quickly stood out of the crowd and soon they were approached by a modeling agent

The triplets were doing everything together and they liked the same things and same clothes. They admit that they rarely had a personality of their own as everyone recognized them as “The Triplets”. “We rarely had our own identity. We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.’”

As you’ve already imagined, no one could deny that the triplets were gorgeous and their charming appearance got into the modeling industry from a really young age. At age 16 they had already done multiple photoshoots for famous magazines like “Teen”.

Even though the triplets were very successful in the modeling industry they decided that they didn’t want to follow this path. Indeed, after completing high school, Nicole, Jaclyn, and Erica enrolled in nursing school in Minnesota. But they couldn’t get away from modeling easily! One day when they were strolling on the campus, this happened!

The girls saw an ad from a very famous magazine that called for models to apply for “Girls of the Big Ten special edition.” The triplets thought about it a lot and then collectively decided to give it a try. Who knew?

The girls were set up for an interview and after the director realized that they were triplets, things starter escalating very quickly. Not only they were identical triplets but they were exactly what the magazine wanted for their photoshoot. With the sisters, they didn’t find one solution but three!

After their photoshoot, the triplets had become real stars. They were now recognized nation-wide and they were making big headlines. But a weird request was raised. Something that the twins never in a millions would had imagined.

On top of their modeling career, the sisters were invited to star in Tv shows like “Boy Meets World” where they starred at the episode “The Honeymoon Is Over”. The sisters were also invited on Family Feud and ended up winning $10,000! But what happened with that strange request?

Erica in the meanwhile got together with JayMcGraw, Dr.Phill’s son who was one of the executive producers in the popular show “The Doctors”. The show dealt with a variety of medical issues and it focused on giving opinions about health and raising awareness. Jay McGraw thought it would be interesting for the twins to take a DNA test. The results were unsettling!

The girls first did a couple of episodes and the public loved them! They were giving their opinions for a variety of issues like fertility, motherhood, and pregnancy. After all this success it was time for the DNA test!

The sisters were just ready to do the DNA test but something unexpected happened! They all got pregnant at the same month and surprisingly it was revealed after some months that all three of them were expecting to have girls! A real triplet bond!

The sisters continued making appearances at the show “The Doctors” even though they were pregnant and rating were continuing to climb higher and higher! People loved them and their advice seemed to be more to the point and useful. The DNA test was postponed to be taken after the end of their pregnancy.

The sisters brought to the world 3 beautiful girls and decided to take some time off to raise their newborns. That was the perfect time for them to finally do the DNA test. 

The girls decided to use 23andMe which is a famous online DNA testing service that offers DNA test at reasonable prices. All they had to do is order the kit, provide some saliva and wait for the results. And so did they!

The sisters were anticipating the results of their DNA test anxiously. Theoretically, they would have almost the same DNA and same ancestry but who knows what would happen. Because the story got a lot of attention, Lisa Guerrero, a journalist from Inside Edition did an article explaining just how reliable these DNA tests are.

The girls accepted the offer of the channel to air the DNA test results on air in a live episode of “The Doctors”. The day had come and the girls picked up their results folder and walked in on the set. What happened next will amaze you.

The DNA test results proved that the girls were identical triplets, they had almost the same fingerprints and could easily confuse biometric security measures. No one expected something different from this stage but wait to see what happened about their ancestry resutls!

The DNA test surprisingly showed that all three of them had 99% European descent but here are where things become weird. Nicole’s test showed that she was 18 percent Irish and British while Erica had a significantly lower percentage for these ethnicities. Jaclyn’s results were more bizarre. The DNA test claimed that she was 22.3% German and French. The girls, as well as the viewers, were baffled and they promised to take another DNA test just to be sure!


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