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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating And Whips Out Camera

They were in a relationships for a couple of months already. He was under the impression that things were going smoothly, and he felt content with how his life was going. 

However, when he arrived at home he could not shake the feeling that something was not right. Expecting the worst, he walked slowly down the corridor. He slid the door to his room open. What he discovered caused him to pause for a moment.

Cayde was a 22-year-old college student from Houston, Texas. He was just an average guy, trying to figure out how life works. 

Cayde knew what he wanted in life. He wanted a good-paying job, a nice apartment and a wonderful relationship. He checked everything off of the list, all except a relationship. Things quickly changed as soon as he met Barbra. 

Cayde instantly fell in love with Barbra. She was beautiful, smart and outgoing. 

They met at the cinema, and it was love at first sight. They spoke for hours on end, and after a short period of time, they moved in together. Cayde had everything he wanted in life, but things would soon take a turn for the worst. 

Problems started to arise shortly after the pair moved in with each other. Cayde had a busy schedule, he spent his days working and at night he focused on university. Barbra tried her best to appear okay with things, but he knew deep down she was very lonely. 

He did everything he could to make her feel like she was a priority. He would reschedule his classes to spend time with her at night, spend his weekends with her but he knew it was not good enough.

Cayde began to notice small details about Barbra that indicated danger was developing in paradise. She would rarely hug him in morning, and she seemed apprehensive to spend time with him. 

He did not want to accept that she was losing interest in him, but that evening reaffirmed his deepest fears. 

Cayde was feeling very discouraged by Barbra’s behavior. However, that morning things took a turn. She suddenly embraced him again and she could not stop smiling. Things felt like they were normal again. 

Cayde was taken aback by Barbra’s shift in demeanor. He was grateful, though, that she had regained her vitality. He couldn’t think clearly at work that day and spent the entire day texting her. Their former lives were slowly but steadily returning to them.

Cayde had the same difficulty concentrating in class that evening as well. He was still busy texting his girlfriend, who promised that she had his favorite meal ready for him as soon as he is done. 

Half of the classes had already finished. But, while the night started off well, it didn’t turn out the way Cayde had hoped.

Out of nowhere, the lecturer announced that they will be writing a surprise test. Cayde had to quickly call Barbra to inform her of the news, as these tests took hours to complete. 

Barbra seemed fine with it, but Cayde knew deep down that she was heartbroken.  He drove home with a heavy heart. Once he arrived home, he was stunned by what he discovered. 

Cayde came home to a sleeping Barbra. He saw that she left his meal in the oven for him, and he watched his film alone with his dinner. 

He knew that he was neglecting Barbra, he was terrified that she might leave him. He couldn’t sleep that night, painfully aware of the reality of his situation. 

Barbra told Cayde that things were alright, but she acted in a way that made him confused. He tried to explain his situation, but he was not met with any understanding. 

Cayde sought advise from a close friend, and following the chat, he resolved to take action in the hopes of saving his relationship.

Cayde requested a few hours at work but with more workload to compensate. He also moved some of his classes to earlier in the day to more nights with Barbra.

The relationship started thawing again. For the first time in weeks, Cayde saw Barbra genuinely smile. The beauty and wit she’d once embodied came back full-force. But he didn’t know the end was near. 

That Friday night, Cayde had expected to spend the night at school since he was clearing his mid-terms. But the lecturer rescheduled at the last minute, giving him a free night to spend with Babra.

Cayde rushed home, looking to surprise her. But when he opened the door and entered the house, something in his gut just felt wrong.

Cayde walked into the house and called for Barbara, but there was no reply. Perhaps she was at the store. She did tend to do the weekly grocery shopping on a Friday.

But then he noticed her handbag and keys on the table – and her coat on the floor. “Aww,” thought Cayde. “She’s exhausted too. She must have gone upstairs for a nap.”

One of the things Cayde loved abut Barbara was the cute way she snored when she was tired, usually after she’d had a few glasses of wine.

But the heavy breathing coming from the bedroom was louder than usual, so he must have been right – she’d had a long day too. He opened the bedroom door and immediately took a step back.

Barbra lay in their bed, snoring. Next to her was a man Cayde had never seen before. Cayde’s lungs clenched tightly, squeezing all the air out.

He took another step back. He wanted to throw up. As anger, bitterness, and adrenaline welled up inside him,he saw himself rushing into the room to fight.

He’d just walked into his bedroom thinking he was about spend some quality time with Barbara after a hard day’s work, but he found something else entirely. 

Then he thought about how Barbara’s behavior had changed lately. How long had this been going on? He walked over to the bed and stood over them both.

Cayde felt a sudden urge for revenge. He thought about packing up all of Barbara’s things and throwing them on the curb… perhaps setting them on fire. 

He wanted to wake the guy up and call him outside for a fight. But he didn’t want to be the one who had to pay for this. Besides, he was cooking up a much better plan.

Cayde knew that getting emotional wasn’t going to change anything. What was done was done – there was no going back. 

So he took a deep breath and felt a strange sense of calm wash over him. He collected his thoughts, shook off his anger and disappointment, and handled the devastating moment like a total boss. 

Now that Cayde was calm, he looked at the scene but felt removed from it all. Like a forensic detective, he took stock of the two wine glasses on the nightstand – one smeared with coral lipstick – and the clothes strewn on the floor. 

The strangest part was that Barbara and her “friend” were so deeply asleep that they had no idea he was even there. He boldly walked around the sleeping couple and whipped out his phone. 

“There’s no need to bash someone when they’re down,” Cayde said, referring to his restraint in attacking Barbara’s lover. “Being the better person is always the best way.”

But some friends and family would disagree that the way Cayde chose to handle the situation was indeed the most palatable, especially considering how public and humiliating the revenge he was about to serve was.

Cayde took photos of Barbra and her friend and uploaded them to Facebook. “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!” wrote Cayde in the caption of the selfie he shared next to Barbara and the stranger in his bed.

He tapped Barbra’s shoulder to wake her up, but it was no use. “She was drunk as a skunk and passed out,” he wrote on Facebook.

Cayde knew that if he didn’t laugh, he’d cry. So he tried to inject some humor into the situation. “I was gonna ask if I was gonna have to sleep in the spare bedroom and what kinda breakfast the dude liked lmao,” he wrote.

Cayde added in the comments: “Good men deserve good women.” But not everyone thought his response was so funny.

Some people took issue with the way Cayde had shared his girlfriend’s indiscretion. “Taking pictures and blasting them on the web does not make you a better man, offered one disgruntled commenter, who thought Cayde shouldn’t have posted the candid snaps.

“Calmly walking away and just accepting what happened and not seeking revenge, makes you a better man,” she added. 

While many were astounded at Cayde’s cool, calm, and collected response to discovering what can only be one of the worst things about your partner, naming and shaming someone online probably isn’t right either. 

But Cayde had never intended for his sly selfie to go so wildly viral. Soon, his photos had been spread all over every social media platform.

“Right or wrong? Not sure. But the guy should take care, if she decides to sue the local regulations on posting images of others without their consent and related laws will become important,” one Reddit user wrote. 

“The dude didn’t cheat but he did destroy a boundary of respect towards another male. Which is why I support taking the selfie and then taking another one after I beat him to a pulp,” another user argued.

One Reddit user asked readers a pointed question that points to a bigger problem in society: “Have we become too open with our lives in regards to social media? Should Cayde have dealt with this in a more private way?”

The most upvoted reply was: “I think it’s up to him how he deals with it. I think it’s a little classless, but I wouldn’t expect someone to be in their right mind in this situation.” But others disagreed.

Other users thought Cayde was being immature. “I wouldn’t say it’s so much a case of being open, people are self-obsessed and want to broadcast every aspect of their lives to others,” another Reddit user wrote. 

“I’m not sure that this guy’s motivation was, but it strikes me as immature and stupid to publicise something that should be a private matter.”

At the end of the day, most people supported the decision to call Barbara out, and Cayde appreciated the ones who were there for him. “Yesterday I thought my world fell apart. I was heartbroken to ever witness anything like that,” he wrote.

“I’m sure one day you will find someone who will think the world of you!” one supportive Facebook user said. But, in the end, Cayde decided to do what he thought was the right thing.

Cayde pulled the photos from Facebook. He knew his relationship with Barbra was over, and although it stung to admit it, he was glad. He’d gone out of his way to try and make it work. He wished she would’ve done the same. 

Although the photos were no longer on Facebook, people worldwide already saw them. They sympathized with Cayde, commending him for walking away from such a dire situation. 

Cayde thanked the thousands of people who praised his decision not to fight and instead get his revenge in a peaceful way.

But, as we know, a vocal minority disagreed with his approach and insisted that online shaming is never okay. But could you have maintained your cool like that if you walked in on your other half cheating? What would you have done?


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