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Man Was Taking Photos Of His Pregnant Wife When Suddenly He Saw A Strange Creature Emerging From The Sea

One woman and her husband decided to do one last pregnancy photoshoot before going into labor. And they thought the beach would be a perfect place to capture a few photos of her growing belly. 

Everything was going according to the plan when he suddenly saw something strange emerging from the ocean. 

Dan Mozer was looking forward to snapping a few photos of his beautiful wife next to the ocean. He was mesmerized by the wonderful location, warm weather, and her baby bump. 

But he didn’t realize that all this time, a horrifying creature was hiding in the waves, something he had never seen before.

Since his wife, Angeline, was already in her third trimester, moving quickly was difficult for her. 

Although the location and lighting were perfect, they soon realized it was going to be a dangerous location for this photoshoot. Since Dan and his wife were new to the area, they weren’t aware of the unpredictable weather conditions. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant storm approached the beach, ruining the magical photoshoot. 

The couple decided to go home and try again another time when the weather would be better. Disappointed, they packed their things and drove home. Little did they know that the next time around would be a lot more dangerous than the first. 

However, before the storm approached, Dan managed to take this amazing photo of the beach. 

This image inspired him to come back and take more photos, but this time, with his gorgeous wife in the focus. He had no idea that the disaster was waiting just around the corner. 

Dan checked the weather forecast to have an idea when would be the best time for the next photoshoot. With Angeline getting closer to her due date, he feared they wouldn’t have enough time. 

So, Dan decided to do the photoshoot the following weekend. But there was one thing he didn’t consider before bringing his wife to the beach. 

The couple wasn’t aware that the Jacksonville area is infamous for its shark sitings. The Great White sharks have attacked the coastguard boats before, and many people are hesitant to visit the beach because of that. 

However, there was another creature swimming in the ocean that no one seemed to pay attention to. 

Every year, new unprovoked shark attacks are reported in Jacksonville, leaving people horrified. As a result, some beaches get closed down after several incidents so that others are aware of the severity of the situation. 

But since Dan and his wife were new to the area, they didn’t know any of that. But as they soon realized, the sharks would be the least of their worries. 

That year, there had been multiple shark attacks in Jacksonville during the warm summer months. This area is home to the aggressive bull shark, also known as the “Zambezi shark.”

Angeline and Dan didn’t realize how dangerous it was to take photos by the beach. And the following weekend, they headed to the area once again. 

Dan and Angeline headed to the beach on a warm sunny Saturday, preparing to finally take some amazing shots. 

It was slightly windy, and the waves made the photos even more stunning. Angeline decided to get into the water for a few more photos, a decision she would regret for the rest of her life. 

While Angeline was in the water, she noticed people pointing at something in the sea and screaming. Before she and Dan could realize what was going on, her life was in danger. 

There was a shark swimming nearby, scaring everyone away. Fortunately, despite being slowed down by her belly, Angeline managed to make it to the shore on time. But this didn’t stop them from continuing their photoshoot. And the next time she stepped into the water, the luck wouldn’t be on her side. 

The couple was still determined to get the perfect photo of Angeline in the water. So, they continued walking around the beach and looking for new areas to take pictures. 

Angeline decided to get in the water once again, hoping the shark had already left the area. However, she couldn’t have been more wrong. 

The sea began to thrash, and Angeline realized she wasn’t alone in the water. Looking through his camera lens, her husband noticed something moving in her direction. 

Before he had the chance to warn her, the creature began to pick up speed as it swam towards his wife. 

Dan couldn’t believe how fast the creature was swimming. The worst of all, there was nothing he could do about it. 

Dan thought of the shark they had seen earlier that day and felt his anxiety creeping in. Would he save her?

Fortunately, once the creature surfaced, he realized it was just a dolphin. Dan wanted to capture this beautiful moment on camera, but the dolphin re-submerged before he had the chance to. 

But then, something unexpected happened. 

The animal leaped up once again, and this time, Dan was able to catch it on camera. The couple finally got the perfect shot, one they will never forget. 

He was able to take a few more photos of his wife and the dolphin in the background, thanks to the burst setting on his camera. When they returned home, Dan shared the photos on Facebook, and his post quickly went viral. 

Although the day started out a bit scary, the photoshoot turned out to be amazing. The people who saw his photos couldn’t believe how lucky they were to capture this rare moment on camera. 

Some people wanted an update on the baby, and Dan gave them one. 

The couple gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Courtland Thomas. Just look at that happy, blue-eyed boy!

Many soon-to-be moms can only dream of having a pregnancy photoshoot as beautiful as this one. But sometimes, pregnancy photoshoots don’t go as planned. Check out these funny photo fails! 

Dan and his wife were lucky that even though they didn’t hire a photographer, they were able to take some amazing photos using his camera. 

However, some couples weren’t so lucky. Instead of romantic photographs, this couple got something unexpected. Why is there a gun in this photo? And what does it have to do with the pregnancy? We aren’t sure…

We’re really not sure what this woman was trying to achieve when she asked to photoshop a full-grown man in the fetal position on her pregnant belly. 

Did she think this would look cute? Yikes!

Does this couple have a dark sense of humor? Or maybe their pregnancy photoshoot didn’t turn out as planned?

Anyhow, it’s one of the most disturbing pregnancy shots we’ve ever seen on the internet. Just look at those eyes!

Pregnancy photoshoots are meant to be romantic, but this couple took it to another level.

This photo of a naked couple is anything but romantic. Well, whatever works for them!

This woman must be a devoted hockey fan. Otherwise, we can’t think of another reason why she would want her children dressed in hockey attire as her pregnancy photoshoot. 

I think we can all agree that the caged masks are a little too much. But if you think this is bad, the next photo is worse.

Instead of looking like a loving husband, this man looks like a stalker who is hiding in the grass. 

And it seems like he had no idea he was going to be in the frame at all. 

Like Dan and his wife, this couple also wanted to take some romantic photos on the beach. 

However, their dogs didn’t seem to care in the slightest when they decided to mate in the background of this photo. They decided to keep this hilarious photograph and even shared it on Reddit. “Pregnancy photograph hilariously ruined/improved by our lovably moronic dogs. Who apparently possess both comedic timing and a vague understanding of irony,” they said. 

Another Reddit user also shared her hilarious pregnancy photo. 

“One of our goats and I are both pregnant with twins and due the same week. I made her dress up and take maternity photos with me,” she explained. 

This little boy wasn’t happy about having to pose for the camera, and he looks like he just wanted to go home.

“And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos,” his mom shared on Reddit.

This girl isn’t pleased about her mom having another child, and she isn’t even trying to hide it. 

A family friend explained this situation, which made it even funnier, “My friend’s family wore the colors of the gender they preferred for the new baby…”

Meeting your sibling for the first time is exciting, and these two boys couldn’t wait to see the baby.  

“I had just had my third son in less than 4 years. My 2 year-old jumped up on the bed to meet the baby and onto my c-section incision and my 3 year old dropped his pants.”

For this couple, a pregnancy shoot was an opportunity to show off their creative skills. 

One woman wrote on Reddit: “‘I didn’t ask for this,’ said our very stubborn 2.5 year old. He had the same expression in every photo from the session.”

“We were trying to make a rainbow with smoke bombs for our pregnancy announcement. The plan was for my husband to light them really fast then take a picture in front of them.”

“We didn’t know this picture happened till days later going through all the pictures. We realized it looked like my husband farted, and my daughter smelled it.”

“This is my Dad the morning after finding out my Mom was pregnant with my brother. 1982.”

We can’t imagine what he must’ve gone through the night before. 

“Had a baby three weeks ago and bought these. ‘Pump anywhere,’ they said. ‘It’s whisper quiet, nobody will know you’re pumping at all,’ they said.”

Well, at least she noticed it eventually!

It looks like not all children are happy about having siblings. 

“My sister and her boyfriend were so excited to share their announcement. My nephew was…less than impressed.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “This picture was taken very shortly after our son was born. My father-in-law wanted to capture the beautiful moment and get a nice family photo.”

“But after over 24 hours of labor, this is what you get. My husband looks pretty rested, though, so that’s cool.”

It’s always a good time to take a selfie, said no one ever. This devoted husband couldn’t wait any longer as he captured this hilarious photo. 

“I had a medicated pregnancy, and my husband dutifully took pictures the entire time. This is when they started to sew me up and apparently the most opportune time to take a selfie.”

This soon-to-be dad also couldn’t resist taking a quick selfie with his pregnant wife. 

“My husband decided to do a selfie while I was having multiple unsuccessful attempts to run an IV in my hand while being prepped for a C-Section. This was nurse #3 and the ninth time they attempted to run the IV.”

“My friend’s pregnant wife dropped the picture frame and knocked off some letters. Still technically correct.”

Well, she isn’t wrong through! 

“My sister was in hard labor for over 24 hours. I just found out she was getting ready to have a C section. So I was on the horn letting everyone know I was able to go in and watch.”

It’s safe to say that she will never forget this moment. 


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