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23 Looks No Mom Should Wear

How you present yourself to the world can say a lot about you, and avoiding these 23 mom fashion fails is crucial when putting on a good front— for you and your kids.

23. High-Waisted Jeans

Face it, nobody looks hot in high-waisted jeans. Don’t add fuel to the “mom jean” fire by rocking this out-of-date look.

22. Headbands And Other Childish Hair Accessories

Flower headbands are super cute for college-aged women and little girls. You would probably be only mom rocking a daisy headband at the PTA meeting.

21. Sheer Anything

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, sheer tops are not a thing. They aren’t flattering and lack the coverage any self-respecting mom should want when going out in public.

20. Destroyed Denim

Why pay more for destroyed denim just to look like you’re trying to dress like your teenage daughter?

19. Message T-Shirts

Save your “I’m grumpy” message shirts for bedtime. As a mom and mature adult (assuming), message shirts need to be a thing of your past.

18. Mini-Skirts

Not to pick on Britney, but she does prove my point. Mini-skirts, particularly denim ones, need to be a thing of the past. Especially if you’re a mother.

17. Mismatched Socks

Wearing mismatched socks is basically broadcasting to the world that you can’t keep track of your laundry, which is not something a mom wants to be known for.

16. Oversized Handbags

We get it, you have a lot of stuff to carry as a parent. That doesn’t mean you need to carry around a bag that’s as big as you are.

15. Furry Boots

Sure, moms can buy furry boots if they really want to… for their kids. No adult can be taken seriously while wearing these atrocities.

14. Sweats With Writing

Wearing sweatpants with writing across the butt is so high school, and pretty much the equivalent of a tramp stamp.

13. Glitter Makeup

Covering your face is glitter is practically announcing to the world that you never learned how to properly buy— or apply— cosmetics. As a mom, you may want to stay clear of anything your pre-teen daughter also wears, and that includes glitter eyeshadows.

12. Leggings As Pants

It doesn’t matter how great of shape you’re in, nobody should be wearing leggings as pants!

11. Pink Hair

The fact that pink-colored hair is popular among teenagers right now proves that no respectable mother should be rocking the trend.

10. Short Shorts

Walking around with your booty cheeks hanging out isn’t cute at any age, much less when you’re a mother.

9. Short, Skin-Tight Dresses

Even Britney Spears needs to say “no” to mini-dresses, and so should you. Mini-dresses were cute for your 20s, but it’s time to grow up now.

8. Crop Tops

There’s a good reason it’s mainly teens and young adults who flaunt crop tops. Let’s leave the belly-baring shirts to the girls who don’t have kids to embarrass.

7. Tiaras

No grown woman should be acting like a princess, and that includes wearing a tiara. These shiny accessories are cute for your kids, mom, but not you.

6. Overalls

Everything about adult overalls just screams “frumpy!” And no, pairing them with heels doesn’t make it a grown woman outfit.

5. Stripper Heels

There’s never a right time or place for a mother to be seen in stripper heels. Plus, there’s plenty of appropriate options that don’t involved 6-inch plastic heels.

4. Tube Tops

Do yourself a favor and avoid looking like a porn star by staying far away from anything strapless.

3. Fishnet Tops

There’s nothing grown or sexy about fishnet tops. Not even as bathing suit coverups, ladies.

2. Mesh Bra

It’s not attractive when Kim Kardashian does it, and it won’t be attractive for you either.

1. Thong Bikini


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