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Man Discovers Ancient Roman Gold Signet Ring That Is 1,800 Years-Old

One of the best things that people can do in order to occupy their free time and to find a purpose in life is to get a hobby. It doesn’t matter what kind of hobby as long as you enjoy doing it. A man by the name of Jason Massey decided to pick up metal detecting because he always dreamed of finding a gold treasure and changing his life around. As crazy this might sound, John actually accomplished his life-long goal when he stumbled upon a 1,800 ancient Roman signet ring.

While metal detecting might seem like a boring hobby, it’s actually quite popular in the UK. Many people pick this hobby because the UK is filled with ancient historical sites and forgotten burial spots that are packed with gold treasures.

Truth be told, the chances of finding an ancient treasure or anything of significant historical importance is slim. However, this doesn’t mean that people who up picked metal detecting as a hobby are ready to give up on their dreams yet.

The man in this picture is Jason Massey. He lives a normal life like all of us and goes to work from Monday to Friday. However, his life is a bit different when it comes to the weekends. The reason why we are saying this is because Jason spends most of his free time hunting for treasures.

One day as Jason was searching for treasure in an open field, his metal detector started beeping. He didn’t get too excited because he knew that it can always be a simple bottle cap but when he took a closer look at the ground, he spotted something shiny.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck! He found a shiny item. This meant only one thing, the item that he discovered was probably made from gold. What could it be?

It didn’t take long for Jason to realize that the item hiding in the ground is a gold ring. Even though it might not have any historical importance, the ring will surely sell for a high price because it’s made entirely from gold.

To Jason’s surprise, the ring that he pulled out from the dirt was not something usual. This is a signet ring and it has a strange emblem. Did he actually find something rare?

After some close inspecting, Jason was able to figure out that the gold signet ring had the mark of the Roman Goddess of Victory. He couldn’t believe his luck! He is about to become a rich man.

As you can surely imagine why, the man was in awe. He accomplished his dream of being the real life version of Indiana Jones for one day. All that was left was to find out how old the ring is.

Jason took the ring to a historian who told him that the signet is more than 1,800 years old and that it belonged to a Roman. To make things even more interesting, the signet ring was owned by a high ranking Roman.

The historian told Jason that the reason why he is sure the signet ring belonged to a high ranking Roman is because the only people who wore gold items during the time of Romans were people who had rich families.

A couple of days passed since Jason discovered the ring and he was still in shock. He couldn’t believe how lucky he got and that he was going to become a rich man. Now, he needed to find out how much the gold signet ring is going to sell for.

The item that Jason pulled out from the dirt is so rare that no one knows how much it is worth. This is the first ancient Roman gold signet ring to be discovered in the UK and if there is one thing that we can be sure about, then it has to be the fact that it will sell for a high price.

Every specialist who saw the ring that Jason found told him that he doesn’t have to worry about finding a buyer. There are tens of collectors who buy all ancient Roman items that they can find at the auction house.

On the downside of things, Jason was not going to keep all the money. He needs to share half of the profits with the person who owns the land where Jason discovered the ring. However, Jason says that he doesn’t mind sharing the money.

Since this is the first ancient Roman gold signet ring to be discovered in the UK, we can be sure that museums are going to fight over it. They all want to display it in their collection.

Even though Jason goes out metal detecting every weekend, he says that he never actually imagined that he would find something of such a rare historical value. He considers himself very lucky!

After reading this story and seeing just how amazing the ancient Roman artifact looks, we won’t blame you if you started getting interested in the hobby of metal detecting.

Jason can now rest assured knowing that he is going to get a big payday. He might even get enough money to buy a new house considering how rare the ancient Roman artifact is.

Even though we don’t know for how much Jason is going to sell the ring, we think it’s safe to say that his metal detecting hobby has finally paid off.


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