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Man Gives Girlfriend A Necklace, 2 Years Later She Screams When She Realizes What’s Inside

The wooden amulet hung perfectly on her collarbone as he closed the chain. She put a hand gracefully to her throat, still in disbelief that he had taken the time to make something so special and unique just for her. 

As she turned around with the biggest smile on her face, she couldn’t believe her luck to have found him. How fortunate was she to be loved by such a generous man? But her sentiments soon changed when she discovered the necklace’s secret!

The love between this couple was true, and nothing could ever come between them. When Terry asked for the necklace back one day, Anna was shocked. She felt her world crashing down around her and couldn’t believe he would take this token of love away.

What had made Terry decide to take back such a thoughtful gesture? Had their platonic roots finally caught up to him? Anna had to decide if taking off this necklace meant risking her relationship with the love of her life, but what he did next made her scream in shock and anger!

When Anna and Terry met four years ago, it wasn’t love at first sight. Anna thought Terry was cool but was more interested in his friend. As she began to get closer to both boys, she almost missed the love connection right in front of her! 

Terry immediately had feelings for Anna but knew he had to wait. As she became close with his friends, she was also spending a lot of time with him. He began to plan how he could convince her to let him out of the friendzone. 

The land down under has beautiful scenery and is the perfect place to convince someone of your feelings. Terry and his friends did a lot of adventurous outings, and Anna was always keen to explore. She began to notice how thoughtful Terry was but didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship.

Unknown to Anna was Terry was patiently waiting for her to realize his feelings for her. How long would it take for her to give him a chance? How patient could he be? Would Anna risk their friendship for romance or lose Terry forever?

As Anna and Terry got closer, she realized how little he revealed about his past. Anna wanted to know more about him, but his answers were constantly vague. Terry had a reputation among Anna’s friends and family, and it wasn’t positive. 

Everyone began to feel uneasy about Terry. What was he hiding? Why was Anna beginning to fall for someone who clearly had a shady past? Why was she giving her heart to someone that didn’t even want to tell her about his life? Against all the warnings, Anna began to fall over heels for Terry, but would she be safe?

After four years of friendship, Anna and Terry started their romantic relationship. Terry felt incredibly lucky! He had waited so long to shower Anna with affection, and now was finally his chance. He would do everything in his power to not mess this up!

Anna’s friends and family saw that Terry cared about Anna, but they were still uncomfortable. Even though Anna was happy, everyone was worried. What was Terry hiding, and would Anna be safe giving her heart to this man?

When the couple was with friends or family, Terry constantly felt on edge. He could feel that Anna’s family didn’t trust him and struggled to understand how he could prove his intentions. He knew what he needed was a plan. 

He didn’t want to cause a fight with Anna, so he began to work on it in secret. He would spend countless hours thinking about the situation. After waiting so long, was their romance destined to fizzle out quicker than it started?

The couple was approaching their one-year anniversary, and Terry knew he was almost ready to launch his secret plan. It all began with one simple step—giving Anna a gift. As he spent more time making her present, he wondered if he had gone too far?

The day of the anniversary was just around the corner. Terry was nervous. What would Anna say when she saw the present? Would it make her happy or would she think it was a joke? Terry spent more time planning every little detail until he finally felt confident. It was now or never. 

The gift Terry was making Anna was a special necklace. He had never made anything like this before, and even though it was part of a bigger plan, he really did want it to be perfect. He selected Tasmanian wood for the pearl shape and carved it himself. 

The wood is originally a pale grain, and he applied varnish to make it shine. When Anna opened this gift, he really hoped she would realize how much Terry loved her, but what if it all backfired? Was Terry putting everything on the line for nothing?

When the pendant was complete, all Terry had to do was buy a chain. He couldn’t wait to see Anna’s face as she opened the box and saw all his hard work. Hopefully, the necklace would speak his true feelings and remove any doubt from Anna’s mind. 

Terry made dinner reservations, and Anna was already impressed. He never usually made big gestures. She was excited but also a little skeptical. What was her boyfriend up to? Why had he been acting so suspicious for months? She tried to put on a brave face and waited for Terry to reveal his surprise. 

After the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner, Terry knew it was now or never. He took the necklace out and got ready to surprise Anna. He had wrapped it in a box, and his hands began to shake as he put it on the table in front of her. 

Anna gasped! What was this surprise? Terry didn’t like to spend a lot of money, and this was a beautifully wrapped box. As she untied the ribbon, her eyes began to water at the thoughtful gesture. This man was constantly surprising her, and she felt incredibly lucky. Would she feel the same after opening the box?

Anna was speechless as she opened the box! At first, she was surprised because the necklace was so unique, and then Terry told her he had made it and she had never felt so lucky. A priceless homemade necklace was the perfect token to celebrate their one year. 

As Anna giggled and asked him to put it on her right away, Terry felt so relieved. He was worried she wouldn’t have liked it, and clearly, she did. Little did Anna know what else the necklace meant and the bigger surprise that was two years away. 

From that day on, Anna never took off her precious necklace. She wanted the world to see Terry’s token of affection and how special and unique it was. Anna never saw a necklace that looked like hers and thought that made it even better. 

She had no idea what the necklace actually represented. Was she foolishly showing it off to her friends and family when it had a bigger secret locked away? Anna was swept up in her romance with Terry, but she still didn’t know him. Was this really the right man for her?

Seeing how happy the necklace made Anna, Terry was instantly relieved. All his hard work had paid off, but he also knew he had a lot to lose if she found out what was inside. He had never expected her to wear it all the time. What if she lost it, and Terry’s plan was ruined? 

He began to be consumed by this new fear and started asking Anna to wear the necklace less. She was shocked and hurt! Why would she stop wearing her necklace and why was Terry so adamant that she take it off? Was Terry ruining his plan already?

Terry told Anna that because he had made the necklace, there was no way for him to replace it if she lost it. He just didn’t want it to fall off while she didn’t notice. Anna tried to understand his concern but still wanted to wear her necklace every day.

The wood matched everything and was the perfect accessory. When she wore the necklace, it felt like Terry was with her even if he wasn’t. She wouldn’t budge on taking it off, and Terry realized he had to agree or risk a bigger fight. He grew more anxious every day that something would happen to what was hidden in the necklace.

Terry’s secret was constantly in the spotlight as Anna insisted on showing it off to everyone. It felt like every day more people were touching or holding the necklace that was just meant for Anna. Terry knew it was innocent but what if one of these people figured out his big secret?

The more people that touched the necklace, the more they could reveal Terry’s big plan. What could Terry do to make Anna understand? He didn’t want to reveal his plan too soon, but the secret might get out before he was ready! 

Terry knew if Anna found out he could be in a lot of trouble. He needed to be the person that revealed the big surprise. He was willing to risk it all and hoped Anna felt the same. Terry had always been a mysterious person, which Anna loved, but lately, he seemed even more reserved.

Anna assumed the closer they got to their relationship; the more Terry would open up. What was he so intent on hiding from her? Why didn’t he want to tell her everything? As she held her precious necklace, she began to wonder, did Terry even really love her?

Anna’s best friend had immigrated from Australia to Scotland, and the girls mainly stayed in touch through Zoom. They would try to chat as often as possible, and Sofia had a lot of questions about this mysterious necklace. 

She had met Terry before he started dating Anna and knew he was shy and secretive. She couldn’t believe her best friend had fallen for someone that was her complete opposite. Sofia knew she was far away but she had to tell her best friend how she was really feeling about her boyfriend. 

Sofia agreed that the gesture was sweet, and she could tell how much it meant to Anna, but she thought it could mean more. Sofia wished she was in Australia so she could properly examine the necklace and its unusual pendant. 

She tried to ask Anna what had inspired the design? It’s not like Terry was very creative or into fashion; where had he gotten this idea? Was the necklace a duplicate of something he saw on the internet? Sofia didn’t want to ruin the romance, but she began to do her own digging.

When Sofia met Terry the first time, she got a bad feeling about him. She couldn’t understand why Anna felt so comfortable around this mysterious man and figured she was naive. After a few months of meeting Terry, Sofia left for Scotland. 

While away, her best friend gave her constant updates about her friendship with Terry. Sofia couldn’t believe it four years later when it changed into a romantic relationship. She could tell her friend was happy, but Sofia didn’t trust Terry just like Anna’s family. Would she ruin his plans and sound the alarm to her best friend?

While on the phone, Sofia constantly told Anna how strange the necklace was. She began to say that it reminded her of something, but she couldn’t place what it was. Sofia was trying to place a seed of doubt in Anna’s brain, and eventually, it worked. 

One night when they got off the phone, Anna took her necklace off and stared at it for a long time. Did she have anything to be worried about? She knew it was unique, but that made her love it even more. What did Sofia see that she wasn’t?

After a few months, Terry was relieved that people stopped touching and examining the necklace. He started to relax and felt that his plan was safe. There was just one small problem; Anna had stopped wearing the necklace as much too. 

At first, she never wanted to take it off, and now she was only wearing it occasionally. Terry didn’t know what had changed but hoped it was nothing serious. Everything else in their relationship felt fine; was he missing a bigger issue?

Anna couldn’t get Sofia’s words of caution out of her head. Her best friend knew her so well and only wanted the best for her. Was she being too naive about this necklace and her relationship with Terry? She had to set up a small test. 

Anna stopped wearing the necklace and told Terry she was trying out a new style. She needed a new look, and the necklace didn’t match everything. He didn’t seem to mind, but Anna began to observe his reactions to see how he really felt. The results were shocking!

Terry had always been mysterious and kept his emotions close to his heart. He didn’t want to tell Anna how relieved he was that she wasn’t wearing the necklace as often. He knew saying that would bring a lot of questions that he couldn’t answer. 

He was hurt when she stopped wearing the necklace as often and wondered if that meant her feelings for Terry were changing. Terry began to feel like Anna was watching him a lot, but what was she looking for? Was their perfect relationship beginning to crumble? 

When Anna began to go weeks at a time without wearing the necklace, Terry tried to bring it up casually. He knew Anna wanted a reaction from him, but he also needed to know their relationship was okay. He started to ask if she still liked the necklace, but she just seemed indifferent. 

Terry had a brand new wave of panic. Had he waited too long and potentially ruined his plan? Where was Anna keeping the necklace when she wasn’t wearing it? The most important thing was that the necklace was kept safe. Anna had no idea how valuable it really was!

Anna knew Terry didn’t like that she wasn’t wearing the necklace, but she began to get offended when he asked her where it was. She was a grown woman, she wasn’t going to lose one necklace. The more Terry asked about the necklace and its location, the more annoyed Anna became.

She started to feel like Terry cared about the necklace more than her. How was this possible? He had made it specifically for her; why was he freaking out about what she did with it. Anna began to get stubborn and refused to wear the necklace, and Terry began to pressure her about her reasons. What was happening to this picture-perfect couple? 

Things were tense between Anna and Terry, but maybe they just needed a change of scenery? The couple began talking about taking their first big trip together and looked at what was in their budget. Terry and Anna both loved to travel, but they did it very differently. 

Terry could go anywhere in the world and had no problems with airplanes. Anna was terrified of planes and did all of her travels within Australia. Was the perfect place for the couple to rekindle their romance a local destination?

Anna and Terry decided that if they wanted to do a big trip with no airplanes, they would do a big bus trip through Australia. They began to make arrangements through Greyhound Australia and agreed they would only spend one or two days in each location. 

Between the both of them, they had seen a lot of Australia, but they wanted to try and see new places together. As they boarded their first bus, they felt anxious but excited about spending this much time together. Would this get back their original spark?

It was the right decision, and Anna and Terry had a blast! The trip was everything they wanted and more. The couple began to fall more in love than ever, and Anna began to wear her necklace again every day. Since they were traveling, there were a lot more people noticing this unique piece of jewelry. 

It was time for Terry’s plan to happen. He had waited long enough, and he knew it was now or never to reveal his big secret to Anna. He felt terrified that she would leave him once she found out, but keeping this from her was killing him. Terry knew what he had to do, and the time was now. 

A year after their amazing road trip, the couple decided to go on another trip together. This time Terry wanted Anna to face her fears and get on an airplane with him. He knew the perfect incentive to make her face her fears. Why not visit Sofia in Scotland!

The girls hadn’t seen each other in years, and Terry knew Anna would get on a plane if it meant Sofia was at the destination. It took Anna a little bit of time, but the excitement over seeing her best friend outweighed her fear, and they began to plan. Would Sofia be just as happy or annoyed to see the happy couple?

At this point, the couple had been together for a couple of years, and Anna didn’t wear the necklace as often. Terry had stopped asking, but he needed to make sure that Anna brought the necklace with her to Scotland. This was the final piece of his big reveal, but how could he convince her to pack it?

He didn’t want to be suspicious but also couldn’t handle the pressure of the secret any longer! The night before their trip, the couple were packing their bags, and Terry asked if Anna would bring the necklace to Scotland. He couldn’t believe her response, and suddenly all his careful plans were in jeopardy. 

Anna knew her best friend didn’t like her necklace or her boyfriend. She didn’t want to bring any negative attention to their romantic trip abroad. They went back and forth, and she finally agreed to pack the necklace. She couldn’t understand why Terry became so defensive about one small piece of jewelry.

With her fear of flying, Anna had enough to worry about and didn’t want the extra stress of the fight looming over her. It was easier to put the necklace into her suitcase than continue fighting with Terry. She had no idea how this small decision had just changed the rest of her life. 

Scotland was beautiful, and the couple was having a blast seeing the sights and Sofia! They agreed to spend a couple of days with her before exploring more of the country. Anna was relieved that Sofia and Terry were getting along. It made her heart happy that both the loves of her life were friends. 

Terry could tell he had changed Sofia’s mind about him, and even heard her compliment the necklace he had made. Everything was going according to plan and it would only be a couple more days before he made his big reveal to Anna. Was she ready for the surprise of her life? 

On top of the couples list of destinations were the caves in Scotland. They had spoken about visiting them for years and couldn’t wait to get there. This was the perfect place for Terry to make his big reveal and pop an even bigger question. 

On the morning of their trip to the caves, Terry made sure Anna was wearing her necklace and seemed to be acting a little strange. Anna tried to brush it off but when they got to the caves, Terry turned to her and asked for her to take off the necklace. Anna was so confused! Why had he insisted she wear it, only to remove it now? 

Terry told Anna he loved her and then took out his pocket knife. Anna watched in horror as Terry popped open her necklace, breaking it forever. She was blinded by anger that she didn’t even realize Terry had gotten down on one knee. 

Anna looked at her beloved necklace and realized it had been hiding the most beautiful engagement ring inside all these years! She let out a scream and said YES! She would marry Terry! She couldn’t believe what she had been wearing around her neck for so long!

Anna couldn’t stop smiling and laughing as Terry got the ring out of the necklace to place on her finger. Suddenly everything made sense with how nervous he was about her losing it. She was in shock Terry had kept this secret and that he had known for so long he wanted to marry her. 

She couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with this wonderful man, and was so excited she was in the same country as her best friend to celebrate the engagement! For two years, Terry had kept the most wonderful secret, but he had known from day one that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Everyone in the happy couple’s life was shocked at the planning and hiding of the engagement ring! No one could believe that it had been in the necklace the entire time. From celebrating in Scotland with Sofia to family back home in Australia, Anna never got tired of telling the story. 

It was a truly magical moment, and she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with Terry. Now everyone wants to know what other tricks Terry has up his sleeves? It looks like his mysterious nature finally paid off, and he got the girl of his dreams for life. 


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