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Influencers Attempt to Break Into Area 51, What Happened Next Is Incredible

Currently located approximately 83 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada sits a place we know more stories about than facts. According to the United States Government Area 51 is a military installation used to test out and design military grade airplanes, jets, and helicopters. The Air Force chose this spot because it was the perfect area to create a natural landing strip. Unfortunately, the Air Force hasn’t been forth coming with many more details. We do know Area 51 is by Lake Groom thanks to Google Map pictures taken in 2007 but not much more information has gone public even after the bases files were declassified. Even the length of the landing strip seems to remain under wraps. Considering how tight lipped the Air Force has been, is there something more ominous and hidden behind their closed doors?

Area 51 is claimed to be a regular schmegular air base but when Robert “Bob” Lazar came out with allegations of Alien activity within the base in 1989, the world stopped; Lazar now had the worlds undivided attention. According to Lazar, the United States military had been experimenting on aliens and using alien technology to reverse engineer new weapons of mass destruction against their enemies in wars. From then on life as we know it, changed forever but Lazar’s claims didn’t stop there.

Lazar detailed accounts of spaceships crashes, alien autopsies, and even genetically engineered test tube baby humanoid aliens. It was Lazar’s accusations that have led me and my team to mission into Area 51 and either corroborate or discredit his claims.

 The 1938 Spaceship Crash It was a clear night. Joshua Markem was in the control tower of the Las Vegas International Airport when a weird signal hit their radar. It would appear and flash a couple times before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. Markem, thinking the equipment was broken, notified his supervisor. As they waited for maintenance to come up a bright blue light began to emanate from the hovering source.

“We couldn’t tell what it was but there was no way we could look away. It’s Las Vegas so we’re always assuming weird crap on our electronics is just the next ploy for people to spend their money, but this was eerie. Within minutes the U.S. government had poured into the tiny control tower. No one knew what was happening.”

There were 15 members of high ranking Officials trying to discern what they were seeing out of the window but no one was sure. It wasn’t until Michem O’Connel made the executive order. “Without even thinking twice, Michem said shoot it out of the sky. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but O’Connel isn’t one to mess with.” Markem reminisced. “Within seconds, the light was falling out of the sky. And just like that, the control tower was empty. It had JUST happened and I was already doubting what I had just witnessed.”

Lazar was one of the medics on the scene after the aircraft had crashed. “I was working as a medic at the time, I wasn’t a day over 17. We got a call about a plane crash in the middle of the desert. It was odd, because considering how far it was from the airport, it’s like they weren’t even trying to make it to the runway. It was odd! We didn’t know what we were getting into when we were dispatched but all I could think of was, this was a silly prank. Why would a plane crash so far from the airport? But the crash was real, that I was sure of. All I kept thinking was there are people that will need my help. I wish I never went to check.” His face is blank and bleak. The pain in his eyes is only erased by him shutting them tightly. When he opens them back up tears are rolling out of his eyes.

“It was a wreck when I got there. Smoke and a smell you can’t forget. It smelt like garbage. Like sweet, hot, garbage. It made my stomach turn. When we got closer, to the pile of rubble we could see limbs hanging out of this oddly shaped cockpit. The cockpit was perfectly circular with two protruding staffs. Bent metal laid around the cockpit.” Lazar took a deep breath. “But that wasn’t even the weirdest part. It was silent. No noise was around the downed craft. No crickets chirping, no gentle wind, nothing. And then I got a better look at the limb hanging out. It was this odd grey color and the fingers were long and boney.

I should have known my fate was sealed when I saw him there. The Air Force showed up shortly after and before I knew it, I was helping rescue this alien being thing. I wish we had checked if there was another one in the craft.” After the declassification in 1992 to ease the public, the United States Government admitted to shooting something out of the sky but have yet to identify what it was.

After the crash, the emergency response team, Lazar included, tried to revive the being but were unable. They decided they needed to do an autopsy to find out where this being came from. The next 3 days they spent slicing, and putting different pieces of tissue under microscopes. Only three samples could be preserved for future testing. We’re trying to see if we can find out what these samples match and if it’s in that facility.

Mysterious Deaths From the time the first spaceship went down in 1938 until the declassification in 2002, 17 whistleblowers have come forward including Lazar. But like Lazar, most of them have also succumbed to an untimely death. In 2000, Lazar passed away from Cartonium poisoning–a chemical exclusively found on the planet of Cardon in the Rupiter Galaxy approximately 15 light years away. But he isn’t the only one.

Ashley Wells of Tucson, Arizona began working at Area 51 in late 1998. We got a chance to speak with her in 2015. She was told she’d be working in a factory setting working with hazardous materials so she’d need to sign a health waiver and a confidentiality waiver prior to even receiving a offer letter for employment. “At first, there was nothing out of the ordinary,” she started. Her left eye had suffered permanent damage and was swollen three times its normal size. “March 25 was when I noticed something wasn’t right. I always put my stuff in my locker before I go out onto the floor, but this time the air in the locker room felt thicker. I can’t really explain it. Then a rattling came from a locker down the row from mine. I don’t know why my first reaction was to ask hello. I think deep down, I wanted it to be a coworker playing a joke on me or something.” She paused and her facial expression went from smiling to a stern serious face. “Sometimes you’re just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“So that’s when it happened?” I asked. She nodded with a soft cry. “Can you walk me through it?” “All of our lockers are normally locked. We’re all given padlocks on our first day of work. I’ve never seen anyone steal but management constantly says that’s why… to deter theft. So anyway, I hear this rattling so I approach where I think it’s coming from. I don’t know why I tried to open it. I should have guessed it’d be locked–All of the lockers are always locked–but I approached it and tried to open it and it popped open. Before I could even open the locker, a bold coldness took over my body. My joints locked up. That’s when I saw him. My eyes were fixated on it.”

“It was a tiny green human-ish looking thing but not really human. It was stuffed inside a jar with liquid around it. Somehow this creature was shaking the jar with little fast movements causing it to rattle. As I stood motionless staring with baited breath it stopped and opened its eyes, looking dead at me.

 Before I had a chance to do anything, the jar came sliding out with such force it knocked me backwards over the bench and on to the floor. The doctor at the facility said the ooze from it infected the tissue around my eye causing it to expand and now I have a forever swollen eye.” “What did you do after this happened?” “I was knocked out. I woke up in sic bay.” Wells died 72 hours later due to cartonium poisoning. The government denies these allegations.

The Mission (The crew, the night before, the mission) After these two accounts at Area 51, my editor was convinced and my crew was assembled. We were going to go into Area 51 and look for any type of remains or proof of alien life and expose the lies and deceit by the United States Government. We were ready. I had worked with our technician and cameraman during our Gaza Coverage and the riots in Venezuela; but nothing had inspired fear in our hearts like Area 51.

 Our tech, Mira, was fearless and our cameraman, Neem, made you feel fearless. I was confident if anyone could get this story it was us. We were also blessed with James, who did Special Operations and was our military trained guide to make sure we got out alive. But then our Editor threw us a curve ball. We had to take Lauren Phillips and Louisa Santo with us; two up and coming IG Personalities. Lauren was an upper echelon hairstylist and Louisa, a make-up Guru. In return, they funded our trip and tactical gear; $250,000 was definitely needed and they made it happen.

The night before the excursion my heart was in my throat. The air was thin and panic attacks waited on the surface. I knew if I wasn’t ready, the rest of the team felt the same way. We had been to the Gaza Strip with missiles exploding on each side of our Humvee; but with these weird encounters and strange deaths, I couldn’t begin to think what to expect. And what we did expect was scary enough. The Air Force already issued a statement saying they were prepared to use lethal force on anyone that breached their perimeter. But we needed answers.

The Air Force pretended that declassifying files would pacify the public; but nothing new was learned from them. We don’t know why it’s called Area 51; why the enormously long landing strip; what did they shoot out of the sky; and even, was there ever an autopsy done on aliens in this facility; to name a few. The public was tired of waiting. We had a job to do.

We had been waiting for the opportune moment to raid Area 51. We had planned for weeks and took into account every possible outcome–but no one expected it to turn out like this. By now the camera crews were lining up on the nearest road making sure not to cross the perimeter as gunfire crackled in the distance. We knew there would be causalities but only daylight could tell us how many. How could this have happened?

We had gathered around 10 but weren’t planning on sneaking in until 11. There were eight of us and everyone was wearing black as per James request. James brought us tactical gear too with a veiled promise. He told us, in a low voice in the pitch black of night about 15 miles from the base, “should anything happen run like hell. The bullet proof vests will help against guns but not alien tech so…” his voice trailed off. The chirping of crickets filled in the silence. He cleared his throat, “everyone ready to go LIVE?” he asked tapping on the streaming feature on IG. Everything would have gone according to plan if we hadn’t seen the beams of light coming from the west side of the base.

“What’s that?” Mira asked. We all stared in wide-eyed amazement.

 ”That’s our cue,” said James leading the way. The night was quiet and still. James’ cousin was a Sergeant or Lieutenant in the Air Force and had monitored some service done in the sector we were in; he told us he’d help us get in. He led us down a short hill and into the storm drain he’d left open. The rocks underneath our shoes made us slide on the dirt and make noise as we positioned on the ladder.

As we climbed down, we could feel a rumble in the ground. I made eye contact with Mira as my heart began to thump in my chest. Once we all got down we headed further toward the base. The drain smelt like rot and honey. I wanted to throw up with every step forward I took. I began to gag after we had walked a mile. “We’re almost there,” Lauren said brushing past me. I could taste the sweetness behind death in my throat. But even the smell and taste, couldn’t prepare me for what I saw.

As we turned the corner, three sets of eyes looked up from a glowing feast that laid in a heaping mess on the floor. The animals were so dark I couldn’t make out their shape but their eyes though–their eyes were glowing and piercing all at once. As the beasts took heaving breaths, one stepped over the glowing green pile, one hairy paw at a time. As I gasped and tried to slowly move backwards, two people in our group bumped into me. I fell forward. We made eye contact. My lungs were paralyzed by fear.

Suddenly, James pulled me back from my collar. As I gained my footing, I was able to push off the floor and propel myself forward away from the ugly salivating beast. As my shoes smacked the floor, my heart raced and thumped, drowning out the screams of people behind me.

“This way!” James said pulling me around the corner. He swung me wide and I almost smacked into the wall in the hallway. As we practically skated around the corner with an unbeatable fearless speed, I could see our group of 8 had turned into 12. As we ran down the sewer we found two ladders side by side we could climb up. About 4 of us got up while the others kept on running through the sewers. At the top of the ladders, two small double doors sat closed. We were up within seconds hitting the doors before they swung open. The smell dissipated as we fell through the doors and into a bright white sterile room… completely surrounded. There were six hazmat suits around the four of us who laid in a pile.

“Get up.” One of the deep voices in the tallest hazmat suit said. Without protest we got up. We walked down a sterile hallway with florescent lights lining the ceiling. The tile floor was squeaking from our muddy sewage shoes. We went through a set of double doors which led to a cramped and narrow hallway. We had to walk in a single file line to fit through it. As we descended down the hallway it progressively got more and more narrow until you had to squeeze yourself through the door at the other end. When we opened the door, we couldn’t believe our eyes!

The room had to have been the size of a warehouse with music reverberating all the way up to the rafters. Strobe lights flashed and a pool was illuminated. I couldn’t even see the other end of it from where we stood. There were no overhead lights but different kinds of light beams filled the room. The light beams were all neon including a white light that bounced around from no apparent source. We entered the warehouse from a grated metal balcony and began to walk down the stairs behind the leader in the tallest white hazmat suit. As we got closer to the first level smoke began to rise as we slowly became submerged. Within seconds I was eye to eye with…

…my first alien. It was about 5’3, scrawny, thin, and glowing blue. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do or even say. It took my hand and led me to a bar. I was glad to get a drink though after all of that cardio and fear. As I sat and drank my drink, I tried to survey the area a bit more. As my eyes adjusted I began to feel sick. There were hundreds of beings that didn’t adhere to human anatomy. Even the humanoid figures made my stomach turn. Some had long fishy tentacles that felt scaley to the touch while others had slimey appendages–perfect for probing I’m sure. As I stood against the bar looking for a familiar face, I spotted Mira.

She was laying on a table getting some sort of celestial exam. I didn’t want to ask because she seemed to be enjoying herself. While I began to blush I turned back around toward the bar. The blue being was still next to me. I stared at it as it peered back at me. I didn’t know what to do with the silence between us so I asked it a question. “Can you understand me?” I asked. I could feel a yes on my skin back from it. “Has this always been here?” “Of course. This is the biggest space port on your planet,” it told me telepathically. I was shocked. The biggest known secret is an Alien Tourist Attraction. I guess we all like a little bit of Las Vegas. 
– Written by Anon Amos


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