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20 Life Hacks To Swear By That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

  These at home Life Hacks will make your life easier so much easier and best of all, you’ll probably actually use a few!

Watch Every Disney Movie for FREE

Just go to cornel1801.com/disney/movies.html
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Make Running More Comfortable for Your Feet

These lace-up techniques are for all shapes and sizes of feet!

“Buy” Music for Cheap

Use Visa Gift Cards with less than $2 balance to buy music on iTunes. You can shop till you drop for about 30 minutes.

Unethical… but so is paying $1.29 per song.

Out of Weed Wacker Line?

Some zip ties ought to do the trick!

Cool Your Beer Faster

Wet a paper towel around your beer and place in the refrigerator. It should be cooled in just 2 minutes!

Close an Unsealable Bag

Keep your food fresh for longer with this simple trick!

Unclog a Drain with Ease

A cup of baking soda and vinegar flushed down with some hot water should do the trick on even the most stubborn of clogs!

Drink Enough Water Everyday

This water bottle makes it easy!

Almost Out of Nutella?

Scoop up some vanilla ice cream, throw it in the jar and enjoy!

Fold a Shirt Perfectly Everytime

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Delete Tourists Out of Travel Photos

Super helpful if you plan on taking pictures at tourist heavy destinations.

Mass Unsubscribe from Annoying Marketing Emails

Simple yet effective!

Never Lose Your Remote Again

Velcro could have a million life hacks of it’s own!

Going On a Camping Trip?

Pack multiple changes of clothes and save space with this easy life hack!

Easily Remove Yolk from Egg

Just get a used water bottle, squeeze above the yolk, release and presto!

Get Free Drinks Anywhere

Tell your lady friend, girlfriend, or wife to go over to a group of guys sitting at a bar. She flirts with them and convinces them to buy her two drinks. She brings the extra drink to you and all you have to do is smile and wink.

FYI, this may work but it might not go over too well with the guy you swindled for drinks… You’ve been warned.

Cook Corn Quick & Easy

Still tastes just as good!


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