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Man Discovers Gold Mine On His New Property, Regrets Buying The Land

Buying a new property brings quite a few challenges, such as renovations, changing furniture, landscaping and so on. While many realtors make sure the properties look good enough to be appealing, Christopher Wanliss’ story is a bit different. He bought a house and 16.5 hectares of woodland, so while inspecting the house was easy, roaming around the forest was a bit tough.

Nonetheless, Christopher decided to take a stroll in the forest a few days after moving in. Soon enough, he regretted his decision of purchasing the land! What others may think it was a lucky find, the owner thought otherwise. What was so wrong about finding a gold mine?

Christopher Wanliss was one of the many homeowners that wanted to take a break from the traffic and busy city. Although most people choose to go hike or travel, Christopher’s decision was a bit more drastic.

He decided to just leave the city and move to a house in the middle of the forest. He found the perfect spot, a 16.5 hectares woodland. He thought he’d find peace there, but he was going to regret his purchase in less than a week!

What Christopher didn’t know about his new property was that it came with some tunnels and mines! He soon grew curious about those mines and thought about all those Indiana Jones adventures.

His curiosity made him regret buying the property! He even admitted he was scared for his life and decided to sell his land right away after making that terrible discovery…

As Christopher got ready for a walk in the forest, he saw a few hills but thought nothing of them. Until he discovered a hole…

From far away, it looked as if that hill was hiding a cave. However, as he got closer, he realized that was a tunnel. It was probably dug by the previous owners. This was the beginning of an adventure, thought Christopher.

As Chris got closer, he realized that the tunnel was actually the entrance to some kind of a mine. How was that possible? The real estate agent didn’t mention there were mines on his property…

When he bought the property, Chris had no idea his land also contained an abandoned mine. It was good news, maybe these mined still held some riches. Soon enough, Chris ends up regretting to have ever wandered in the forest!

Taking a closer look at the entrance of the mine, he realized this was a gold mine! You’d think Chris hit the jackpot with that find if he could find some gold, but instead he found something very disturbing!

Before adventuring inside the deep tunnel, Christopher called the realtor to ask about the mine. He was warned not to get inside, but curiosity got the best of him.

Chris learned from his realtor during their phone conversation that there were some entrances to that gold mine but told him not to into the mine by himself.

Of course, Chris knew it wasn’t exactly safe to go by himself and without the proper equipment. But he was eager to find out what was at the end of that tunnel. He had a plan…

Chris felt like a real life Indiana Jones and he was ready for an adventure. In an interview with the media, Chris recalls how he spotted the mine.

“When we bought the house, nobody ever told us about the fact that the estate had a lot of mines on it. We just sort of stumbled upon the gold mine one day and that was it.” He now wished he had never found it!

“When I first saw it, I was so excited that I almost fell over myself. The only thing that I could think about was Indiana Jones and underground railroads,” Chris recalled.

He had a flashlight and looked at the entrance and at the walls, but couldn’t see anything interesting. So he decided to take a few more steps…

The walls sparkled as Chris shone some light on them and that’s how he realized this gold mine still had some riches in it! He was focused on looking at the walls and didn’t pay attention to the path ahead…

As Chris marveled at the gold mine that was now his, he didn’t realize how deep he was inside the tunnel! Still, he couldn’t see the end of the tunnel, and suddenly felt something close by!

Everything was quiet at first, until suddenly, he heard noises from inside the tunnel. It wasn’t the wind, it sounded as if someone started some kind of machinery.

Chris knew nobody else was on his property. Yet, he was not alone in that mine! A bit anxious, Chris called out and announced he was there not to scare whoever may have been hiding inside the mine…

Chris only heard his voice echoing through the tunnel. He followed the noise to see what machinery would be activated and that’s when he felt something else around him…

“The ambient temperature also seemed to suddenly drop all around me at this point, and I felt an even stronger negative presence ahead in the tunnel.” Was he imagining that?

Thinking this was a bad idea and that he shouldn’t go deeper all on his own, Chris ran back out of the tunnel! It was time to call it a day and maybe find the courage to come back another day.

He saw the light as he walked fast towards the entrance and the peaceful afternoon calmed him down. Then, the chains from the tunnel began moving!

There was no air current or wind that could make the chains from the tunnel move. Chris didn’t touch them either. Yet, they were moving on their own.

This was straight from a horror movie, thought Chris as he ran back home. Then he learned more about his property. Here’s what he said about his discovery.

“When we went to ask about the place, we were finally told that the estate had actually been home to quite a lot of mining sites,” explained Chris.

He added that there was a lot of mining “done in these hills at the turn of the century, and there are a lot of little mines that are scattered across the hills.” But he would soon find out more about the mine he had recently visited!

Chris talked to the real estate agent and a man called Rudall. Together, they decided to go visit that mine and see what was going inside it.

If there was someone living inside, they had to figure out a way and deal with this issue, since it was a private property now. Soon enough, the three men gathered flashlights and headed towards the mine…

All the signs said this was a haunted mine, but most people don’t believe in paranormal activity. Chris may have been spooked, but he knew ghosts were just fiction.

Taking their flashlights, the three men went inside the tunnel and walked around 600 feet when they discovered a door!

Shining the light in front of them, Chris thought he was just looking at some rubble on the floor. However, that wasn’t rubble at all! The room in the mine was one someone’s home…

There was a makeshift bed on the floor and some items that were used discarded all around the room. Holding the flashlight and looking at the walls, Chris sees scratches…

Taking a closer look, Chris tried to read whatever was scratched on the walls, but to no avail. He then felt another rush of cold air and the same noise that made him run for his life.

The other two men concluded their investigation was over and together, they rushed to the entrance.

This wasn’t the time to be Indiana Jones, thought Chris who was sure something strange was indeed in that mine. He didn’t want to have anything to do with it and neither the other men.

As they got closer to the chains, they saw them swinging once again. They quickly left and ran out of the tunnel. Chris turned to face the entrance and took out his camera to immortalize that moment.

It wasn’t a moment anyone would want to immortalize in a photo, but Chris took that photo to show others the proof that this mine was indeed haunted.

Although skeptical about paranormal activities, Chris couldn’t explain what he saw and helt that day in the mine.

One thing was true, Chris would never go back to investigate that mine or any other mine on his property.

He couldn’t fall asleep in his house knowing that whatever he may have found could follow him back to the house.

Chris decided that instead of living in fear and doubt, he would rather sell this property and buy one that didn’t come with haunted mines as a bonus.

Maybe it was just his imagination, but why risk it?

We all thought Chris would find some gold and get filthy rich, but all he found was an entity that definitely didn’t want anyone there…

Some things just can’t be explained and it’s better not to disturb what you don’t know. Chris let his mother take care of selling the property.

Chris knew that he did not want to spend one more second on that property – better safe than sorry, right?

Did he really find a place with paranormal activity or just got spooked by someone hiding there? We will never know the truth!


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