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Inside The Ultra Exclusive Club 33 At Disneyland

33 Royal Street

33 Royal Street is arguably the most “famous” address among Disney fans. Home to the exclusive and mysterious restaurant, Club 33 it was developed as a place for Walt Disney to take his investors and business associates and named after its park address “33 Royal Street,” the secretive establishment has welcomed the well to do for decades with its tremendously high costs. Access to the Club is by membership (or as the guest of a member) only, which costs a mere $110,00 for initiation plus a yearly membership fee upwards of $20,000. Oh and did we mention there is currently a 14 year waiting list?

Club style

Ride to Club 33 in style. The Lilly Belle car is the last remaining train car from the opening day of Disneyland. Previously the Grand Canyon viewing car, the Lilly Belle was converted when the Disneyland Transportation Superintendent decided that Disneyland needed a special VIP car. Lilian Disney was influential in designing the car, adding family photos and early memorabilia. Because of her involvement, the car was named the ‘Lilly Belle’. This is exclusive to Club 33 members and their guests.

The green doors

The pale green doors are located smack dab in the middle of bustling New Orleans Square. There are fewer than 500 members so it is nearly impossible to get past the doors that grant access to some of the most prized possessions of Walt Disney himself such as original photographs, vintage Mickey and Minnie and original items from the sets including a table from the 1964 movie Mary Poppins.

How hard is it to become one the privileged?

Behind the reception desk is a huge picture of Walt Disney who died five months before the club opened. How hard is it to become one the privileged? Prospects must be recommended by a current member to even get on the wait list. The rules are strict, even detailing where photographs can be taken. Photos inside the bathrooms are off limits.

The reception

While you are waiting to be seated, check out original movie props from Disney films. The reception area between Le Grand Salon and Le Salon Nouveau. Club 33 requires that guests wear smart casual attire to eat lunch and buttoned dress shirts for men blouses for women for dinner. Shorts are not permitted. Celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Alec Baldwin, Christina Aguilera and Tom Hanks are rumored to be members.

An exclusive dining soiree

For new members, an orientation is conducted with management in the Dream Suite, a two bedroom apartment that was once only reserved for a Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour before the opening of Royal 21, an exclusive dining soiree that cost $15,000. Here is a picture hanging in Club 1901 where only the top tier of Club 33 members are allowed. It shows the production staff of Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony cartoons extending their congratulations to Walt Disney.

Hidden treasures

There are hidden treasures throughout Club 33. One of my favorites is a secret wall in the club that flashes 2 different silhouettes of Walt Disney. Depending on membership, guests are given 6 to 24 fast passes per day to skip the lines of rides and attractions. They are even allowed access to the parks even after they close to the general public.

Club 33 memorabilia

Members and their guests can purchase special Club 33 memorabilia including pens, pins, character figurines and high end bags. These items range in price from $20 to $5000.

Le Salon Nouveau

Le Salon Nouveau has a few changing pictures. The most interesting one is the one of the four musicians. They disappear from the picture when their instruments are played in a song.
The trumpet and clarinets players will appear in their respective positions behind the bar and appear to play instruments. When they are done, they return to the picture.


Reservations are required if dining, needing to be done 60 days in advance for members. For guests, they take bookings 30 days in advance on non-weekend days and 14 days in advance for weekends. A valid park admission is required on the day of your dining.


Believe it or not, appetizers are all you can eat and feature a variety of specials. The selections are constantly changing and work to incorporate famous Disney references.

Le Salon Nouveau bar and lounge

The hand crafted Le Salon Nouveau bar and lounge is just one of two main compartments of Club 33 at Disneyland in California. It is the only place you can purchase liquor in the park. Drinks range in price from $20-$2,500.

The tiled Club 33 insignia

At the top of the staircase, visitors must walk through this door to get to Le Grand Salon and Le Salon Nouveau. A tiled Club 33 insignia can be seen on the floor.

Look at this statue

This statue can be found in the Court of Angels and greets guests and members. From here guests head up the staircase and into the reception area where they are often served hot chocolate.

The menu

As of recently the menu has changed to reflect a more eclectic taste. In the past it consisted of county club favorites.

The Club 33 brand

From the dinner ware, to the napkins in the bathrooms. The Club 33 brand is obvious.

That’s so sweet

Members can often be seen dining el fresco while watching the hustle and bustle of the crowds in New Orleans Square.

A spectacular sight

A short walk down the main hallway to the dining room is a spectacular sight. The entire room has the Disney touch.

The Disney touch

Around every corner you can get a glimpse of original Disney pieces that belonged to Walt Disney.

The main dining room

The main dining room is bright and welcoming. Disney characters make an appearance at every seating and provide excellent photo opportunities.

The custom chandelier


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