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McDonald’s Is The Most Unpredictable Place Ever!

McDonald’s has been in our lives for a whopping 77 years now, after being founded in 1940. Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, first set up their barbecue restaurant all those years ago, without realizing how truly massive it would become. It wasn’t until 1953, however, that the first franchised restaurant with the famous Golden Arches was opened up. Over the last 77 years, McDonald’s has grown to be one of the most recognizable brands in the whole world. We all have fond memories of McDonald’s; from the epic birthday parties, you could have through to late night stop-offs after parties. You’re bound to see some weird and wonderful things every now and then. A bit like WalMart, which definitely seems to attract some colorful characters. These photos go to prove that there’s nowhere quite like the Golden Arches of Maccy D’s!

Free Wi-Fi

Look, if you’re going to advertise free Wi-Fi as a selling point to your fast food establishment, don’t be surprised if people start bringing in all of their devices. While you may have expected most people to bring in their laptops and tablets, one woman took it a step further when she brought in her entire personal computer. Like… How heavy was that to carry around? Someone needs to hook this lady up with some modern technology.

Do you sell treats?

“Excuse me, ma’am; I’d like one Big Mac meal for my owner and some treats for myself. Thanks, I’ll drive through.” Imagine going to work one morning, expecting to serve hundreds of hungry (human) customers and then seeing this through the window. Okay, so the beagle is totally adorable, and we’d give it anything it ordered, but it’s still totally insane. We might try this with our Pug and see if we get the same reaction.

A threatening message

Okay, so this is totally creepy (and also a little bit hilarious). This disgruntled customer obviously wasn’t very happy with the lack of crayons when they attended this McDonald’s – and so they decided to make their feelings clear with a rather disturbing message written in… tomato sauce. We hope. We can even see the offending chip that was turned into a writing utensil for this particular letter of complaint. It may be kinda creepy, but you wanna bet that this McDonald’s definitely got in some crayons after receiving it.

I can see you

You know the phrase, “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head”? Well, usually it’s said by a mom to her kids to stop them from misbehaving, but this guy means it quite literally. This creepy tattooed guy is the kind of person you’d see in those WalMart articles about how kooky their shoppers are… Wait, is that a WalMart bag in his hand? Well, there we go then. We wouldn’t want to be standing behind him in the queue to be honest. We’ll go to KFC!

Triple ice-burger

Who doesn’t love an ice-cream sandwich? It’s definitely in our top 20 food items (we like food, okay?!) but we’ve never seen McDonald’s selling them. It looks like this customer made a seriously smart move when they asked for the delicious McDonald’s ice-cream in a burger bun – thus making their very own ice cream sandwich. We are definitely going to give this a try the next time we fancy a sweet treat from McDonald’s.

DJ Ronald McDonald

Trying to make it big in the world of music is hard work. You can struggle for months just to get your first gig, and you’ll likely take anything that comes your way right at the beginning. This guy certainly isn’t fussy about what kind of gigs he takes. Who knew that McDonald’s did raves?! And how do we get invites to a McDonald’s party? We can imagine there’s some epic food available at this kind of gig.

Potato party

Maybe the DJ was hired for this potato party?! They’re a real thing in Asia… Seriously. The aim is to buy a whole ton of fries (about $250 worth in this case), and then no one is allowed to leave until every single fry has been consumed. What disturbs us is the entire lack of sauce in this photo. We’d get some serious dry mouth eating that many fries without a whole load of condiment to dip into.

Nex’ level planking

We miss the whole planking craze… Whatever happened to that? In case you don’t know what planking is (where have you been?!), it’s basically where you lie on stuff like you’re a wooden plank. And this guy has taken it to a whole ‘nother level with his planking on the McDonald’s famous golden arches. We want to know how he got up there and how he’s not absolutely terrified of falling off. He must have some massive chicken nuggets!

Hiding the healthy

Everyone’s mom tried to make them eat healthy all the time, right? Well, this mom went one step further when her children wouldn’t stop eating McDonald’s. She tried to disguise fruit as a burger and fries from her kid’s favorite fast food joint. While she may not have managed to fool them, we can’t help but admire her handiwork. We would still rather have a real Big Mac and fries though, sorry mom!


What did you want to be when you grew up? A ballet dancer? A vet? A firefighter? How about Ronald McDonald? We hope that this was just an epic costume party outfit and not her usual outfit – but, each to their own. The level of detail in this Ronald McDonald outfit is pretty amazing though; we have to give her that. She’s even managed to paint on that seriously creepy smile that the McDonald’s clown is so famous for.


We love a good tattoo fail, so this definitely ticks all of the right boxes for us. This teen from Stian Ytterdahl said that he got the tattoo of a McDonald’s receipt on his arm because his friends thought he’d been a bit too lady-happy recently and needed to be punished. He had the choice of a Barbie doll on his derriere or the receipt on his arm. Obviously, he’s not a lunatic, so he went for the receipt. Also, that seems like quite a large McDonald’s order… We wanna know what he had!

Is this a dream?

We have absolutely no idea what is going on in this photo and whether it’s something we’ve just dreamt up. Why is there a man sitting in his pajamas in the background? Why does that person have a horse’s head on? Why is everyone else acting like nothing is happening? We have a feeling we’re going to wake up soon, and this is all just going to be one seriously sketchy dream. Someone pinch us!

Long wait times

Don’t you hate it when you get to the drive-through, and the queue is ridiculously long? It turns out, this person couldn’t wait for food any longer, and by the time they got to the window, starvation had hit them. The poor McDonald’s worker looks absolutely terrified of the driving skeleton, before finding out it was a prank (phew). We think we would rather have had the Beagle making his order than this! Turns out, pranking McDonald’s staff is pretty hilarious though.

Happy Birthday!

Imagine being so much of a McDonald’s fan that your girlfriend orders you an entire fast food cake for your birthday?! That’s exactly what happened to Ben, who is clearly a McDonald’s Megafan! We love the level of detail on this cake, from the glistening potatoes through to the sachet of ketchup spilling over the fries. In fact, this is making our stomachs rumble a little bit. Where can we get a McDonald’s cake?

Make yourself at home

McDonald’s has become such a well-known name that we often see people turning up in their pajamas or their sweatpants, just to tuck into their favorite fast food treats. However, some people take it a step further by truly making themselves at home once they have finished chowing down. The chairs in their restaurants aren’t even that comfy, so we don’t know how tired these people must have been to be able to sleep in them!

Nice hat

As we’ve already seen, some people like to wear weird and wonderful clothes to McDonald’s. However, this is easily one of the strangest fashion trends we have ever seen. Was it a dare? We can’t work out why on earth someone would put underwear on their heads, nevermind then leave the house and go to McDonald’s wearing them. Maybe they were promised a whole box of 20 nuggets if they went through the dare – that’s the only reason we’d wear underwear on our heads in McDonald’s.

The Golden Arches

We love a good ol’ eyebrow trend! From the Instagram brows (dreamy) through the glitter brows, it seems as though the world can’t get enough of playing around with eyebrow hair. However, this is one trend we hope doesn’t catch on. This is Huda Kattan, a beauty blogger who decided to show off her love for McDonald’s with eyebrows that replicate The Golden Arches. She has used foundation to hide her natural brows, giving her one of the most bizarre (but actually kinda cool) looks of the eyebrow world.

Burger King takeover

When 15 men dressed as Ronald McDonald stormed a local branch of Burger King, the staff didn’t know what to think. Were they trying to rob them? Were they after their secret burger recipe? Nope, they were just at a themed party and thought it’d be hilarious to tease the staff of Burger King. They were right; it was hilarious. We also love how there is just one Hamburglar in the whole group – we have a feeling her might be the birthday boy.

Thanks for the ice cream

Ever heard of ‘coning’ before? It’s where you order an ice-cream, and then, instead of taking it by the cone, you take it by the ice-cream itself. It makes for a truly epic (if slightly) messy prank and definitely one we could see ourselves doing. This prankster managed to get his coning act on camera, which also captures the look of bewilderment on the McDonald’s worker’s face. She definitely didn’t see that ‘coning.’ See what we did there?

You’re under arrest

This naughty Ronald McDonald statue found himself being destroyed by police in Guangzhou for breaking some serious laws. What could he have been doing?! Mugging passers-by? Disturbing the peace? Scaring young children? Nope, turns out that it’s illegal to put outdoor advertisements in the way of pedestrians, especially as it could cause a tripping hazard. Poor Ronald was demolished and taken away for a crime he didn’t even know he was committing.

Vroom Vroom!

You know that MTV show where Xzibit turns up to your house, takes your car away, and then does amazing things to it? Yeah… This isn’t that show. This is just some guy who has taken matters into his own hands to create the ultimate Ronald McDonald wagon. Even the rims have the trademark McDonald’s M on them – and just look at that interior. This is the kind of attention to detail that we appreciate as fellow McDonald’s fans.

Bad Ronald!

Some people absolutely love Ronald McDonald; others are absolutely petrified of the McDonald’s clown mascot. This person is giving those who are scared to really fear the red and yellow clown. We want to know who picks the odd statue poses for their McDonald’s mascot. This one definitely looks like he is giving the guy a good telling off. Maybe it’s because he tried to order mayonnaise for his fries instead of ketchup. Or maybe he took the pickle out of his burger… Ronald hates that.

McFish(net) sandwich

Do people really order fish from McDonald’s anymore….? Sorry, we got distracted, because we’re trying to avoid even looking at this picture. Of all the strange things you could wear to McDonald’s (we thought the underwear on the head was the weirdest), this outfit definitely takes the prize. It’s a guy, in matching leopard print underwear, and fishnets. What was he thinking? Where had he been? Does he always go and get fast food in this ensemble?

The “McChariot”

We know that people like to go through the drive-through in weird and wonderful ways; sometimes as a joke or prank and other times because that’s their form of transport. Who are we to judge if this family doesn’t have a car? Some people have chariots, and that’s okay. It turns out this photo was taken in South America, where apparently it’s quite common for people to go through the drive-through with their horses. Hope they got their horse something to eat, too.

Waiting all night

What did we do before most McDonald’s were 24-hours and we were hungry? Well, if you’re anything like these two women then you’d sit outside and wait. If you look at the clock on the right, they still have two hours left before it opens. You know what though, we think this is kind of smart. At least you know the food is going to be seriously fresh if you’re the first customers of the day. Mmmm, fresh hash browns.

A tough paper round

Poor Ronald is looking like he’s had it tough over the last however many decades, in this photo. When McDonald’s gets busy, he has to take over and help out on the tills, and you can tell this isn’t his favorite part of the job. With a face like that he’s hardly going to win Employee of the Month. What happened Ronald? We always thought you were so cheery! Now we can see why some kids are so scared of you.

Nice try

What happens if you don’t have a car or a chariot? You can’t walk through the drive-through, it’s totally frowned upon at McDonald’s. These guys had an ingenious idea – they would make a cardboard car and try to sneak it through the drive-through! Unfortunately, it seems as though the manager (wise one that he is) wasn’t falling for that trick. The guys got reprimanded before they even made it to the first window, which means no chicken nuggets for them – boo!

Dumpster diving

We have so many questions about this photo. How short is this guy that he fits into such a small bin? Why does he have such a crazed look in his eyes? What is he doing in the trash can in the first place? Is he diving for leftovers? So many questions and absolutely no answers. If you are this guy – or you know what he’s doing – then please put your answers on a postcard and send them our way!

Errand boy

His wife told him to do the laundry, but all he wanted to do was go and get McDonald’s. So that he doesn’t fall into a Big Mac coma and forget what he was supposed to be doing, he’s decided to wear his laundry basket on his head. At least now he won’t forget to put that laundry load in, and he can still stock up on all of his favorite fast food treats. Well, that’s the only explanation we can think of for wearing a laundry basket on your head.

Where’s McDonald’s?

You know when you’re desperately trying to hunt down McDonald’s because your stomach is rumbling and nothing will fill it like a box of 20 nuggets? We have all been there, and boy are we glad that the clever fast food chain has invested in signage to point the way for us, because otherwise we’d be so lost. Just in case you didn’t notice the giant McDonald’s restaurant on the right, there’s a handy sign letting you know it’s 20 seconds thattaway… Thank goodness!


Forget Comic-Con – that is so 2016. Instead, head over to McDonald’s in your favorite cosplay and you’re bound to bump into someone with the same idea as you. This Batman doesn’t appear too happy to be pestered by a Stormtrooper, while he’s trying to eat his burger and become the hero that Gotham needs. But that’s Stormtroopers for you; they don’t care who they annoy – they are part of the Dark Side after all.

That’s not Ronald!

We’re all very aware that the mascot of McDonald’s is a slightly creepy, red-haired clown, right? However, if you look closely at the background of this photo, then you’ll notice another (creepier) red-haired clown. These three kids were just trying to have a nice picture together in McDonald’s when the scariest clown we have ever seen decides to photobomb them. That is definitely not Ronald McDonald! And why is he in a white van? We’re freaked out.



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