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“Lucky” Drivers Reveal The Strangest Things That Got Stuck Inside Their Flat Car Tires

Your world would look very different if you did not have a car. While some people do not own a car, we can all agree it’s practical to have one and not rely on cabs, buses or trains. While some drivers are obsessed with their cars, most of them know that taking care of it is a high priority. But what do you do when you get a flat car tire and discover a deer antler inside? We have gathered some hilarious photos and stories of drivers that ended up at the car shop, scratching their heads when they saw strange objects being pulled out of their car tires! Get ready to see some of the strangest objects sticking out of the next flat car tires – you’ll be surprised to see that a simple plastic bottle is the most dangerous of them all.

Well someone looks like they have not used their car for a while! It is great to see you have free honey, but you will need to use the car one day… This driver should look for a professional to avoid getting bee stings. Changing a tire has never been this dangerous!

If you are having a hard time understanding what’s going on here, then you’re not the only one. While it’s obvious this tool used to be pliers, neither the driver nor the mechanic at the car shop were able to find the answer to one question…

How did the handles get stuck in the tire and how much luck does one need to have to come across a tool and have it stuck like that?

Most flat car tires happen after drivers run over nails or screws. However, this lucky man discovered a shark tooth lodged in his car tire. You do realize sharks are not exactly terrestrial creatures!

What are the odds of driving over a shark tooth? We won’t be able to get the answer to this question, so let’s see one more confusing photo.

When there is an impact, tires can form some small air bubbles, but this photo is insane! Those air bubbles should have been small, as they usually happen in a small area of contact.

This tire looks like it is going through a very serious allergic reaction. If that is not something that would shock drivers, then prepare to see nature striking back at this next motorist.

This driver has been careful when passing by areas populated with deer. Still, he had the surprise to pick up a huge deer antler with his car’s tire! The guys at the repair shop were speechless…

Imagine looking at the jar with “things found in flat tires” and see you won the big prize. Unfortunately, that meant replacing the huge tire with a new one. Check out more weird stuff found in tires in the next photos.

We’ve all been through that at one point in our lives. Losing your keys is not an experience we’d like to go through again, and this driver had the bad luck of discovering lost keys!

Imagine the key had to drop in a certain angle and when the car ran over it, the odds of it getting stuck into the tire were pretty slim. Still, it happened! Get ready to check a lot of lodged tools in tires…

If you thought small sharp things cause flat tires, then you are wrong. Even a huge wrench can absolutely go through your entire tire! Just look at this photo…

We can’t explain how it got there, but if you thought this was a strange find, imagine what the next motorist’s reaction was when he found this next tool.

You would think handymen know better and keep their tools in boxes or on workbenches, but it seems many of those tools somehow got discarded on the floor. We are pretty sure this chipping tool belonged to the driver!

If he was not the oblivious repairman, he is surely wondering how and where did he run over such a tool. Let’s see another epic flat tire.

Unless your car is close to a blast, finding a chunk of shrapnel inside your tire shouldn’t be something to worry about. However, it’s a more common find in Europe.

England and France still have some buried bombs that get disarmed and if they’re close to the road, expect to find large pieces of shrapnel. They’ll most likely wreck your tires!

And last but not least, this car tire was not flat, but it was definitely not in perfect condition to be used as a spare tire.

Smugglers used the spare tire to hide smuggled merchandise such as this endangered species of birds. They are quite smart, we have to admit it!

If driving over tools is not hardcore enough, then you should take a look at this random piece of metal with some screws in it. The huge chunk was found stuck into a tire.

The driver had no idea how it got on the road and inside the car tire, but what he knew was he needed to replace it since nothing could be saved anymore.

That driver either has many enemies that wanted to send him a message, or somehow, a knife from the kitchen was discarded on the street.

Come to think about it, the odds of that ever happening are so slim; no wonder everyone was shocked to see the knife sticking out of the tire…

Dogs are as curious as cats, but finding one with its head stuck in the rim is quite an image. Amused, the driver snapped a photo and then helped release the poor dog.

Going to the car and discovering this dog stuck like that must have been so confusing for the car owner!

Who drills on the side of the road or on the street? A driver was probably asking himself this when he discovered that his flat tire was caused by a drill bit.

It’s less probable to find a drill bit on the roadside, so we think maybe it fell from the shelf in this driver’s garage. Meanwhile, another driver discovered a coin that got embedded in the car tire!

Finding a coin is proof of good luck. However, in this driver’s case, the coin was found lodged into the tire. Coins may not be as sharp as razors, but somehow did end up stuck inside the tire…

Imagine the face of the “lucky” motorist when he looked at the tire! However, it doesn’t compare to the shock the next driver had when he saw something strange sticking out from the tire.

Who hasn’t lost pens? We usually forget where we put them, but there was a driver that found one. The odds of finding a pen sticking out of your car tire are very small!

Yet, this driver found someone’s lost pen inside the tire and that metal tip had done a “great job” and deflated the car tire. Talking about disposable items…

We can all agree this is a one of a kind item! We bet nobody else found a freaking razor stuck in their car tire. How was that even possible?

The razor had to be on the street for that to happen and it had to be at a certain angle so that it can be picked up by the car’s wheel. Someone needs a new tire, of that we’re sure.

We’ve seen a shark tooth and a deer antler lodged inside a car tire, but these were not the only freaky things found inside car tires. Yes, those are porcupines…

Many cases of deflated car tires were reported and the cause was nothing else than porcupine quills!

Yes, it sounds and it is ridiculous to stop the car and see your tire got flat because a bike pedal got stuck inside the tire! How was that even possible?

The driver didn’t collide with a cyclist, so the car must have picked a discarded bike pedal on the street. What were the odds of that happening?

Your tires are not safe if you drive your car through California, Texas or Mexico, and that’s because of some trees! We’re talking about mesquite trees.

Their thorns are very sharp and when they fall on the ground, they are likely to cause some problems to drivers that did not know how to spot those trees before adventuring through the sea of thorns!

Many car owners have spent quite some money on car tools, but finding them lodged inside car tires is just sad. You’re using the tools to fix, not destroy your car!

The amateur handymen should pay more attention to their tools and put them in their box, or else tools like this claw hammer wouldn’t end up deflating your tire…

How would the car shop staff react when you drive towards them and drag a coat hanger with you? That must be quite a sight!

A driver discovered a wire coat hanger was stuck with the pointy side in one of the tires. It penetrated the rubber and took no prisoners!

Adding on the list of crazy finds, a needle is definitely something you don’t want to see on the street or in your car’s tires!

If this was a peculiar photo, we’ve got more crazy coming your way. Here are other strange items discovered inside tires…

It’s always best to check out your tires from time to time, especially before you prepare for a long driving session. Well, this driver had quite a scare when he discovered this little mechanic inside the car tire.

Nobody wants a snake inside or under their car and when this little beast slithered out from the tire, we bet the driver said “Nope!” and went back into the house!

Add a ratchet to the missing pliers, chipping tool, hammer and wrench. Isn’t it insane to see so many tools lodged into car tires?

The damage done to the tire is huge and there is no way the tire can be saved… And so is the next car tire!

A car owner discovered a puncture in the car tire, and discovered it was caused by nothing else than a wheel from a baby stroller!

Imagine the look on his face when he saw it. How can something round like a rubber wheel get to embed itself in the tire?

We were not done with missing tools! This time, the second set of pliers has managed to get inside the tire the “right” way.

The sharp end was lodged into the tire and there was no saving to be done… Here is one last tool before we take a look at other crazy car tires…

The last piece from the toolbox is another wrench. Imagine how the driver reacted when he saw what caused his tire to deflate.

We are speechless! We have to stop leaving tools on the ground or else the list will grow bigger!

This image is not about plastic bottles causing a flat car tire, it’s about drivers thinking their tire got flat when in reality, they got tricked. Here is what happened to a driver.

Thieves use the method to steal from drivers. They place a plastic water bottle between the tire and the frame of the car and when the car owner starts driving the car, he has to stop and see what’s with the noise…

Confused, most drivers leave their keys and valuable items in the car, along with the driver’s door open while they go check the noise coming from the passenger side.

That’s when thieves can make their move and steal the valuables close to the driver’s seat or even the entire car! That’s an ingenious trick and we’re glad we could warn you about it. Here are other strange items found inside car tires.

One common item that always causes a flat tire is either a nail or a screw. They easily get inside tires.

Nails and screws are also some of the most discarded items on the side of the road. And if you want to drive the car to the repair shop, here’s what an ingenious driver did to his tire…

If you have some plastic straps, then fixing your car tire should not be so difficult, at least until you get to the repair shop.

However, we cannot say whether this method is safe or not, so it is best to call for help and stay safe.


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