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Meet Twin Sisters You Wouldn’t Believe Are Related…See Them Now At 18!

Parents Donna and Vince Aylmer were excited for Donna’s ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy of their fourth child. They were shocked when they found out they were having twins! Already bracing for the fact that they would have two new babies, on the delivery day both parents were shocked to see their twins with completely different skin tones. You won’t believe how different they look as college freshmen.  


The twins Maria and Lucy Aylmer were born on January 16, 1997, in Gloucester, England. Their parents eventually divorced and co-parented the twins. Both parents came from different ethnic backgrounds, which contributed to the differentiating skin color of their twins.

Different Ethnic Backgrounds

Donna is half Jamaican and Vince is Caucasian. Instead of giving birth to mixed skin tone babies, they had one white and one black child.  

Non-Identical Twins

Lucy and Maria were born as non-identical twins. This means they are from separate eggs. The mother came from a mixed Jamaican heritage, so she had both Afro-Caribbean and white skin. It was pretty much a coin toss on what skin color the twins would end up with.

Dressing The Same

Donna chose to dress the girls in the exact same outfits, like most mothers of twins would. This confused strangers because it appeared the girls weren’t related at all.  

Their Siblings

The twins’ older brothers George (25) and Jordan (23), have a light-brown skin tone. Their older sister, Chynna is 24 years old. She has the same complexion as the boys. Neither of the twins got the light brown skin tone. Lucy’s skin is pale white and very fair while Maria’s is very dark.

Their Grandmother

While the twins are at opposite ends of the spectrum for complexion, the rest of the family is in between. Their grandmother has a very fair English rose complexion, just like Lucy.  

Eyes And Hair

Lucy’s eyes are blue-green and Maria’s are dark brown. Lucy looks like she could be a true Irish girl with beautiful natural red hair. Maria’s hair is a wild web of thick black curls,which she hated.

What They Each Don’t Like

Maria has always hated her curly hair while Lucy hated her pale skin. Lucy would get bullied about how fair her complexion was. Most of her peers thought she was adopted and called her a ghost.  

They Share The Same Pain

Most twins are known for having a sort of psychic bond with each other. Unfortunately Lucy and Maria did not share this twin ability. They did sometimes experience the same physical pains in the same places at the same time.

Lucy Straightens Her Hair

As Lucy got older, she started to straighten her hair because it was so curly. She wears it pin straight now.  

Time To Dress Differently

When the twins turned 7 years old, they told their mom that they didn’t want to dress alike anymore. They said that since they do not look alike, they didn’t want to wear the same thing. Lucy admitted that she didn’t feel like a twin.

How The Young Ladies Look Today!

Introducing the 18-year-old twins, Lucy and Maria. They are all grown up and embrace their different styles. They both love the hairstyles and makeup that enhance each of their beautiful physical features.  

More Outgoing

Maria claims that she is far more outgoing than her sister. Lucy is pretty shy. Lucy admitted they used to not be close. But have grown closer as they got older.

A Distant Bond As Youngsters

If they had looked similar or even identical then they would have had a closer bond. They both have such different personalities too.  

Getting Older And Growing Closer

Now that they are older, even though they still look so different, the bond between them is much stronger. They call themselves best friends nowadays. They have embraced how different they are and how much positive attention and feedback their story has received.

What They Look Like To Everyone Else

Most twins look like two peas in a pod. These two couldn’t look more different. They don’t look like yet have the same parents, let alone were born at the same time. Most people don’t believe the twins when they say they are related.  

Even Their Friends Don’t Believe Them

Maria tells the story of how one of her friends saw her interview and later asked her, “You’re really a twin? That’s really your sister?” Her friend did not believe it until she saw it on TV.

Starting College

Lucy attends Gloucester College as an art student and Maria is pursuing law at Cheltenham College. Maria loves telling people at college that she has a white twin while Lucy is very proud of having a black twin. The two young women are finally both happy and proud to tell their story.  

Birth Certificates

Friends have even made them produce their birth certificates to prove it. Their family has stuck together and their siblings give their full support.

Off To A Successful Start


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