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Man Leaves Girlfriend At Gas Station, Cops Show Up After She Keeps Asking To Use Phone

After a few months of dating, Rob asked Lex if she wanted to go on a road trip with him. “Of course!” Lex said. “We will have so much fun!”

Little did she know, her new boyfriend wasn’t who she thought he was…

The pair decided to drive from New Mexico to Mexico and spend a few days exploring nature. 

They had four more hours to go until they reached Mexico and Lex decided to take a short nap in the backseat of the car. 

While Lex was sleeping, Rob decided to fill up his gas tank. He didn’t want to wake his girlfriend up and tried to be as quiet as possible as he pumped gas into his van. 

He paid for the gas and continued driving. But little did he know, Lex wasn’t in the car with him.

While Rob was paying for the gas, Lex went to the bathroom. When she came out, her boyfriend was already gone.

She reached for her phone to call Rob, but it wasn’t in her pocket. What was going on? Was this some kind of a prank? Lex started to get worried. 

Lex rushed to the store and asked to use a phone, but the staff told her that they didn’t have their phones on them. “Why are you lying?!” she shouted. “Please, I need to call my boyfriend!”

“No, leave, or I’ll call the police!” the cashier replied harshly. “Fine then!” Lex said, walking out. Fortunately, there were some people outside the store. 

Lex approached a group of friends and explained her situation to them. Finally, one kind woman agreed to let Lexi use her phone. 

She didn’t know her boyfriend’s number by heart, so she dialed her own instead. Lex hoped that she hadn’t left her phone on silent mode. 

Her boyfriend wasn’t picking up. Frustrated, Lex logged into her Facebook account using the woman’s phone and found her boyfriend’s number that way. 

Finally, she found his number. But would he pick up?

As clever as her move was, Lex learned that her boyfriend’s phone was off. 

At that point was exhausted and hungry. Lex never expected this to happen. Then, a few minutes later, a police car pulled up next to her. 

The police officers explained that they had received a complaint about her from the store clerk. According to the worker, Lex was “bothering him and other customers.”

But she was the victim in this situation. Lex quickly explained her situation to the authorities and asked for their help. 

The police officers offered to drive Lex to a truck rest stop nearby and go from there. 

As they were driving, suddenly, they received a call from another police officer who was at the very same gas station they had just left. 

The officer explained that a young man was looking for his girlfriend. “Turn around!” Lex shouted. 

She hoped it wasn’t too late…

As they entered the gas station, Lex saw her boyfriend’s car parked next to the store entrance. Rob was standing outside his vehicle, looking incredibly distressed. 

He looked up and saw his girlfriend. “ROB!” Lex yelled as she ran into his arms. 

Rob later explained to the police officers that he realized his girlfriend wasn’t in the car with him when he tried to wake her up so she could see the beautiful scenery outside. 

He gently touched her leg, and that’s when he realized that she wasn’t in the car with him. 

Horrified, Rob immediately turned his car around and rushed to the gas station. 

Rob feared that Lex wouldn’t forgive him for leaving her behind. But Lex wasn’t mad at him. She kissed him and told him to get in the car and drive. 

The two lovebirds continued driving along the highway. Rob kept apologizing to his girlfriend for abandoning her at the gas station, but Lex assured him that everything was fine between them. 

“Rob, I’m just glad you’re here now!” Lex said with a big smile on her face. 


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