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Meghan Markle Is Struggling To Fit Into The Royal Family, Prince Charles Has Made It Clear

Feminist icon, Germaine Greer, was interviewed recently and said that Meghan is faking her love and commitment for Prince Harry in order to live a more “high” life. Greer is a controversial feminist who has openly said she doesn’t believe Meghan is genuine in her marriage to Harry. 

Greer was sure that Meghan was going to call off the royal wedding before it took place. She was surprised she went through with it as she is convinced that it’s all for show. Her concerns came public after the royal couple announced that they plan on stepping away from their senior roles in the Royal Family. The public, and Greer, say this was all part of her plan. 

Many people think that this form of abdication on their part was all part of Meghan’s ploy to get herself back to Hollywood. Greer comments about how the wedding itself was a Hollywood event and that it showed just how celebrity hungry Meghan is and her need to climb up the fame ladder. 

Greer said: “The marriage was terrible too, because it was full of showbiz personalities, as if Megan lived in a completely artificial world. The whole point about showbiz – it’s not real, and it won’t sustain you.” Greer continued by saying that she wasn’t at all surprised when they announced that they are stepping back and moving across the pond. 

Greer and other close members of the Royal Family are in the mindset that one day soon, Meghan is going to bolt. Originally, the bolting was referred to the wedding, but now it is a matter of time (they say) before she has spent enough time in this facade and will finally decide to up and leave. 

Meghan was not born royal, which means she did not learn from an early age how to act as such. Growing up in the United States to divorced parents was not exactly the upbringing the British monarchy thought about for one of their darling princes. However, this love story happened whether the royal family or public approved and so it is now time to see if this will actually work out. Initially, Meghan seemed to have been mixing perfectly with the family and acting in a manner befitting a new royal. However, over time she has started doing things her own way and it is said that the reason for that has to do with her struggling to git into the royal fold, despite being married to Harry and welcoming baby Archie. These events are proof that this struggle is real.  

Meghan came from a background that was used to the public eye. Being an actress, she knew people would be watching her every move when she was out in public. However, being a member of the royal family requires certain traditions to be followed. During the Queen’s Trooping the Color, a really awkward moment took place when the national anthem began to play… 

The Trooping the Color is a happy occasion where the Queen’s official birthday is celebrated, as well as a celebration of the armies. The famous balcony scene where the entire royal fold is standing to greet the people and see the plane fly over takes place at that time. However, people were wondering why Kate Middleton was front row, and Meghan was all the way in the back. Then there was the moment Meghan just wanted to say something to Harry… 

The moment Meghan turned around, Harry asked her to turn her eyes back forward. Lip reading experts literally read his lips and said: “Yes, that’s right… Turn around… look.” This exchange seemed very tense as you can see Harry’s face and Meghan’s was not exactly a happy one. This made onlookers interested as to why Harry was being so hard on Meghan, perhaps there was something more to this tif? 

It is implied that the reason Harry told Meghan to turn around was due to the fact that the national anthem was playing and it would be considered incredibly rude to turn around. There were those who said that Harry was making sure the kids were paying full attention during the anthem. When he saw that Meghan was not doing what the kids were, this is what triggered him… 

Something similar happened to Kate Middleton when she was speaking with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands during the Order of the Garter ceremony. Camilla was there with them and had asked them both to stop talking and face forward. They dutifully obliged and while it is a similar situation for sure, it was done in a much nicer way than how Harry spoke to Meghan which is what was mostly noticed. 

Where there is drama there are rumors. This was just the case when there were rumors about Meghan and Harry not being in the best place. Another rumor surfaced that when Chelsy arrived back in England after a trip she wanted to reach out to Harry to make sure he was doing well. A source said, “I don’t have any doubt that Chelsy was the love of Harry’s life and he will always carry a torch for her.” 

After the incident where Harry asked Meghan to turn around, there were many sources who spoke to her issue with protocols. “I see Meghan still doesn’t follow protocol, Harry had to correct her and tell her to face forward.. TWICE,” an insider claimed. “She eventually turned around and looked like she was going to start crying.” There are a few reasons for why Meghan has such a hard time conforming, and the main one has to do with cultural differences. 

A major detail that always rubbed the royal family the wrong way was the fact that Meghan was divorced. Meghan was married to Trevor Engelson in 2011 after dating for many years. They filed for divorce in 2013, and while that was a long time ago it was something the royal family frowned upon greatly and were difficult about it with her. The royals have never been known for their flexibility. 

Meghan and Harry only recently launched their joint Instagram account under the handle Sussex Royal. E News royal expert, Melanie Bromley, immediately thought there was something fishy about the account. She said that they were constantly making little mistakes. She brought attention to the fact that there were errors such as using “everyday” instead of “every day” and using terns like diapers and cribs instead of the British way of nappies. 

Meghan may also not be fitting in because the royals have a preconceived notion of her due to her acting career. It was Prince Philip who spoke to Harry about marrying Meghan and said: “One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them.” That is what he allegedly said and if it is true it is highly offensive. Meghan may not be fitting in because they are not letting her or giving her the chance to do so. 

Despite the rumors that Prince Philip did not approve of the union between Harry and Meghan, he did show support during other moments. For example, he attended the royal wedding when he had just recovered from a hip operation. He also was the first person to meet baby Archie and was all too excited about it. He is said to be a doting great-grandfather to the little one. 

In a hugely insulting twist, a royal insider close to the family was calling Meghan a “degree wife” meaning that their marriage will last as long as it take to get a degree in the United Kingdom, which is normally three years. This is not the first time that someone close to the royals gave Meghan an unflattering nickname, though… 

The other nicknames Meghan has been given have more to do with her character as described by those working in the household. One nickname was “Me-Gain” to describe how she treats those who work for her. The other name is “Duchess Difficult”, also to describe how hard it is to work with her. There are those who say that Meghan sent out emails in the early hours, and yelled at staff. The staff is also not the only one to believe these rumors… 

Duncan Larcombe, a reporter for The Sun, has been reporting on the family for years and heard that Meghan’s influence is on Harry as well. He said, “All of Harry’s staff have always thought he was fantastic, but the two of them together]are high maintenance,.” He also stated that Harry has become “quite grumpy and aloof.” It is said that Harry is not the only royal to bend to Meghan’s wishes…

Another point of contention is whenever there is a disagreement between the family and Meghan, it is Harry who has to defend his wife and is always stuck between a rock and a hard place. Harry himself has almost always been a rebellious one as well, but now he is working hard to make sure that there is peace between his family and his new wife. 

An example of one of the rules that the Queen broke for Meghan is when she invited her to Christmas with the royals prior to her marriage to Harry. She is also the only divorcee to marry in a church with a member of the royal family. While the Queen broke some rules for Meghan, there were others that she has not allowed Meghan to break… 

It is said that the Queen did not allow Meghan to have access to the Royal Jewelry Collection, unlike Kate Middleton. Gavin Gray, a commentator, said: “There was this row where Meghan wanted this particular necklace, Harry said ‘Meghan gets what Meghan wants,’ and the Queen turned around and said ‘oh, no, she doesn’t. I decide what necklace is going to be worn out of the Royal Collection.’” And with that the alleged feud between the Duchesses began… 

The public was not happy when they heard that Meghan allegedly made Kate cry. The event took place when Meghan wanted Kate to wear a certain bridesmaids dress to her wedding that would have been difficult for Kate as she had just given birth to her third baby. Kate was emotional at the time and the stress to look a certain way both for her and her daughter Charlotte was too much for her to take. 

William was the second person to warn Harry about his impeding marriage to Meghan. First, it was Prince Philip, then it was William. He asked Harry if he was sure that he wanted to marry Meghan so quickly and that it would be smart to wait a little while. However, Harry wanted to hear none of that and married Meghan six months after he proposed to her. 

The Fab Four – William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, were all to be running The Royal Foundation together. However, after months of speculation, the four decided to part ways and work on their own causes separately as couples. This was a huge red flag for the public and royal insiders who always thought that the group would remain together and work as one towards their causes. 

One of the main reasons that it is said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to split from The Royal Foundation was due to the fact that they wanted to work on their own causes, one of which may have them moving to Africa. One of Harry’s biggest passions is Sentebale, and organization that helps children in the areas of mental and physical health in African nations such as Lesotho and Botswana.

The Queen did not attend baby Archie’s christening despite attending the ceremonies of her other great grandchildren throughout the years. It is not clear as to why she did not attend but while there are rumors that she is not Meghan’s biggest fan, there is another rumor that the Queen is planning a big birthday party for Meghan for her 38th birthday. 

As happens with many relationships, the people in it choose to be with each other more than their friends once they reach a certain point. Harry was close friends with Tom Inskip and Astrid Harbord since they went to school together. A mutual friends said, “Tom has been dropped. It’s all part of Meghan’s quiet airbrushing out of Harry’s old posse. She doesn’t want temptation – of any sort – being put in his way while they concentrate on starting a family.” 

Meghan being the independent woman that she is and has been, did not necessarily abide by royal protocol when it comes to the way she dresses. Royal women are not supposed to wear sleeveless tops or dresses, which Meghan certainly has. Royal women are also not supposed to wear dresses without stockings to cover their legs, which Meghan has been seen doing on more than one occasion. 

Putting aside the fact that Meghan comes from a different country and socioeconomic background, the fact that her family is as dramatic and attention hungry as they are has proven to be a very difficult thing for the royal family, and for Meghan herself! Her half sister cannot stop talking to the media, her father faked a suit fitting to show the paparazzi, and her half brother is someone she does not speak to at all. 

There are many things that Meghan is and does that the royal family and British public may not like. However, it seems as though the main issue at hand is with the fact that she is from the United States and not in the least bit English. There are those who say that they will never be okay with an American Duchess; well, they will just have to deal with it.  

At least one of the important inner royal family members loves Meghan! Vanity Fair reported through a royal family member that Charles actually loves Meghan. They said, “Charles showed so much love towards Harry and Meghan. I think Harry will be eternally grateful to his papa for stepping in and giving Meghan’s hand in marriage.” While Charles may be loving her, other members of the family do not share the same feelings… 

There are those who think that Meghan is trying too hard to be a part of the royal fold when it is not who she is. Nick Ede, a PR expert, said: “This is somebody who has just entered the Royal Family, who is working quadruply as hard as she was learning scripts for Suits. She has actually put herself in the position where it’s not an easy life – there are far easier things to do than this.” 

Meghan and Harry spent $3 million renovating Frogmore Cottage for their move into the property. There are many who think that this was too high a number and that Meghan is abusing her wealth and being spoiled. The money for these renovations come from tax payers, so the public was understandably upset by the sum it cost to renovate the place. That is just one thing the public had beef over… 

Meghan was said to have spent over $400,000 on her New York City baby shower, as well as $1 million on her wardrobe that was filled to the brim with designer duds. It was these expenses that lead to talk show host Piers Morgan to compare Meghan to Marie Antoinette. He said: “She can’t have her cake and eat it.” 

During Royal Ascot, the Queen was seen out with Kate Middleton. Meghan was nowhere to be found, which lead people to believe that Meghan was on the outs with the family. However, Meghan was still on maternity leave and was only out for the Trooping the Color. Meghan was to take six months of maternity leave which meant that she did not have to attend to her royal duties during that time. 

There seems to be tension between William and Harry, so you will not see them together at Wimbledon. You will, however, see Kate and Meghan there together. A royal insiders said, “I was told by a very senior royal source that actually they weren’t talking to each other at one point.” Hopefully they will be able to patch things up. In the mean time, we have the girls! 


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