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Meet Tilly Lockey, The Superhero Teenager With Bionic Arms!

If you are a fan of superhero movies, then we have just the perfect story for you. Tilly Lockey is a young girl from the United Kingdom and just like most superheroes, she has a heartfelt origin story. Tilly has lost both of her arms when she was only 15 months old but despite that, she is now living a great life thanks to technology. Tilly is a world-renowned model and her best assets aside from her beautiful and joyful smile are her bionic arms.

Meet Tilly Lockey! She is a teenager who lives in County Durham and as we can see in this picture, she is not your average teenager. She is a special girl and she isn’t afraid to show who she really is.

As previously mentioned in the beginning, Tilly has lost both her arms when she was 15 months old. Fortunately for her, technology is now helping her live a normal life. She has bionic arms just like a superhero and they are helping her do things that other people in her condition couldn’t even dream about.

Tilly is an all-round great person and thanks to her unique look and beautiful smile, she is a successful model. Every top magazine is fighting to get photo shoots with Tilly and amazing bionic arms. Tilly is the only model in the world who can user her hands as accessories!

The great thing about Tilly is that she loves to show off her bionic arms. She openly talks about them and during an interview she was eager to reveal how through muscle senses and contractions she can control the bionic arms.

The bionic arms have been programmed to have multiple grips so that Tilly can use them for everyday tasks such as brushing her teeth or tying her shoes. This is something that people with amputated hands can never achieve. Tilly is a lucky girl.

Tilly said that one of the things that she had to get used at first was the fact that everyone was staring at her. This was unpleasant to her until she realized that people are just curious.

Tilly was born a healthy baby and everything was looking great. However, her health started getting worse when she 15 months old. Her mother didn’t waste any time and rushed her to the hospital.

The doctors analyzed and sadly, they didn’t give her a proper diagnosis. The doctors believed that had a simple ear infection and they sent her home. Tilly’s mother said that she could feel that something was wrong right from the start but there wasn’t something that she could do about it.

It didn’t take long for Tilly’s mother to realize that the little girl’s hands are turning a different color. Tilly was rushed to the hospital once again and this is when the doctors realized that she had contracted Group B meningococcal septicemia. Things were not looking good for her.

The doctors had to make a tough call and they amputated Tilly’s hands. There was no other choice since the disease could spread. However, Tilly is not blaming anyone for what happened and she is doing her best to live a happy life.

When asked about how she feels about the fact that she is unique, Tilly decided to give everyone a solid advice and said that we all need to learn to love ourselves. Being unique is not always a bad thing.

Tilly is now seen a superhero and she has even become an internet star thanks to her bionic arms. Although, no one should be surprised to find out that Tilly is followed by thousands of people on Instagram when she looks so amazing.

One of the most interesting things that Tilly had to share was that she is seeing her bionic arms as accessories. The same way other girls pick purses to fit their dresses, Tilly picks her bionic arms.

Back in 2016 Tilly became the world’s first person to have 3D printed bionic arms. She is now using the 3D printer to create different models that she can use during her photo shoots.

The best thing about the bionic arms is that they are allowing Tilly to live a normal life. The young girl never has to ask anyone for help because she can do everything by herself.

Tilly has learned how to do just about anything with help form her bionic arms and she does her own makeup! Isn’t that amazing?

Tilly actually got so good at applying makeup that she is doing it for her friends as well. Tilly is an incredible girl and there is no doubt about that.

Even though the bionic arms might be what catches people’s attention when looking at Tilly, her smile is what makes her so amazing.

While Tilly might be a teenager, she has decided to use her internet fame for a good thing. She wants to raise awareness on Group B meningococcal septicemia and help other kids.

If there is something that we can take from this story, then it has to be the fact that with a positive attitude we can do anything in life. Just look at Tilly for example!


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