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If You Can Identify These Objects Close-Up, Then Youve Got Spectacular Vision

Your eyes can play tricks on you! This quiz tests if you can identify everyday things from super close up. You may think that this is easy, but most people get these wrong. If you do get these right, you will be one of few with incredible vision! Can you eyes pick up on what these are from so close up? If you are good at Where’s Waldo? Then this is the quiz for you, you’ll probably ace it. 

Let us begin with something delicious. What is this yellow and white food?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Poached egg”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Lemon custard”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Popcorn with butter”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” The classic movie goers favorite – popcorn! Extra butter for us please.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This little thing is soft and cuddly. Do you know what it is? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Feathers”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Raw cotton”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cat whiskers”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” We are personally more of a dog kind of people, but cat whiskers really are adorable; from afar and close up.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This geometric pattern is so colorful it can hurt your eyes. What are you looking at? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Computer screen”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Rainbow”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Camera lens”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Look at a computer screen close enough and you will see these fine colorful lines.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This course and rough texture is smoother when seen from farther away. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Rock”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Leather”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Dog nose”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Leather looks a lot smoother when you don’t zoom in like this.  “,”answerImage”:””}

You have this object all around you, probably even right now. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Wood”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Bronze”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Strand of hair”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Wood looks like this grainy material when you look at from super close up.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This is one of the most commonly seen items in the world. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Silver iPhone”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”T-Shirt”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Television screen”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” All of us have T-shirts in our closet. If you stare into the fabric enough you will see this.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this powdery substance that is used nearly every day by some?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Brick”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Skin”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Makeup palette”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Women everywhere wear makeup on a daily basis. This is what a makeup palette looks like zoomed in.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Nature is even more gorgeous when you zoom into it. What is this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Algea”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Leaf”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Lizard skin”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Put a leaf under a microscope and this is what you will see. How beautiful is that?! “,”answerImage”:””}

Pink is a common color in many things, but what are you looking at here?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Finger”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Rose quartz”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Fish”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Rose quartz looks like this when you look closely. And here we thought we would see the universe.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Fuzzy is the best! But what could this be?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Felt cloth”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Peach”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Teddy bear”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” We would totally rub our faces in this felt cloth, it looks incredibly soft and cozy and perfect for our delicate face.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This shade of green is very calming. What does it belong to?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Cucumber”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Granny Smith apple”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Aquamarine stone”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This, believe it or not, is a cucumber! We normally don’t see it this close up, but hey – here it is.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this bright red object?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Lip gloss”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Stained glass window plane”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Lollipop”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” A red lollipop is what you are looking at. They are delicious, shiny, and terrible for your teeth.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this black and white animal?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Penguin”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Zebra”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cat”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This was a hard one, but if you picked penguin then you got yourself the right answer.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this orange snack that is super zoomed in on?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Carrot”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cheese puff”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Orange”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This is what a cheese puff looks like if you were to put it under a microscope, or look at it REALLY closely.  “,”answerImage”:””}

You have definitely seen this before. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Sand”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Chocolate chip cookie”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Bread”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This is a golden brown and perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie! Now we’re hungry. Great.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Bet you can’t figure out what this is… 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Tie”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Speaker”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Couch cushion”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” If you selected speaker, then you are better at this than we thought! It almost looks like a fly’s eye, but a speaker it is.  “,”answerImage”:””}

You have seen this before, everyone know this. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Iced tea”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Beer”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Coca Cola”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” You have definitely had yourself a cold Coca Cola. The commercials were everywhere and made everyone want to grab one.  “,”answerImage”:””}

You may have used this item before, but can you identify what it is from this close up?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Zip tie”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Mascara wand”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Velcro”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Not all mascara wants are created equal, but this one looks like this if you look at it from up close enough.  “,”answerImage”:””}

There is no chance you haven’t spent time with this blue item. What is it? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Denim”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Blue Jay”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cookie Monster”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” You have been wearing blue jeans since you were a kid, we are sure you recognized this one!  “,”answerImage”:””}

Rubber it is, but what kind of rubber is the question. 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Gloves”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Tire”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Hose”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” You are looking at a rubber tire.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Look closely, what is this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Key”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Sand”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Bark”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” It is a key! The ridges are what make it uniquely fit for the door it is meant to open.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This one is a hard one for most. It’s green and it grows, but what is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Palm”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Fern”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Grass”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This one was a toughie, that’s for sure. But if you picked palm, then you got it right! Bragging rights are yours!  “,”answerImage”:””}

We are taking it one step further with this one. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Neon light”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Lightbulb”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Generator”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” This is a close up of a lightbulb. We do not recommend looking this closely at a lightbulb.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This is green and beautiful, but what is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Broccoli”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Brussels sprouts”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Arugula ”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Zoom in on broccoli and this is what you will get! “,”answerImage”:””}

Facial hair is on all of us, but where is this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Ear”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Eyebrow”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Mustache”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” They say eyebrows are the frame of the face.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This is not what you think it is. Can you guess?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Lips”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Lollipop”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Candy apple”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” These are lips with a very red tint to them thanks to lip gloss.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Running your fingers through this is fun. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Sand”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Silt”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Four”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Running your hands and feet through sand is so relaxing and fun.  “,”answerImage”:””}

It’s smooth and it’s silky. What is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Ice cream”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Whipped cream”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Meringue”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” What you are looking at is soft serve ice cream! Fast food joints are known for their own versions, but our personal fave is good ol’ McDs.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What body part are you looking at?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Ears”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Toes”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Fingers”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” These are ears! Small animal ears to be exact.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This is natural, but what is it?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Logs”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Pine cone”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Seeds”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Take a pine cone and look at it really closely – this is what you will see.  “,”answerImage”:””}

What is this incredible structure that you are looking at? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Soap”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Oil”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Water”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Soap likes to create bubbles and this is exactly what it looks like.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This looks incredible. Can you figure out what it is?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Chocolate”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Caramel”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Honey”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Calling all caramel lovers! This is what it looks like super close up.  “,”answerImage”:””}

This looks pretty gross, but it is actually delicious. What is it? 

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Cantaloupe”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Squash”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Pumpkin”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” Cantaloupe looks pretty gross when you see it from this close of an angle, but it is really yummy when you take the seeds out.  “,”answerImage”:””}

It has holes and is yellow, what are your options?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Butter”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Sour cream”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Cheese”,”correct”:true}],”answerText”:” Cheese it is! This one was easier than most, because everyone loves cheese and knows what it looks like no matter how close.  “,”answerImage”:””}

Can you identify this?

{“answers”:[{“answer”:”Dandelion”,”correct”:true},{“answer”:”Rabbit fur”,”correct”:false},{“answer”:”Caterpillar”,”correct”:false}],”answerText”:” It is a dandelion before it loses its white and billowy exterior.  “,”answerImage”:””}


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