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Man Leaves Wife Hours Before She Wins Lottery

Laura felt tears rolling down her face as she read her husband’s letter. There’s no way this was happening. How could he do this to her?

She thought they would spend the rest of their lives together, but clearly, her husband had other plans. But what he didn’t know was that his wife was about to become a millionaire. Soon, he would regret leaving her. 

Laura and Jack were married for seven years before Jack suddenly decided to leave his wife. The pair met in college. Laura didn’t feel attracted to Jack at first, but he grew on her in time. 

Three years later, the couple got married. For seven years, Laura felt like the luckiest person in the world to have Jack as a companion through the good days and the bad. But everything would change that day. 

Laura looked at her husband’s note in disbelief. Her hands were shaking, and her face went pale. Was this some kind of twisted joke?

 Laura picked up her phone and called her lawyer. She needed to act fast. 

Although Laura was happy with her husband, their marriage wasn’t always perfect. Jack was a college dropout and struggled with keeping a job. 

Laura’s salary wasn’t enough to support both of them. She hoped that one day this would get better. But she was wrong. 

One day, while grocery shopping, Laura decided to purchase a lottery ticket. Never in a million years did she ever believe she’d actually win a large sum of money. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the final result. She had just become a millionaire! Laura wanted to scream and call her friends, but instead, she decided to play it cool.

Laura calmly finished her shopping and drove to her workplace to let her manager know that she will be quitting her job. 

Then, she drove home to surprise her husband with the news. But little did she know, Jack had planned his own surprise for her. And it wouldn’t be a pleasant one!

Laura came home and called for her husband. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she entered the kitchen with the lottery ticket in her hand. 

But Jack was nowhere to be seen. Then, Laura saw a note on the kitchen table addressed to her. 

“Dear wife,” the letter began. “I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever.”

In his letter, Jack explained that he had been a good husband to her for all those years but had “nothing to show for it.” Laura couldn’t believe what she was reading.  

Jack accused Laura of cheating on him or, at the very least, neglecting him. He mentioned how she didn’t even notice when he got a haircut last week and never ate dinner with him anymore. 

He declared that he was leaving her as he didn’t love her anymore. Laura began to laugh through the tears. He had no idea what was coming. 

She picked up her phone and called a lawyer. There was no way she’d let her ex-husband have access to her money and future properties. 

She set up a meeting with her lawyer and showed him Jack’s note. Would her plan be successful? 

Laura’s lawyer promised her that Jack would never see a penny. They both signed the letter off as “ex-husband.”

Laura really wanted to tell Jack what he had just walked away from, but she also wanted the divorce process to go smoothly. 

Although Laura was heartbroken when she first read Jack’s letter, she now realizes that everything happened for a reason. 

Also, she couldn’t stay sad for long, considering she had just become a millionaire! So, what happened to her ex-husband?

After they both signed the divorce papers, Laura sent Jack a letter. She told him the truth.

In her letter, Laura made one thing clear; Jack had never really been a good husband to her. 

He lived off her money for seven years, watched her quit her office job to support him when he was unemployed, and never once thanked her.

So, how did Jack react when he read her letter?

Laura never heard from Jack again after the divorce. She hopes that he received her letter, though. 

What would you do in Laura’s position?


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