Khlo Fans Witness Exactly How Tristans Baby Drama Unfolded

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have been the first family of hollywood for a long time now. With legions of fans around the world hooked on their every move, drama is never far away.

When the ninth season of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” aired, one of the latest episodes featured a shocking revelation. When the camera crew were seen rushing to Kim Kardashian’s room early one morning, it was clear that something wasn’t right.

The family, and Kim Kardashian in particular, rocketed to fame after Kim’s infamous video was leaked. What followed was a media sensation that has since made all members of the family household names.

With so much intrigue surrounding the family at any given time, they have never disappointed when it came to delivering the kind of drama we’ve come to expect. However, fame isn’t always a good thing when you’re going through personal issues.

The family often face harsh criticism and negative press. While the sisters initially came across as ditzy and spoiled, they have since proven far more business savvy than people give them credit for.

With multiple spin off shows, business deals, and endorsements, the Kardashians have found a myriad ways to turn their images into profits. In the process, they’ve created a mulit-billion dollar business empire around themselves.

Before the younger pair of Kylie and Kendall Jenner began rising to stardom in their own rights, the original protagonists were Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé Kardhashian.

Each of this trio have a veritable army of fans and admirers that experience every high and low with them. In particular, the famous sisters’ love lives have always been a great source of intrigue for their millions of followers.

Each Kardashian has had their fair share of joy, drama, and heartache in the relationship department. When the recent episode of “The Kardashians” aired, it was Khloé, whose love life was once again thrust into the spotlight.

Khloé, as many fans will remember, is no stranger to this. Her dating history has suffered many cruel setbacks and, in some ways, she has been the most unfortunate of the sisters in that sense.

Khloé Kardashian has always had an affinity for pro athletes. Back in 2008, she apparently dated NBA player Rashad McCants. McCants later alleged that she made up the relationship to create drama for the show.

By 2009, Khloé was briefly involved with NFL player Derrick Ward. That relationship never lasted long and by late 2009, Khloéhad already moved on to one of her most famous relationships.

By the end of 2009, Khloé infamously married another NBA player, Lamar Odom, after the pair had only been dating for a month. Their whirlwind marriage even inspired a spin off reality show and was the subject of almost daily bouts of drama.

What followed were years of tragedy and toxicity as Lamar publicly struggled to cope with substance abuse and instances of infidelity. Their fallout and eventual divorce was heartbreaking but Khloé’s relationship woes were far from over.

After Khloé and Lamar did eventually divorce she was later linked to other men, such as rappers French Montanna, The Game, and Trey Songs.

By 2016, Khloé was set up on a blind date with yet another NBA player. This time it was Chicago Bulls player, Tristan Thompson. Khloé seemed to have settled down again and appeared to be happy—or so she thought.

Khloéand Tristan began dating in 2016, and by 2017, fans were delighted when it was announced that the couple was expecting their first child together.

Unfortunately, by 2018, Chloe was once again the victim of a very public and messy betrayal. Shockingly, it was revealed that Tristan had the spent the night with model Lani Blair while Khloé was waiting to give birth that same day. The drama was still far from over.

What resulted was an on-again, off-again frenzy between the couple. From 2018 to 2020, Khloé was reported to have given Tristan multiple chances to try again in light of them sharing a child together.

Instead, Tristan’s disloyal antics continued. Some of the highlights during this period were the fact that he supposedly hooked up with a friend of Khloe’s younger step sister, Kylie Jenner. More hook ups with models and betrayals followed, and by 2021, the scene was set for the worst one yet.

The news broke a while back. However, on a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians”, the moment that Khloé found about Tristan’s largest deceit gave fans a front row seat to the actual way it all played out.

It began on an early morning. When cameramen for the show were seen rushing off to Kim’s room, it was clear that something serious had just occurred. The truth made for the kind of epic reality TV drama that the Kardashian’s were best known for. 

By the time the show aired, news had already broken that Khloé and Tristan seem to have caled it quits for good due to his latest and biggest betrayal yet.

In the episode, we see that Kim was the first to discover, through court records, that Tristan was the subject of a paternity suit and was proven to be the father of another child.

All has since been confirmed and it is now known that Tristan Thompson was sued by Maralee Nichols over a paternity claim. Records revealed that Tristan and Maralee indeed spent a night together in March 2021 while he and Khloé were in an “on-again” phase.

Thompson subsequently admitted the entire incident and confirmed that he was the father of Nichol’s son, Theo. While this was all old news when the show aired, fans could not get enough of seeing how it all played out on the day.

Kim Kardhasian has famously expressed plans to practice law and use the profession and her celebrity to help others by fighting for prison reforms. Kim has reportedly already passed her “baby bar” exams. The three older Kardashian sisters are of course the daughter of Robert Kardashian.

A lawyer himself, Robert was famously O.J Simpson’s friend and defense attorney before he passed away in 2003. Now Kim Kardashian was showing that she was indeed a chip of the old block.

In the now famous scene, Kim was rightly furious and devastated for her sister. Fans also pointed out that she seems to already be showing signs of her legal career by emphasizing legal terms like “declaration”.

Watching the moment play out gave fans unadulterated access to the infamous moment. As per usual, no one get enough of the drama that “the Kardashians” never fail to muster week after week. Only time will tell what this famous family has in store for us next.


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