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You Have To See These Pics Taken In The Wilderness

When nature and wildlife enthusiasts set up trail cams, they usually plant them securely against trees with a protective casing and very long-lasting batteries. This gives them a better chance of capturing something remarkable over an extended period of time. 

Sometimes, no matter how long the camera has been out for, their images will turn up empty. Other times, however, it’s a completely different story! 

This moment captured on a hidden trail cam shows a rare sighting of the mystical white deer. Native Americans believed that these deers were magical and refrained from killing them as doing so would bring bad luck.

These deers are in fact albino deer. The absence of body pigment results in their mystically white look with pink eyes, nose, and hooves. The chances of seeing one in the wild are about 1 in 30,000!

This next moment is a little less rare. Hikers are often captured in hidden trail cameras and are none-the-wiser about being caught on tape. 

This woman strolls through a dense forest trail, adjusting her top in the heat of a summer’s day. However, what a nearby camera captured moments later would send a chill up anyone’s spin, but especially hers. 

It’s scary to think that something so big can be lurking behind you unnoticed in a forest. If it wasn’t for this camera, the woman would have never known she was being followed by a curious brown bear on her trail. 

Luckily, the bear kept a distance but still, any movement she made could have changed its mind! Despite their reputation, bears aren’t aggressive hunters but you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of one. Something that this next animal understands very well.  

Interspecies friendships are a relatively new discovery that scientists have only now begun to try to understand. It’s slow research as it’s nearly impossible to capture these naturally occurring relationships in the wild. So you can imagine the photographer’s amazement when this showed up on his trail cam. 

Buffalo’s aren’t known for being high maintenance but they can definitely pack a punch if needed!

This trail cam captured a moment of a moment being captured! As mentioned before, it’s not just animals that these trail cams pick up, people get captured too. And sometimes, they get pictured doing bizarre things but luckily for this woman, she was just caught taking a picture of the surrounding wildlife. 

Unlike the animal in the next photo that got caught displaying crazy behavior! 

What was this owl thinking? If this attack wasn’t captured, it wouldn’t be believed! Although eagle owls are known for sometimes hunting larger prey, no one would have guessed they’d chance their arm with an animal this size. 

Needless to say, the deer escaped unharmed with just a few scratches on its neck. But speaking of incredible attacks… 

As if the owl wasn’t confusing enough, this trail camera captured the moment a squirrel appeared to be doing the same thing; attacking an animal twenty times its size!

The deer seems oblivious as the small creature flies overhead preparing to land on its back. Perhaps it was just looking for a comfortable landing spot? One thing’s for certain though, there’s no confusing this next image. 

There’s no telling what happens during the darkness of night when most animals are more active. The heightened activity and hunting means that animals have a higher chance of bumping into each other, just like this raccoon and fox. 

Although these animals aren’t interested in making a meal out of each other, they would battle it out if they felt threatened. Their caution towards each other is crystal clear in this photo! But speaking of food…

How many times have you dreamt of opening up your favorite bag of food and just lying in it with your friends after you’ve had your stomach full? Well, this is a perk of being a raccoon!

This family of raccoons found their way into a stack of food and hilariously helped themselves. Although some people think of raccoons as pests, they are actually more like dogs than we think and get themselves into funny, sticky situations. Just like this next visitor. 

This hiker was caught climbing up a bed of rocks only to struggle to get back down again. The hidden trail camera recorded as she dangerously decided to check out what she could find on the top of the pile of rocks. 

If she fell her bare legs would have got quite the scrape! That’s why it’s best to wear protective gear when hiking through the dense wilderness. You never know what you could be exposed to!

This is another perfect example of unexplained friendships in the natural world. This image of a raccoon taking a ride on the back of a warthog could teach us a lot about tolerance and companionship! 

 The hog doesn’t seem to be bothered by the playful raccoon or his friend in the background at all. In fact, it looks like he’s enjoying his company. The same, however, can’t be said for this next encounter. 

Coyote’s can be ferocious creatures when they want to be, and of course, when they’re hungry! This poor raccoon made a close escape as he raced up a tree to avoid being dinner. 

Raccoons are very resourceful and smart. Their tiny hands make them versatile in their ability to move through obstacles and elements. They can run fast, swim, climb and of course, use their hands to open things and eat – not unlike this next animal!

No matter what species, momma’s often have their hands full raising their children! This momma bear lifting her cub up so that he can see what’s inside the barrel and grab some food is everything we need right now!

This was captured in Katmai National Park, Alaska where there are over 4,000 Alaskan brown bears, which is 98% of the US population! And the best way to ensure their survival? 

Yes, keep caring! Keep setting up your trail cams and peacefully learning about and respecting all these beautiful animals that we share the earth with. 

The more people learn about these magnificent animals and the beautiful natural habitats they live in, the more people will care to protect not just the animals, but the forests and woodlands too! 


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