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Man Rejects Girlfriend On Kiss Cam So She Kisses A Stranger Next To Her

Louisa had been in a relationship with Marc for over 4 years. She felt like he was her perfect match. 

But she would soon learn that her boyfriend wasn’t who she thought he was. 

For Marc’s birthday, Louisa surprised him with two tickets to the basketball game with his favorite team playing. 

Marc was ecstatic when he opened her present. “Thank you so much, my love!” 

Fast forward to the day of the basketball game, and the couple arrived at the venue. 

But for some reason, Louisa felt uneasy, as if something terrible was about to happen to her…

Louisa and Marc watched Kiss Cam make the rounds. It made them happy to see that so many people had found their other half. 

Then, suddenly, the cam landed on them. Louisa got ready to kiss Marc for the camera, but he seemed more interested in his drink than his girlfriend. What was going on?

Still smiling, she tried to get Marc’s attention by tapping him on the shoulder. But he didn’t even look at her. 

Louisa felt like an absolute fool. How could he do this to her? 

Louisa didn’t know what to do, so she turned to the man on her left and kissed him on the lips. 

The stranger happily participated in her revenge plan as Marc still nursed his beloved beer. The crowd burst into laughter and started clapping for them. But how did Louisa’s boyfriend react?

After realizing what his girlfriend had just done, Marc stood up and left the stadium. Meanwhile, the stranger resumed sipping on his drink, wearing a big smile on his face. 

This hilarious Kiss Cam moment was uploaded to the Atlanta Hawks’ YouTube channel. And it wasn’t long before the footage went viral. So what did people think of Louisa’s scheme?

Some people believed that it was staged. “Seems horribly fake,” one person commented. 

Another person called Louisa and the stranger she kissed “mediocre actors” and suggested they could have done a better job at acting. 

Some people claimed that the whole video was “guerilla marketing” aimed to promote the soda that the “lucky” man was seen drinking.  

It wouldn’t be the first time, after all!

It’s no secret that some stadium production teams pose as couples who reject kisses on camera to create tension. 

They do so to keep the audience engaged and entertained. 

It’s also not rare for a staff member to randomly kiss a stranger for the benefit of the Kiss Cam. 

But some people believed it was real, and they went as far as to defend the couple on the Kiss Cam. 

“I was there. It wasn’t fake. My favorite part of the game! He walked out of the building!” one user commented. 

Perhaps some of these deniers were staff members themselves, trying to prove that the footage was, in fact, real. 

Nowadays, the Kiss Cam is used in many sports events. 

This feature came out in the ’80s when teams began adding huge video boards called “jumbotrons” to the stadiums. 

They showed live shots of the audience eating, drinking, cheering, and sometimes kissing to keep the fans entertained during breaks. 

It certainly is a great way to entertain visitors!

Many TV shows and films have had plots that revolve around the Kiss Cam, such as Modern Family, in which Phile Dunphy gives an awkward kiss to his mother-in-law, Gloria. 

Do you think Louisa’s kiss was staged?


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