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Kid Was Found Under Sand By Another Child, Mom Had Forgotten Him

One day, five-year-old Tommy Charles went to the beach with his mother and her new boyfriend. When his mom was in a new relationship, she would be obsessed with her new boyfriend for a while, and Tommy would be ignored.

Tommy often felt neglected by his mother. She acted like he didn’t exist when her boyfriend was around. This day at the beach would be proof that she wasn’t a good mother to him. 

Tommy’s mom Tara was making out with her new boyfriend Carl the entire time they were at the beach, which made Tommy and the other people around very uncomfortable. 

Tommy tried to get his mother’s attention and asked her to play with him. But she would always say something like, “Not now, Tommy!”

 “Mommy is busy. Go play by the rockpools and put some sunscreen on yourself!” Carl told Tommy as he kissed his mother on the lips.

“Fine,” Tommy said, walking away. Soon, Tara would regret putting her boyfriend before her child. 

Tommy decided to dig a huge hole in the sand to hide in to get his mother’s attention. He wondered if she would start looking for him. 

Tommy spent hours digging the hole, and his mother hadn’t even checked on him once. 

After about an hour, he decided to climb into his big hole to take a rest. As he sat in his sand hole staring at the bright blue sky, he wondered if his mom would notice he was gone.

Then, suddenly, the tide rushed in and caused the sand next to his hole to collapse on top of him. 

Fortunately for Tommy, Conor Fitzgerald, who was playing nearby, heard the strange noise coming from the hole and went to check it out. 

For a brief second, he saw Tommy’s head sticking out of the hole, but now he was gone. 

Conor knew what he had to do next. He started digging with his hands, but the hole was deeper than he thought. So, he grabbed his spade and began to unearth the sand above Tommy’s head. 

After five minutes of digging, Connor’s spade hit something hard. 

He saw a small hand poking out of the sand, and at that point, Conor knew he didn’t have much time left. 

He told his siblings to call for help and began digging as fast as he could. But would Tommy be okay?

Conor managed to dig Tommy out and did CPR on him. He had done a first aid course in school and still remembered practicing on a dummy. 

Fortunately, Tommy was totally fine! As soon as he opened his eyes, he called for his mother. 

“Mommy?” Tommy asked. 

“I’m not your mom, I’m Conor, but I’m going to look after you and make sure you’re all right, just hang in there, buddy!”Conor responded. But what about Tommy’s mother?

Conor’s siblings told their parents about Tommy, and they called 911. The paramedics decided to take Tommy to the hospital to make sure everything was ok. 

As the paramedics lifted the five-year-old on the stretcher, they asked Tommy where his parents were. 

“Mom’s over there,” Tommy said, pointing at the kissing couple sitting by the water. 

Tara was so focused on her boyfriend that she hadn’t even noticed the ambulance driving down the beach!

Tara and Carl kept making out until the ambulance had driven right up to them. Tara gave the driver a dirty look. “What do you want?” she asked, rolling her eyes. 

But she was about to get what was coming to her. 

“Madam, you’ll need to pay more attention to your child. He’s in the ambulance, and he’s lucky to be alive,” the paramedic said.  

Tara stood up immediately and began screaming at her boyfriend. 

“This is your fault, loser, you distracted me from being a mom! Oh my God, I’m a terrible mom!” she screamed. 

“Tommy, mommy’s coming, I’m so sorry!” Tara cried as she hugged her son. She surely learned her lesson that day.  


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