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Meet Russia’s Most Spoiled Teenagers Of Instagram


A young girl poses next her gold-coloured Porsche

This teen wearing a mask sits on the bonnest of his expensive sports cars

Private jets and all

Vactioning on daddy’s yacht

A horse next to a Lamborghini at a beautiful street somewhere in Russia

Kristina Filippova inside a lavishly decorated room

Anya Udodova posing next to her private jet

Anna Fursova stands next to her sports car just outside the Casino de Monte-Carlo

“Daddy is going to be upset when he see’s his bank statement”

A spectacularly-coated golden sports car outside of a beautiful home

“My dog drinks more expensive champagne than you”

A young man is photographed next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a black tie event

Showing off money, two kids pose inside a nightclub

A young girl stands next to a brand new Porsche with flowers and a teddybear

Sending a quick text

Females draped over a luxury vehicle outside of a gigantic home

Of course, whats life without an exotic pet and luxury car?

Because time is money…

“Oops I may have gone overboard”

We thought a lion was strange…

Gold-plated champagne (with a view)

Swimming with exotic animals

Yacht, jet ski, champagne – yep, life is good

“Even my baby sister drives a nicer car than you”


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