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This Kid’s Test Answer Was So Wrong But Also Brilliant

These funny kids have wisdom beyond their years… or they are just a little too silly for their own good! Kids truly do and say the darnedest things, don’t they? Sometimes they’ll make your jaw drop and sometimes they’ll have moments of brilliance. On the other hand, you’ll scratch your head and think – what on earth is going on in that tiny little brain of theirs?

These funny kids have a keen understanding of how to make their teachers heads spin. Of course, what else is going to brighten up a teacher’s day by giving them a giggle while marking endless tests? These funny kids might not be getting straight A’s but they’re on track to being a show-stopping comedian. Take a look at our top responses from students who drove their teachers crazy.

Kids nowadays are clever.

Especially when they know celebrities.

This kid is quick to pick up on different social cues.

It’s okay not to be “good.”

Did they watch Indiana Jones?

Brains aren’t tasty.

They aren’t wrong.

The teacher should have given them half points!

“This is me.”

“I am buff.”

Bear, why would you be in the way?

Get out of here.

Plants being in a cell is sad.

10/10 deserves all points.

Who taught the kid this?

This is just wrong.

Every mom wants wine for Christmas.

Can you imagine having kids?

Ice is what you put in your drink to cool it down.

Sometimes you eat it.

Now put your hands up!

Saturn deserves ALL the rings.

Let’s run away!


Only nerds are talented.

Am I right?

You are smart, kid!

We are so proud.

Frankie, have your parents called you this before?

Poor little guy.

This is a math class.

But the answer is for English and you would have gotten an A!

Hey, don’t be mean to the picture!

He isn’t chubby.

Ghosts are real.

They are on the paper!

The song is stuck in your head now.

You’re welcome.

That’s a lot of girlfriends.

Matthew needs to learn respect and values.

Are they her friends?

It’s okay, those are the cool kids.

Yeah, you thought wrong.

We did too.

Liam, you might live past 100!

You never know.

The teacher needs to lighten up!

Love is the strongest emotion on earth.

Why is there yellow coming out from the butt?

So many questions that we are scared to get the answer to.

They tried.

That’s all that matters.

Romance is on this kid’s mind.

It’s sweet but kinda weird.

Please teach this kid how to spell horses.

It’s an important detail.

I don’t think your mom will be happy reading about this.

Please keep your mouth shut.

Some children get to the point where they don’t care.

This student is learning young.

No, you are not.

Morgan Freeman is God.


Tables don’t have feelings, but it’s okay!

You are right, Lola, hot dogs are gross.

Pizza is the way to go!

Shopaholic at an early age.

Wait until they find online shopping.

Do what makes you feel smart, kid.

No shame in that!

Yes, you are right.

You did use math.

What kind of question is that?

Of course, a student will give you that answer.

Teachers need to be more specific in their directions

Mistakes like these happen!

Some children hate drawing.

Don’t force them to draw if they don’t want to.

Uh, someone call the English teacher!

I think they mean “math.”

All the points go to……


That is the right answer.

The logic does not make sense though.

See you later!


The bus ride is where you can hang with friends!

The show DID probably get boring.

Mrs. Smith, no need to explain.

Your kid needs to draw better!


Mom, do you have a problem?

Butt is a bad word?

When did that happen?

He did what you told him to do!

Don’t punish him.

Hmm, Mrs. Power looks like she is having a rough day.

That doesn’t look like her handwriting.

Wait, is he a beaver?

That would explain a lot.

Hey, we’ve got some bad news for ya.

School gets worse.

Teachers need to ask better questions.

The student is OBVIOUSLY correct.




Good job.

Why are we asking children this?

That’s not right.

I am lonely.

Oh so lonely.

That’s a simple answer!

Great job!

Scratch your head.

It looks like he was thinking hard on this.


The queen doesn’t have to do anything else!

The student is creative.

We love it.

Uh, sweetie.

Don’t you mean math?

Is that a pony?

It looks more like a potato.

Why does Bob have so many candy bars?


“Never go to the play, Lincoln.”

“You will regret it.”

They put more effort into a drawing then the problem.

What a win!

How does that make you feel?

We hope that every kid got it right.

The questions seem to be all over the place.

What is this class?

Did your DS survive?

That seems traumatic.

Candy is delicious.

Toys are fun.

Are they talking about the dad or the kid?

The world may never know.

A rocket ship!

Be creative.

The game is fun.


“Bank” is the right answer.

Good job!

We all do, kid.

We all do.

More points for the giraffe, please!

A+ for you!

Seahorses are better.

Enough of your barnacles!


Money for everyone!

Why are you making your mama jokes?

That’s not nice.

People are terrible throughout the world.

Don’t worry.

Yeah, Steve.

Stop being lazy.

Don’t teach violence!

Dogs are amazing creatures.

What a smarty pants.

They deserve an award.


Now you can’t be wrong.

What a tough guy/girl!

We love it.

Survival mode will always kick in.

This kid knows what’s up.

Yay, you are right!

Good job.

That’s a great picture.


The magical penguin let you down.

You will not pass the class now.

The Big Bang Theory is a great show.

This student obviously watches it.

Marcus is a liar and should not compete.


Yeah, clean up after yourself ya gross kid! Stop being lazy.

Are you laughing yet? We hope so! Which one was your favorite? Are you the parent or teacher of some funny kids? We’d love to see more if you have some snaps from genius kids giving all the “right” answers on your tests. We hoped you liked this article. Most photos were found on College Humor and we just couldn’t resist sharing.


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