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Strange Little Kitten Grows Into Exotic Animal

As a landlord, you need to set strict rules when it comes to pets. You can’t have cats and dogs chewing up all the furniture and this is why a landlady from Germany decided to call the animal police when one of her tenants brought home an unusual kitten from a foreign country. This wasn’t an ordinary kitten and the woman ended up saving the man’s life by calling the animal police to check out what’s going on.

What is the one thing that everyone does when they come back after visiting a foreign country? They bring souvenirs! Well, this is exactly what a man from Germany did when he came back from the Czech Republic. However, his souvenir was like no other.

Instead of going to the souvenir shop as every normal person does, the German man decided to adopt a kitten. However, this is not a normal kitten and his landlady quickly picked up on this when she noticed how fast the kitten was growing.

This little fella is name Tikam. He is the “kitten” that the German man adopted from the Czech Republic and brought over to Germany. As we can clearly see, Tikam doesn’t look like a normal kitten does.

Even though the German man promised the landlady that Tikam is just a little kitten, the woman could clearly see that this wasn’t true. Tikam was just too big and too strong for him to be a normal kitten. There was something special about Tikam and she could feel it.

The landlady saw Tikam for a couple of times and it was clear to her, Tikam is an exotic animal. The thing that made this clear to her is the fact that Tikam had sharp claws and his teeth were already way too big for a little kitten.

It’s been only a few weeks since Tikam arrived in Germany and he was already bigger than a normal cat. Either the owner has been feeding Tikam super food or he is an exotic animal.

Another hint that led the landlady to believe that Tikam is not a regular cat is the fact that he clawed all the furniture in the apartment. We are not talking about small scratches, Tikam destroyed all couches and beds that stood in his way.

The landlady was scared to see how aggressive Tikam is and she knew that she had to do something about it. She couldn’t simply let her tenant keep Tikam around, especially since she didn’t know how big Tikam was going to grow.

The landlady did the only thing she thought was right, she called the animal police. The law enforcers couldn’t believe what they were hearing and they sent a unit straight at the man’s house. They needed to see Tikam for themselves.

Without giving it any second thought, the animal rescuers decided to take Tikam. They wanted to give him a proper visit to the vet and see what kind of feline Tikam really is. His owner couldn’t do anything about it since keeping exotic animals is against the law in Germany.

Obviously, the first thing that the vet told to the animal rescuers is that Tikam is not a kitten. He is something way different, something more deadly than a simple cat.

To everyone’s surprise, little Tikam was in fact a puma. Yes, you read that right. A wild puma who is known for being ferocious and for biting everything and everyone who gets in her way.

The landlady might not realize this but she saved both Tikam and his owner. Tikam would’ve lived an unhealthy life in a normal apartment and the owner risked getting hurt by the puma once Tikam grew bigger and stronger.

Luckily for Tikam, the folks who work at the Four Paws organization heard about his story and they wanted to do right by him. They knew that Tikam was never going to find a home in the woods of Germany and they started looking for a special place.

The reason why the German man was able to buy an exotic animal such as Tikam is because the laws against exotic animal trading are loose in the Czech Republic. Let’s hope he learned his lesson and he doesn’t try again.

The animal rescuers wanted to find a special place for Tikam where he could live a happy and good life and they called Tierart. This is a sanctuary for wild felines such as tigers, lions and obviously, pumas.

The caretakers are Tierart were more than happy to take Tikam in. They liked his playful nature and they wanted to provide him with a place that Tikam could call “home”. Not just that, but Tikam could befriend some of the other pumas who live at the animal sanctuary.

Tikam is now going to live a worry-free life. He isn’t scared of anyone and he has lots of room where he can run, but most importantly, he is being fed healthy food so that he can grow big and strong.

Isn’t it amazing how the one good deed made by the German landlady ended up saving Tikam’s life? The woman noticed something strange about this little “kitten” and she knew exactly what to do.

Let’s hope that the German man who purchased Tikam is now going to adopt a real kitten who is in need of a home instead of buying exotic animals.


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