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Man Bought an Old Garage for $107,000… See How It Looks Like Now

Jeremy Buchholz was a photographer based in Paris. One day, he realized that this city was no longer giving him the adventure he longed for. So he packed his bags and went back to his hometown. Although, there’s one slight problem: he had no house to live in…

So he decided to move back to Bordeaux, where he was coming from, and maybe even buy a house. When Jeremy found a place he loved, it was hard to believe someone could live there. A place looked simply disastrous! But he had a plan, and soon he proved to everyone that a terrible old garage could become a real masterpiece!

From the get-go, Jeremy was a man who understood what he wanted in life, and he worked so hard to get it. This was one of his main qualities, and it had always worked in his favor.

He was from Bordeaux, a city in the southwestern part of France. While it was a relatively famous city, it wasn’t capital, and Paris had always been Jeremy’s dream. So when the chance arrived to move to the capital, he took it – but not without his reservations.

To his friends and colleagues, Jeremy was just an ordinary Frenchman. He was an artist who believed in his craft, and he did take great photographs. This was the reason why he moved to Paris in the first place.

Frenchman or not, every artist dreams of living in Paris at least once. So when the opportunity came for Jeremy to move to Paris, he took it. He tried to make it on his own, but were all his sacrifices worth it?

Most people who have moved to a bigger city might encounter the same problems. One of these problems is renting an overly small space for a ridiculous price. Naturally, this was a problem that was faced by Jeremy as soon as he moved to Paris.

For the first few months of living in the city, Jeremy was filled with adventure and longing to see the beautiful streets of Paris. However, money was drying out, and he needed to land a great project, or else he would have to move back to his hometown. He needed a plan – a few months later, the plan finally came to him.

Jeremy was an intelligent man, and when he realized that Paris wasn’t working out in his favor, he had an idea. He came to Paris to follow his dreams, and he tried his best to make it work. “Maybe it’s not working, so I have to try my luck at home in Bordeaux,” he said to one of his friends.

So that was when he came up with the idea to move back to his hometown. He had no idea what would happen, and he knew that people would think he was a failure. Although, none of that mattered because he was certain that his plan would finally work this time.

For Jeremy, moving back to Bordeaux was hard, but it wasn’t impossible. So he did this a few years after trying his luck in Paris. He had no plans on what he was going to do, but he had some ideas that he wanted to try as soon as he landed back in his hometown.

The first thing on Jeremy’s agenda is to create a home for himself. He didn’t want to go back to his parent’s house and be seen as a total failure, so he took it upon himself to buy and build a home with his bare hands. Although, is this possible, and will he succeed?

As a young photographer living in Paris, Jeremy was stoked because this had always been his dream. On a phone call to his mother, he told her, “I’m so glad that I’m here, and it’s so surreal to be surrounded with so much history.” He loved his life in Paris, creating so much beautiful art.

Paris had always been a dream destination for most young artists, and Jeremy lived the dream. Although Paris was an extremely delightful place, there were some cons to living there. This was something that was all too familiar to Jeremy himself.

While living in a big city might seem like a dream, it doesn’t come without restrictions or limits. Jeremy was living the life he had always wanted, but he also needed to survive. Living in Paris as a photographer was great, but he wasn’t earning the money he needed to sustain his Parisienne lifestyle.

To no one’s surprise, Paris is a relatively expensive city. Jeremy was living in a small flat and paying an excessive amount. To put it simply, he was a struggling artist…

Jeremy moved to Paris to follow his dreams of becoming a great and celebrated photographer. Sure, he had met so many creative people while living there, but he wasn’t really earning much money to sustain his lifestyle. He needed a plan if he wanted to stay living there.

During his last few months in Paris, he made himself an ultimatum. He said, “If I don’t earn enough this coming months, I’m moving back to Bordeaux.” He didn’t want to move back to Bordeaux, but he was willing to do so if it meant he could live a better life.

In his last few months in Paris, Jeremy tried all the things he could do to land as many photography projects as possible. He did earn some money, and he landed some pretty impressive projects, but money was always an issue. It seems that he wasn’t making enough.

So after a few months, he stayed true to his words and made his way back to Bordeaux. It was a rough few months for Jeremy, but he was excited to see his family and friends again. However, were these people excited to see Jeremy as well?

After a few years in Paris, Jeremy was finally ready to return home. For him, Bordeaux had always been waiting for his return – finally, the day came. Jeremy left Paris with a grateful heart, and somehow he knew that he would always hold a special spot for this beautiful city.

He slept on the plane ride home and tried his best to find an apartment because he didn’t want to move back to his parent’s home. Upon arriving, he smiled on his face because he knew that there were so many great memories in this city. Although, his smile was met with the judging eyes of his old friends…

During a meet-up with his old friends in Bordeaux, Jeremy was made fun of. “That’s what you get for trying to leave,” one of his friends said. Upon dropping that statement, the rest of his friend group simply made fun of him.

This wasn’t the welcome that Jeremy was expecting, and his friends from home weren’t like his friends from Paris. Everyone thinks of him as a failure there, and he was starting to think that he was one too. Especially after a few months of living in his small apartment.

Jeremy moved back to Bordeaux because he wanted to live in a bigger apartment than what he had in Paris. However, he was shocked to discover that prices were more similar than he thought. He was paying USD 800 for a small flat per month, and he knew that he could do better.

One day, Jeremy was walking in one of the older neighborhoods in Bordeaux, and he stumbled upon a true gem. He wasn’t even sure if the place was for sale, but Jeremy couldn’t stop thinking about it. So he tried to look up who was the owner of that place and how much he could get it for if they were willing to sell it.

What he saw wasn’t even a house, and it wasn’t even a place that most people could see themselves living in. Jeremy was walking in the old neighborhood, and he saw an abandoned garage. Yes, you read that right: a garage.

Jeremy knew that he could make something of this place, knowing his visions and capabilities. So he inquired to the owners and asked what their selling price was. When he received a response, he couldn’t believe his luck…

A few days after trying to get a hold of the garage owner, Jeremy finally had a response. “Are you the man asking for the garage?” That was the question that was bound to change his life forever. “Yes, I am,” he answered.

Apparently, the owner was simply looking to be paid a mere amount of USD 1,700 for that abandoned garage. Jeremy couldn’t believe what he had heard because that was his rent for two months – it was so cheap! So before anybody else could get a hold of this place, he bought it in full.

During one of his first visits to the abandoned garage as its owner, Jeremy couldn’t believe that he had landed the jackpot. Sure, it was a dilapidated garage, but he could see so much potential in building it according to his design. He was delighted, so he told his friends all about it.

He sent out a text to his friends telling them to meet him at his new place. Jeremy was so excited to share his ideas with his friends, and he was so sure that they would love it too. However, his friends’ expectations were a bit too much…

Jeremy stood outside of his new garage, waiting for his friends. Although, his friends were laughing as they came forward to meet Jeremy because they all thought it was just a big joke. “Oh, you really bought this property – we thought you were kidding,” one of his friends said.

Not one of his friends had been supportive of his new real estate investment. After all, it was an abandoned garage, and we might understand his friends’ frustrations. Although, this didn’t stop Jeremy from wanting his visions to come to life.

Upon receiving the keys to his new property, Jeremy knew that this was a worthwhile investment. It didn’t matter whether his friends approved of his ventures or not because he believed in himself. That was all that mattered to Jeremy.

He believed that he could make this thing work, so he started planning. He budgeted his money and started buying the necessary tools. Then, he went to work.

Jeremy started working on his abandoned garage, and he did so without anybody’s help. If his friends wouldn’t help him, it was fine because he could do it himself. He spent day-in and day-out working on his dream home.

In his mind, he knew what he wanted the place to look like. He had the plans and the tools to make it work. It was actual labor of love.

For weeks, Jeremy had worked on his garage, and he tried his best to see results. His friends never saw him anymore because he was a bit preoccupied with making his vision come to life. “You’re wasting your time,” one of his friends said.

Jeremy didn’t listen to his friends – he was happy building his dream home, so he carried on. He had everything he needed, even though his friends didn’t support him at all. Not only that, but his friends made an effort to ensure that Jeremy knew what they were all thinking…

Whenever he saw his friends, they would immediately tell Jeremy to stop with the nonsense he was building. Not only were they not supportive, but they tried their best to stop Jeremy from having his dream home.

At some point, Jeremy stopped taking his friends’ calls, which was good for him. However, things took a turn for the worse…

One day, Jeremy discovered some problems in the home he was trying to build. Then he realized that maybe what his friends were saying had been true all along.

So he stopped working on his home for a few weeks after that breakdown. Although, he met an interesting figure during a photography exhibition in Bordeaux.

While looking at photos during a local photography exhibition in Bordeaux, a man came up to Jeremy. “Hey, I’m Matthew, and I heard about that garage project you’re working on,” said the man. “I love what you’re trying to do, and I hope to see it in person once it’s done,” he added.

This was the extra push that Jeremy needed to keep going. Sure, his friends weren’t interested nor supportive, but there were people out there who wanted to see him win.

When he got home that day, Jeremy thought long and hard about the project he was trying to accomplish. He asked himself, “Why am I even doing this in the first place?”

He wanted a home for himself, and he wanted to prove people wrong. So he kept going, and he tried his best to finish as soon as possible.

Jeremy worked on his project every day, and he didn’t rest until he saw his house taking shape. He was a hard worker, and he kept going.

Nothing his friends said would ever distract Jeremy from achieving his goal. He’s come long enough, and he wanted to finish the project that he started.

For the last few months, Jeremy worked hard to build his dream house. Finally, he could see that his efforts were paying off.

Up to that point, Jeremy still couldn’t believe that he got this garage for only USD 1,700 – it was a total score! He couldn’t believe his luck.

Finally, things were starting to take shape, and Jeremy could now see the efforts of his labor. His house was beginning to become more of a home instead of a garage, which made Jeremy really happy.

Not only does he have a space to call his own, but he even built it with his bare hands. Now that’s something really impressive.

You can even see a beautiful patio that Jeremy built, which made him really happy since it was one of his favorite parts of his home. He couldn’t believe that he had done that, and he was so proud of himself.

His patio was beautiful, spacious, and even had a great lounging area where you could get some fresh air. This was one of his masterpieces.

Then he had a dining room with a fully-functional kitchen that he could use to host his friends. Now, he wasn’t sure whether he wanted his doubtful friends to come to his new home, but somehow, he wanted to show them what they were missing on.

Jeremy’s house was perfect, and he was so glad that he didn’t give up. It was an ideal studio apartment, and nobody could believe it was an old garage!

Upon its completion, Jeremy started taking photos of his new home. It truly came out perfect, and you couldn’t even begin to think that somehow, this beautiful and modern space was once a dilapidated garage.

The house came together so well, and even his friends couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It was the perfect house, and Jeremy deserved it for believing in his vision.

His living space and kitchen worked well together, even though he had very limited space. That was the magic of it all because it looked so spacious and bright even though the space was small.

Jeremy was a photographer, but he jokingly stated that he might consider doing a career change. His house had everything he needed…but where was the bed?

Surprisingly, the bed was on top of a shelf on the second floor. Nobody could think of doing that, but Jeremy did, and it worked so well.

It gave his room the impression that it had a second floor, and it was genius. Now, he had a private room for himself.

Jeremy’s house looked great, and it was deemed a studio apartment fit for a king. This old garage that he bought a few months ago suddenly turned into a beautiful living space, and he couldn’t be prouder.

He couldn’t believe his luck, and now, he couldn’t believe that this was now his home. It shows that working hard and believing in your vision pays off.

Jeremy has gone through some interesting challenges, from being a struggling artist in Paris to owning a beautiful home in Bordeaux. Yet, this didn’t stop him from being the success story that he is now.

His home is now valued at USD 400,000, and it was a big leap from the USD 1,700 that he initially got it for. Now, that’s definitely a significant return on investment.

Jeremy’s story is successful and beautiful in every aspect, and it goes to show that great things happen when you believe in yourself. Even though his friends doubted his plans, he didn’t give up, and he continued to pursue his dreams.

It makes you realize that even if people aren’t supportive, you can still believe in your vision and trust the process. Take it from Jeremy, and maybe you’ll just have another great investment!


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