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Man Films Woman In The Train, You Won’t Believe What She Did Next

She felt her blood boil when she realized what was going on. How dare this man film her without her permission!

She knew she needed to teach him a lesson. The man wasn’t prepared for what she did next…

Uma Mageswari was taking a train home from work when she noticed a stranger eyeing her. 

She wasn’t in the mood to chat as she was tired from her shift. Uma was her mother’s caretaker, and it certainly wasn’t easy for her. This train ride home was the only free time she had.

Uma was exhausted most of the time, but she didn’t mind sacrificing her free time to help her mother. 

Every day, Uma would buy her mother her favorite treats to make her day a little bit better. But today would be different.

Uma had seen this man many times before, and she had a weird feeling about him. She always tried to sit as far away from him as possible. 

That day, she kept her distance from him as per usual. So when he decided to sit near her, she felt a lump in her throat.  

Uma could feel the man staring at her, so she looked down, hoping he would stop eventually. 

She felt extremely uncomfortable. What did he want from her?

When Uma looked up at the man, she realized that he was filming her with his cellphone. She was furious, but she didn’t want to show him her discomfort. 

She decided that she would do the same and pulled out her phone and started to record. The man needed to know this wasn’t okay. 

Uma wanted to use her recording as evidence of what he was doing. 

The man was pretending he was texting someone, but the reflection in the window behind him showed his phone camera recording her. 

It was apparent to Uma that the stranger had done this many times before. With her heart pounding in her chest, she decided to confront him and tell him that what he was doing wasn’t okay. 

She stood in front of him and confronted him. The man started to panic. Then, he said something that left her at a loss for words. 

Uma burst into tears as she listened to the man. She misunderstood just what he was actually doing. 

Once he explained everything and showed her his phone, Uma apologized to him and grabbed a tissue to catch her tears. So what actually happened?

It turns out that the man wasn’t filming her. He was taking photos of her for his art page. His name was Philip Stear, and he was a photographer who was creating photos for his Instagram page using the hashtag “#TrainSeries.”

He had taken a photo of Uma and wrote a very emotional caption. 

The goal behind his work was to capture strangers he found interesting on trains and let the photo tell their stories. 

And he had a lot to say about Uma’s photo. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she read the caption under her portrait. 

Philip wrote that he first saw Uma on the train many years ago. And that they always took the same train in the afternoon. 

He mentioned that she was a hard worker who probably worked over 12 hours a day. 

Philip mentioned how sad and tired Uma’s eyes looked and how he wished to know more about her life and who she always bought snacks for. 

Uma’s photo was absolutely stunning!

Uma felt bad for being rude to him and apologized for accusing him of filming her. 

But even though he wasn’t actually recording her, was it still okay?

Uma shared her story on social media and got mixed comments. Some people thought that the man hadn’t done anything wrong and that his intentions were good. Others believed that taking a photo without permission was wrong. 

What do you think?


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