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The Awesome Technology Inside Bill Gates’ Home

Bill Gates was once quoted to say that he personally checked every line of code that Microsoft released during its early days. He’s a tech genius who’s no stranger to hard work. In fact, some may say his attitude towards work is obsessive. 

So it’s no surprise that if he was going to build a house, he’d bring the same intense attitude to create a home that far exceeds any other…

Bill Gates’ home is fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system. Within each of his 37 rooms, are speakers built into the walls behind the wallpaper.

Even his 60ft swimming pool has an underwater sound system that connects to the rest of his house. But that’s nothing compared to this next feature. 

Art is all over the walls of Bill Gates mansion. In every room and corridor, there are a number of beautiful paintings that bring the room together. 

But if you feel like another piece of art would work better, you can just touch a button and change it. Paintings are displayed on screens worth $150,000, allowing you to display your favorite paintings or photographs. 

If you ever become a visitor to Bill Gates home, you’ll be provided with a pin that interacts with a sensor system that is installed everywhere throughout the house. 

Guests are told to enter their temperature and lighting preferences so that the house adjusts the settings as they move around the house. Music will also follow them from room to room as they move. 

Bill Gates spends a lot of his time coming up without solutions to the environmental problems that plague today’s world. So, it’s no surprise that while building his mansion, he considered ways to make it eco-friendly. 

He uses the mansion’s natural surroundings to reduce heat loss, meaning that it’s “earth-sheltered” and built into its surroundings, covered in green pastures. 

Bill Gates’ banquet hall accommodates 200 people. As well as the sound, and lighting systems that it shares with the rest of the house, this hall also features an incredible 6-foot wide limestone fireplace on one end and a 22-foot widescreen on the other. 

It’s perfectly decked out for entertainment, but what about food in the Gates household? 

Gates has six separate kitchens throughout his mansion. We’re sure this is for entertaining dinner parties and events when they’re held at his home. Otherwise, it seems a bit excessive. 

His kitchens are equipped with smart devices that enable chefs to order fresh produce at the click of a button and send a notification of produce that runs low. 

In the backyard of his mansion is an artificial stream and wetland estuary but it isn’t just for show! It was created to avoid any problems with rainwater runoff that may arise due to the property’s large walls. 

It’s kept stocked with salmon and trout that enjoy the water all year round. 

But not only is his stream and fish well looked after, but Bill Gates also has a favorite tree that he makes sure gets exactly what it needs.

It’s a 40-year-old maple tree that is monitored 24/7. It grew close to the driveway and is set up to a system where if at any point it gets a little too dry, water is automatically pumped into it. 

This room was rumored to be a myth until Bill Gates confirmed it himself in an interview. This room is kitted out with trampolines beneath a 20-foot ceiling. 

It’s part of his exercise facility building that’s 2,500 square feet and also includes a sauna, steam room, and both men’s and women’s locker rooms. 

Another room that raises an eyebrow is Bill Gates’ two-story library. Not online is it enormous but it also hides two secret bookshelf entrances to hidden rooms including a secret bar.

It has a dome roof and is home to the $30.8 million Leonardo da Vinci manuscript which Gates bought at an auction. Bet we know what’s hiding behind those hidden doors!

Bill Gates also created his very own private beach at his access point to the lake which his mansion is nestled beside. 

However, this is no easy undertaking. Every year, staff organize the delivery of sand from the Caribbean to his not-so-humble abode by a barge from St.Lucia in the Caribbean Island. 

What mansion is complete without its very own home cinema! You can imagine how high-tech Bill Gates cinema would be. From its lights, popcorn-making machine, and sound system to 3D viewing, it’s nothing but the best for this tech lover.

20 guests can enjoy this room with its Art Deco interior design! But his garage might be more fun… 

Bill Gates’ first splurge after hitting the big time was a Porsche 911. With his love for classic cars, it’s no surprise that he has a collection beyond imagination! 

To fit his cars, he has several different garages scattered around his property. One, in particular, is an underground cave made out of stainless steel and concrete. We can imagine he hides the majority of his collection here. But that’s not all…

Perhaps the most impressive feature for guests is how well-equipped not only the main house is with advanced technology, but how the guest house is equally as ingenious.

The 1,900-square-foot guest house was built as a test of technology that was meant to be used for the main house. Therefore, it boasts the same outstanding technologies as the main house.


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