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Man Pulls Insane Stunt And Skydives Without A Parachute To Keep Him Safe

If you are the type of person who enjoys getting an adrenaline rush, then skydiving is the perfect activity for you. There’s nothing that will make your blood pump in your veins harder than falling through the air at 120 MPH and floating through the clouds. However, this isn’t risky enough for a man from Finland who decided to take things to the next level and he jumped from a hot air balloon without a parachute! 

Skydiving is one of the things that everyone has written on their bucket list. Although, there aren’t that many people who decide to go through with skydiving because jumping from a plane or a hot air balloon is one of the scariest things in the world.

Everyone who wants to skydive will first have to do it with an instructor. The instructor is there to keep you safe and to make sure to pull out the parachute at the right time so that nothing bad happens.

Antti Pendikainen is an experienced skydiver and he has been jumping from planes and hot air balloons for all his life. This is why skydiving became a normal activity for him and it just isn’t enough to scare him anymore, so he decided to take things to the next level.

Pendikainen is the man dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Even though the temperature is freezing cold at that height, he didn’t feel like it was necessary for him to wear a full suit and you will soon find out why.

Antti and a couple of his friends rented a hot air balloon so that they could fly above the clouds. They were ready to skydive but Antti had something different in mind.

Antti is a stuntman and a daredevil, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. Or so the people with him thought before he told them what his plan was for that day. What caught our attention is definitely not he fact that he doesn’t wear a suit…

The man looks at the camera and starts talking about how he woke up with a strange thought in his mind. He said that he dreamed of flying. The guys around him look confused and then they finally learn what he actually meant!

While skydiving might seem like a terrifying activity to most people, this is not the case for Antti. But what he was actually planning was to just jump without a parachute. That was crazy!

He just started unbuckling his parachute while smiling at the camera, and his friends yelled at him “what are you doing?” Can you believe this? Antti is really going to take his parachute off and jump through the clouds. 

Even though he might look crazy, he actually has a plan. In the nail-biting video, you get to see the daredevil stuntman about to do something never heard before. But not before doing one more thing…

Without wasting anymore time, Antti took the parachute in his hand and threw it away from the hot air balloon. This is when everyone knew that he was serious about jumping without a parachute on his back.

To get the best feeling out of this incredible experience, Antti ditches his shirt and prepares to jump through the clouds and really feel like he’s flying. The next few minutes will make everyone feel faint!

He made sure his glasses were adjusted, probably to build up the suspense for us, because we know that what he’s doing next is more than a jump, it’s a leap of faith!

Antti Pendikainen takes one more look at the camera and tells everyone “let’s have a little bit of fun!”. What happens next will remain in history as one of the craziest things to ever happen while skydiving.

The man didn’t want to waste anymore time so  he leaped from the hot air balloon. He was ready to see what superheroes feels like when they are flying in the movies. But he’s not alone! Other two friends jump with him, planning to grab him mid-air and safely land after a long flight…

Antti Pendikainen really did it! He wasn’t kidding around at all. Since the parachute is basically his lifeline while skydiving, what he did just now is insane! Right before jumping, he told his friends: “If there is a risk, it’s there. And you must take it. And I’m going to take it.”

It must feel really great to actually fly through the clouds, and you can see from this photo that Antti is having the time of his life. When he goes through the clouds, things seem to go wrong…

As we can clearly see, he is flying just like superheroes do in the movies. The movie directors who are filming The Avengers movies should consider giving Antti Pendikainen a role.

If there were people from below watching the entire stunt, what would they have thought when seeing a naked man falling towards them? After the jump, Antti told the media that he has always wanted to do this and that he spent one whole year to train for this jump.

“I’ve loved doing funny stunts ever since I was a young kid,” Antti said. At only 25 years old, this guy has done stunts other can only dream of! And he can definitely say that he jumped from a hot air balloon without a parachute and lived to tell the story!

After falling down for about one minute, one of Antti Pendikainen’s friends pulls out a special hook that will be used to keep him safe. However, here is where the tricky part comes in because the two men need to get close to each other.

Fortunately, Antti Pendikainen manages to get close to his friend right before he goes through a cloud. They hold each other’s hands in the fog and Antti takes the hook and puts it on his belt. He is now safe.

Antti’s friend safely hooks the daredevil and together they get closer to the ground, passing through dense clouds. ”I go through the performance in my head before, so I know the trick is under control before I do it,” explained Antti.

You could say it was the best feeling Antti had after pulling of this performance, and there’s no denying it! ”I’m never afraid – next I want to do something even more fun and crazy,” he added!

If there is one thing that we can be sure, then it has to be the fact that Antti Pendikainen was holding really tight to his friend. If he lets go, then he is in for lots of trouble.

Now that Antti Pendikainen and his friend were holding each other, all that was left was to find a safe spot to land. 

Even though what Antti Pendikainen did is quite insane, we can’t deny the fact that it looked amazing. Can you imagine how much of a rush he got while jumping out of the hot air balloon without a parachute?

There aren’t that many people who can say that they actually flew and chased clouds which makes Antti Pendikainen quite special. We think it’s safe to say that there aren’t many people who are going to try and do what he did.

The many different stunts Antti did helped him make a lot of memories. Unfortunately, during the Vesivehmaa Grand National round of the European Cross Country Cup, Antti was in a motorcycle accident…

“Antti died in a motorcycle accident on 26th May 2019 at Vesivehmaa. Antti did everything he loved. He loved much. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that Antti lived more during his 29 years than most of us ever do,” wrote his official page on social media. Although his family, friends and fans were heartbroken, we must admit this man lived his life to the full, even though it was only for a little while…


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