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This Guy Tried To Rescue A Beaver, Got A Surprise Instead

A man was enjoying a walk along the creek until he saw a beaver in distress. But when he tried to save the animal he was amazed at what he pulled out.

Jim and his team were working carefully to free the trapped animal. They had been working for hours, and not a lot was going in their favor, the animal wouldn’t budge, and they were working on borrowed time. Soon, the animal would be weighed down by dried mud making it a lot heavier. But something caught Jim’s eye, and as soon as he looked closer, he stumbled backward. What had he just done?

Oklahoma is known for its incredible rural beauty, and Jim himself was lucky to call this place home. He lived in a town called Broken Arrow, just 116 miles from the city. Broken Arrow was home to extensive woodland fields and beautiful scenery that Jim himself would usually stroll through. But one day, on one of his daily walks with his dogs he saw something so odd, even his dogs didn’t want to get closer to it.

Jim and his dogs truly enjoyed their surroundings and everything it had to offer. Such terrain would let the pups run free while Jim relished in his stroll without worrying about them or their leashes. The trio went along their usual path which involved many dirt paths, and their local creek. But this day, in particular, was like no other. As he rounded the stream, he knew he had to explore further.

As Jim got closer to the mysterious find, he noticed something strange. His dogs started barking and growling towards the object, and as he tried to get even closer, both dogs got in his way – protecting him. What was this object? And why would his dogs not let him get anywhere near it? Dumfounded, Jim checked his surroundings, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, but as his dogs started retreating, he knew he would have to take them back home if he wanted to continue his investigation. He dropped the pups off and raced back to the mystery. But as he took a closer look, shivers immediately went up and down his spine.

The object was becoming more and more visible with every step Jim took. But still, he couldn’t fathom the thought that something was off about the whole situation. His need to know was more significant than his sense of dread, so as he continued to move forward, he finally saw what it was. An animal cage and it was apparent it had been there for some time. The type of cage he was looking at, were the ones you would use to transport animals. But when he peered inside, he immediately held his breath.

As he looked inside, he understood the odor. The ground of the enclosure had feces all around it; mounted dirt and soil had accumulated everywhere. Not only that, but there was a dirty blanket and a weighted chain. Someone had done this, Jim thought. And whatever it was, it was not there anymore. As he continued exploring the mysterious cage something else caught him by surprise. There was a huge bite mark on the side of the cage, something was struggling to get out. But whatever this creature was, it was very dangerous. Everything in his body and mind told him to retreat and go home, but then, he knew someone or something was looking at him.

Jim began to feel extremely nervous, and sweat started forming in puddles around his body. There was something out there in the woods. He knew it. As his heart beat fiercely in his chest, he thought the wisest thing to do was to try to scare the animal away. Jim started yelling and making as much noise as he could. To his surprise, the creature that was hiding didn’t seem to care; his​ actions just made the animal more intrigued by Jim. As the animal came out of hiding, he finally saw what it was. It was a beaver, and this little creature was trying to tell him something.

The whole situation was becoming very odd. His dogs had warned him about getting close to the mystery find, and now, a beaver seemed to be telling Jim to follow him. Was he dreaming? Jim pinched himself despite knowing that this was really happening and continued to follow the beaver on his path. Where was he taking Jim? And more importantly, what did he want with him?

As the beaver slowed down and eventually stopped, Jim took in his surroundings. They had stopped close to the creak and mud piled everywhere. He had no idea what he was doing there and more so, how long he had been following the critter. But as Jim looked a little closer, he finally understood why. There was something in the mud a couple of feet away from him, scrambling to get free.

Jim was curious now. He got a closer look at the struggling thing that was squirming in the mud. The odd mound was full of dirt and seemed to be really stuck. Jim jumped into action and knew he had to help the poor creature get free. But as soon as he started to help, he hadn’t thought about something critical. He had no idea what he was dealing with.

Jim quickly erased that thought from his mind. Surely under the big ball of dirt was a beaver, like the one who had led him there. They must have been family, and the critter was looking for help and found Jim. Beavers were common to the area, so this also confirmed Jim’s theory. Jim called his friends and told them about the situation, and soon, everyone was there to help the creature out. But one thing was for sure, they had forgotten one critical thing about the whole situation.

As they rallied to free the animal, it got hold of one of Jim’s friends’ arm. They all were perplexed, they had forgotten to take serious measures and now had to rush Jim’s friend to the hospital. Beavers are known to carry diseases like rabies, so it was no wonder that they were so alarmed by the bite. Still, some of them stayed behind to help the beaver out, but they needed to figure out a way to calm the animal and avoid getting attacked.

The beaver was distressed, none of them knew how long this poor guy had been trapped for. But as he kept squirming around the mud, the beaver was getting deeper and deeper into it. Jim had the ingenious idea to cover the beaver’s head. This could give it some sense of safety and also would avoid another unpleasant attack. It worked. The little guy had calmed down, and this allowed them to act faster around him, but still, the beaver wouldn’t move.

As the animal kept submerging itself in the mud, it made it harder for the team to free the animal. They were tired, and all their attempts were useless. But then, a spark of ingenuity came to Jim. They needed to pull this guy out, not dig around him. One of the guys found a rope, and they quickly fastened it to the beaver’s torso. But as soon as they did that, they realized they had no idea what they were dealing with.

They all began to pull and pull, but still, the beaver was so stuck in the mud their plan wasn’t working. They were not going to give up, so as they kept struggling and pulling him to safety they finally felt like they were making progress. They knew they were a couple of yanks away from getting him out of the mud, so they did! The beaver was lifted to dry ground, and all of the team were exhausted but thrilled. Jim got closer to the beaver and wiped the mud off his face, but at that moment, he stumbled backward. This creature was not a beaver, they had had it wrong the whole time.

As Jim kept clearing the mud from the creature’s face, he could finally see what he had been dealing with the whole time. The animal was no beaver, but a beautiful sheepdog. All team members were perplexed. How did this little guy get here? And then, that’s when Jim remembered the animal cage. The dog was running away from being trapped in the cage and subsequently got caught in the mud. The situation seemed surreal to the group, they had been led there by a beaver to rescue a dog. All in all, the pup seemed to be in good condition, but now, the group couldn’t just let the dog wild in the woods. Jim had an amazing idea.

The team had to act, and Jim knew exactly what to do. He called a rescue organization, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. And soon, everyone was involved in the care of this dog. But still, some problems needed to be faced. They named the dog Teddy, because of his cuddly and furry appearance. But Teddy was wary of humans, and more so, the vet had some disappointing news to share.

The vet revealed that Teddy had been chained up for quite some time, not letting him get enough exercise. He was severely overweight, and that is why he also struggled so much to free himself from the mud. Not only that, but his weight issue affected his joints, making every movement he made excruciatingly painful. As the pup had been in the creek for what the vet suspected were days, Teddy also had PTSD making it very hard for him to cope and not be wary of humans. However, there was one silver lining.

Teddy warmed up to one person in particular; the receptionist at the animal shelter. Teddy was suspicious of everyone except her. She visited Teddy daily, and as their confidence grew, they even shared a couple of cuddles. This was immense progress, and it showed that Teddy was indeed recuperating nicely. The shelter had a brilliant idea to show Teddy he was truly safe.

The shelter knew it was time to find him his forever home. He was warming up to people, and this made him an ideal candidate for adoption. Even though adoptions are tricky, everyone seemed to love Teddy! He became a sensation overnight, and the shelter knew that he would find a loving family soon. No doubt, then months after his muddy ordeal, he did.


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