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Men Refuse To Pay For Their Food, Send Letter Explaining Why

Apollo was angry with them. He got in serious trouble with his boss because they didn’t pay for their dinner. 

But then, a few days after the incident, he received a letter from one of the three friends explaining why they decided not to pay for their food that day. And their response shocked him to the core.

Apollo worked as a waiter at a restaurant near Kikimandjaro that was always busy on the weekends. 

Although it was stressful at times, Apollo liked his job and planned to work there for a few more years. But his plans for the future would change when he met the three men who came in to have dinner at his restaurant. 

At around 6 PM, Apollo saw three men walk into the restaurant. His coworker walked over to take their orders, and they greeted her with a warm smile. 

But little did she know what they were up to…

The three friends quickly finished their meals and asked the waitress for the bill. 

They asked to pay with a card, but Apollo’s restaurant only accepted cash. ”Sorry, but we only accept cash,” the waitress politely explained to them. 

A few minutes had passed, and the waitress approached Apollo. She looked visibly upset. “I think those three men just walked out without paying,” she said, pointing at the table where they were sitting. 

“What?” Apollo responded. “Are you serious?”

Apollo had dealt with many rude people before, but he had never seen a customer leave without paying. 

Part of him hoped that they left to find an ATM. But anyone who did that would usually leave at least one person behind. 

The men never came back to pay for their food. It was hard for Apollo to process how someone could just walk away without paying. 

But then, a few days later, he received a letter from them, and he finally understood why they decided not to pay their bill that afternoon. 

As soon as Apollo opened the letter, he knew it was from the three customers who had vanished without paying. 

In their letter, the men explained that they only had a credit card on them. 

When they found out the restaurant only accepted cash, they went to search for an ATM machine nearby. 

As they searched for a place to get some cash, they realized they were late for their last train home. 

They couldn’t afford to spend the night in a motel, so they had no choice but to leave and catch the train. 

They spent the next few days collecting money to pay for their food. The men also gave a generous tip to Apollo and his coworker. But this wasn’t all…

Although they paid the bill, they still felt guilty. 

So, they promised the restaurant to write an outstanding review on Yelp and Trip Advisor. 

Apollo pulled out his phone and searched the restaurant on Trip Advisor. He wanted to see if they kept their word. 

They had written a long detailed review on both Yelp and Trip Advisor, praising the restaurant team for their kindness and compassion. So did Apollo’s opinion of them change?

“I didn’t think people still did that. I thought those kinds of people had disappeared from the planet,” Apollo said.

“The saddest part is they haven’t put their address or contact number on. We can tell it was a genuine mistake. It was just amazing.”

Apollo took a photo of the letter and posted it on the Kilimandjaro Facebook page, which received hundreds of likes and shares. 

“Not often that will ever happen in these days. More people like those are what’s needed!” one person commented. 

“Not often that will ever happen in these days. More people like those are what’s needed!” another person wrote. 

Another Facebook user wrote: “Faith in humanity restored.”


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