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Man Breaks Down When He Saw What Crow Brought Him

On the outskirts of Vladimir, Russia, an elderly man sat in his apartment with his head in his hands. He was trying to cope with the tragedy that had befallen him just a year earlier. He had lost his wife who had been married to him for most of his life.

He wouldn’t talk to any of his kids and wouldn’t even talk to his neighbors. He just sat alone, until a bird knocked on his window one day.

He walked out onto the balcony only to find a crow looking up at him, he smiled and got it some bread. This was the start of a routine that made him somewhat happy in this dark time.

But when he had to move in with his daughter due to his health he thought he had lost his crow friend forever, but he was mistaken.

He watched the window every day at his daughter’s house, until one day there was a knock just like at his old apartment. It was the crow, and they had a present for him.

He smiled as tears welled up in his eyes. The crow had a shiny piece of jewelry in its mouth. He couldn’t believe it, it was the earring his wife had lost a little over a year earlier. It helped him cope so much in his time of need and his health steadily improved.


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