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The Details Of Why Michael B. Jordan And Lori Harvey Split

At one point, Micahel B. Jordan and Lori Harvey seemed like the perfect couple. The pair had been together for a little over a year.

Nobody seemed to know that there was trouble in paradise, though. Unexpectedly, news began to emerge that they had split. While it has since been confirmed on both sides, many details surrounding why have remained sketchy at best.

Jordan’s career and personal life were on cloud nine a few years before. He was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people and People’s sexiest man alive in 2020. He’s also starred in movies based on some of the most iconic comic book characters in history.

Playing Killmonger in the blockbuster MCU movie Black Panther, Jordan first entered the genre when he starred as the first black rendition of Johnny Storm (also known as the Human Torch) in the rebooted Fantastic Four franchise. But that’s not all.

The New York Times named Jordan one of the greatest actors of the 21st century. He’s also won an Emmy as a producer on the dystopian drama film Fahrenheit 451. As the lead actor in the Creed movies, Jordan proved to be a worthy successor as he continued Sylvestor Stallone’s iconic Rocky franchise.

Jordan is set to make his directorial debut in the upcoming Creed III and will reprise his role in the highly anticipated sequel to Black Panther. Not bad for a 35-year-old. However, Jordan’s personal life isn’t going as smoothly.

As far as young talent goes, Lori Harvey is no slouch either. At the tender age of 25, the adoptive daughter of legendary comedian Steve Harvey, Lori has become a success in her own right.

Originally planning a career as a professional equestrian, injury forced Lori to look to other avenues. After turning to modeling, the 25-year-old’s success in the profession has been incredible.

As a model, Harvey proved highly bankable and signed with prestigious agencies in the USA and Europe. She’s modeled for conic design houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino.

Harvey has also become a successful entrepreneur by launching her own skincare brand, SKN. Her success and background naturally provided her opportunities to befriend and hang out with many celebrities; this is how she met Micheal B. Jordan. 

The couple reputedly met through a mutual friend a few years ago. A romantic relationship soon followed, and the couple was known for their cute pictures as they gradually began traveling and vacationing together.

Fans who have followed the couple’s year-and-a-half relationship might be forgiven for thinking they were solid as a rock. This was why news of their split was a complete surprise to many. 

Michael and Lori are like the poster children for social media not telling the entire story. The couple’s Instagram accounts were known for their sweet posts together.

Fans seemingly had no idea that things weren’t as rosy as they seemed. Then again, perhaps they can be forgiven for this. After all, social media accounts being used to only emphasize the good parts of people’s lives is kind of a trend. 

Of course, when you’re part of a celebrity couple, rumors and gossip are bound to follow your every move. Early on, once news broke of the couple’s split, both were reported to be “heartbroken” over it and still loved each other.

The rumor mill didn’t disappoint in the aftermath. There were soon claims and speculation over why the couple split and who was to blame. Most rumors indicated that Steve Harvey had a part to play in it. 

Having a daughter can be stressful for any father as they’re forced to watch their little girl grow up. When your daughter is a gorgeous model and her partner is a famous actor, it’s arguably a father’s worst nightmare.

While Steve Harvey is known as a loving father, he’s also been known for his comically hostile stand-up. In fact, Steve does sometimes appear to be somewhat authoritarian. This led to speculation that he never liked Michael B. Jordan for his daughter. But is it true?

Steve Harvey has publicly commented that he tried hard not to like Jordan but couldn’t help himself. According to Harvey, Jordan is a “good guy”, and famously once said on his talk show, “I like this one”, when Lori and Michael first began dating.

It, therefore, seems that there is no substance to rumors that Steve never liked Michael B. Jordan. However, can the same be said for Lori’s mom?

Majorie Harvey, unlike Steve, has been a little more cryptic after the couple’s split. Less than two days after the news was announced, Lori’s mom posted comments on social media that seemed to throw some shade in Jordan’s direction.

She basically said that if a person stayed around something smelly long enough, “it stops smelling”. While many have speculated that these words are digs at Jordan, no one really knows why. So what do we know about why the couple split?

Celebrities’ lives are always mired in constant speculation and gossip regarding their personal lives. According to a “source” close to the pair, the reason is actually sad in a way. Michael is ten years older than Lori, who is still in her mid-twenties.

It seems the couple is simply in different stages of their careers and lives. Sadly, while Michael wants to settle down and “commit”, Lori wants to focus on her career more at this stage and just isn’t ready.

If the above source is correct, it does fit in with the fact that both are “heartbroken” and “still in love”. It also means a sad end to a relationship that did seem to be perfect, at least on the surface.

Whatever the truth or the future holds, many fans probably hope the pair will reunite one day. After all, as far as celebrity couples go, it’s been quite a roller coaster of a year. 

Given the much-publicized troubles between couples like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, other couples like Michael and Lori seemed like a breath of fresh air in comparison.

It may be too early to tell, but make-ups in the world of celebrity couples are just as common as break-ups. One thing is for sure, fams who follow their every move will be there through each high and low.

Michael and Lori are taking the split badly but are reportedly both mature about it too. The age difference is likely responsible as Jordan is far more advanced in his career and life experience, so it’s doubtful that anyone will begrudge Lori the same.

Only the future will tell if this once cute couple will find a to rekindle or go on to different chapters in their lives.


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