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If You Ever Spot Your Dog Doing This, They May Be Trying To Tell You Something Very Important

If your dog wags its tail to the right

A dog feeling a positive emotion, such as when seeing its owner, would process that in the left side of its brain, producing a tail wag to its right. A right side wag means a relaxed dog.

If your dog sleeps on its back around you

They trust you 100%. This is a dog’s most vulnerable position, and they wouldn’t lie like this if they weren’t completely comfortable in their surroundings.

When your pup lays on the floor like a frog

They are hot and trying to expel heat! You’ll often find them laying like this on the cold tile, where the temperature of the floor can cool their stomachs down.

If your dog wags its tail to the left

A dog feeling a negative emotion, such as seeing an unfriendly dog, would process that in the brain’s right side, producing a left-side wag. A left side wag means an anxious dog.  

When your dog bites its leash

When dogs and puppies bite, tug, and play with their leash, they are trying to expel all the extra energy they have. They need more exercise or play time!  

Dogs lean against their owners only because

They can’t physically hug them! When your dog leans up against you, they’re showing you their loyalty and affection.

Thats a big hug!

If your dog wags its tail in a full circle

That is one very happy dog. Watch for the next time your dog’s tail goes in a complete circle–it’s when they are at their very most excited!  

If your dog sits on your feet

Then that’s a sign he wants to keep you well protected

Villains Beware!

When your dog yawns in front of you

They feel comfortable enough around you to make this gesture. In nature, this is a clear act of submission

If your puppy flicks their tongue

They’re trying to tell you that they’re sorry for being naughty. This is a nervous habit that dogs have when they’re guilty.

“Pwease forgive me, mom?”

If your dog brings you a ball or a toy

He might NOT want you to throw it.

In fact, throwing it might hurt his feelings. Dogs bring you their favorite things so that you can enjoy them!

If your pup prefers your room to his doggy bed

That’s proof you’re number one in his heart! Dogs have the instinct to make their “den” or their bed, their safe place. If they prefer your bed over their own, they see you as their pack leader.

So scoot over!

When your dog jumps on you when you get home

You might not love getting tackled the moment you get home, but that’s just your dog showing you they love you. When your dog is excited to see you regardless of how long you’ve been away from him, it means he loves you! Since his attention span is short, he doesn’t know the length of time that you’ve been gone, just that you’ve been gone. He’s stoked you’re back with him and he has no problem showing you his love!

Why is my dog just staring at me when I leave?

You might feel guilty when you see your dog quietly gawking at you as you leave, but don’t! Their calm demeanor is proof that they trust that you’ll return

Does your dog like to cuddle after meals? That’s a proof that you’re his best friend.

He thinks he’s people!

If your dog has one paw up

This means they are trying to figure something out.

You’ll also notice it when they are exploring a new place.

Puppy-dog eyes mean your dog loves you. Eye contact is like a kiss from your pooch.

Chewing on your most precious belongings isn’t your dog being bad—

It’s a sign he needs more exercise!

And remember if they’re a puppy, they are just teething!

A yawn isn’t just a sign for sleepiness.

It could mean that your dog might be feeling anxious.  

The obsession with fire hydrants

The dog and the love of fire hydrants is pure myth. The behavior is more of an innocent need to urinate. It’s in a male dog’s nature to lift his leg and pee, and a fire hydrant is the perfect height! However, when a dog sniffs and then urinates on a fire hydrant, most likely another dog has done it before him.

Your pup’s eyes are the window to his soul, so pay attention.


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