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Son Vanishes After School, 31 Years Later They Find Him In A KFC In Connecticut

A Difficult Time

She had been waiting for this moment for as long as she could remember. It was time to uncover the truth and get answers to her questions. Lyneth went through something so terrible, and she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

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She made her way to Connecticut Airport, far from the safety of her home in Canada. She arrived at the pick-up area, optimistic about finally getting clarity on her son’s disappearance. After 31 years, she would finally have peace.

She Couldn’t Wait To See Him

It was a warm summer day in June 1987 when Lyneth pulled up to a dollar store on Islington Avenue in the north of Toronto. She was picking up her son Jermaine, from his father Alan who had arranged to meet Lyneth there at 4 pm.


Jermaine was just a baby when the two parents decided to separate, but despite this, Jermaine was a happy child, with a smile and laugh that could light up a room. She couldn’t wait to see him. But she had no idea what was to come.

She Knew He Would Love It

Lyneth had spent the day doing all the typical things you do when you’re child-free for the day. Grocery shopping, daily errands, etc.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

She even bought Jermaine a toy, a fluffy plush lion with big brown eyes – just like Jermaine. Lions were his favorite. She knew he would love it. But little did she know her whole world was about to come crashing down.

Where Were They?

The clock has just gone 4 pm and Lyneth watches a family across the road. They’re laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other’s company. Lyneth smiles to herself.


Strangely, the little boy, who’s clinging onto his father’s shoulders, resembles her own son. He waves at Lyneth and she waves back before checking her watch. It’s now 4:09. Where were they? As the minutes passed, she could feel a terrible feeling in her stomach.

Her Heart Is Pounding

Lyneth’s heart is pounding. She can feel it in her chest. The time is now 4:20 pm and Alan and Jermaine still haven’t shown up. Suddenly, a swarm of anxiety hits Lyneth and she stumbles to the ground, dropping the toy she had personally picked for Jermaine.


As she gets up and races into her car, she dials 911 and speeds off. Leaving behind a cloud of smoke and Jermaine’s teddy bear.

An Empty Home

The sound of silence fills the empty home of Lynteth. Perched on a chair in her kitchen, Lyneth’s eyes are sore and her head is throbbing.


It has been 48 hours since she waited at the dollar store. Since she waited to see her little boy and give him his teddy bear. But now she has neither her son nor his teddy bear.

This Couldn’t Be It, Could It?

A couple of months passed and even after the Toronto police conducted an extensive search there was no trace of Jermaine. As expected, Lyneth was devasted.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

And slowly but surely, those couple of months turned into a couple of years, and the next thing Lyneth knew, she sat celebrating what would be Jermaine’s 25th birthday in her empty home. This couldn’t be it, could it?

All She Had Left Were Memories

Over the years, numerous agencies had attempted to solve the disappearance of Jermaine. But there were still no leads. Even the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) became involved but still, nothing. All Lyneth had left were the memories in her mind and a few images of her little boy. But Lyneth refused to give up. In 1989 she appeared in The Toronto Star hoping to raise even more awareness.

The Toronto Star

There were suspicions that Allan had abducted Jermaine and taken him over to the United States, but there was no concrete evidence. However, there would soon be a crack in this heartbreaking case that would change everything.

Adamant To Find Jermaine

Across the border, in the United States, there was an equal dedication to finding out what happened to Jermaine. His story was featured on the Charley Project, a database dedicated to publicizing missing person cases in the United States.


Unfortunately, this still didn’t give the police a lead. Despite all this, there was still one person that was adamant about finding Jermaine. And he wouldn’t rest until he did.

A Break In The 3-Decade Old Case

A ray of light in a world of darkness, former policeman Ted Davis had been investigating for MCSC for three decades. After meeting Lyneth and watching her wear her heart on her sleeve, Davis made a promise to Lyneth and her family that he’d do everything in his power to make sure Jermaine was brought back home.


And so finally, in 2016 – almost 30 years after Jermaine had disappeared, there came a break in the 3-decade-old case.

Fresh Leads

That same year, Ted had attended a conference alongside members of the Toronto police and representatives of the United States.


When at the event, the attendees started to discuss Jermaine’s disappearance which ultimately sparked further interest. As Ted left the conference little did he know investigators would have some fresh leads to follow.

A Crucial Clue

By the end of summer 2018, investigators had got in contact with numerous of Allan’s acquaintances. With each person they spoke to, investigators hoped they would be able to get some vital information.


Some suggested that Allan may have made his way 500 miles east of Toronto, residing in Connecticut. But it wasn’t until they spoke to one of Alan’s closet friends, that they would land a crucial clue that would finally lead police to Jermaine.

Jermaine Is Alive?

Supposedly, Allan had created a new name, a new alias, and a brand new identity. Going by the name as Hailee Randolph DeSouza, police knew they were one step closer to finding out what happened to Jermaine.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

They searched official databases and social media and finally, they found a match; an elderly man and aged man living in Vernon, a town close to the Connecticut capital of Hartford. Could this be them? If so, does that mean Jermaine is alive?

A Match Made In Heaven

With the mystery finally about to be solved, investigators enlisted forensic experts to help join the case. They examined the driver’s license photo that was on record for DeSouza’a’s son.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

And slowly but surely in October 2018, the team was able to confirm what they had all been hoping for: that DeSouza’s son and Jermaine were probably the same. They had a match! But first, they had to catch Alan.

Tracking Him Down

Investigators were excited that they finally had some answers. But they knew they needed to make a move; they had to find Allan before it was too late.


An anonymous source claimed Allan often spent his time at the local KFC; he was friendly with the staff and he sure did love the food! And so, investigators set off to the KFC ready to bring Allan to justice and make him pay for his crimes. But would that be the case today?

The Arrest

“This is the police,” screams a member of the Connecticut Police Department as they race inside the KFC restaurant. The team scanned the room, looking for Allan, while startled and confused employees stand around. Then they notice an elderly man sitting in the corner of the room.


He puts his hands up and the police immediately corner him and the man confirms that he is the fugitive they’re looking for. But where was Jermaine?

A Crucial Encounter

Police suspected that back in 1986 Allan had fled Toronto with Jermaine and traveled to the United States with the two reportedly sharing an apartment in Connecticut since 2004.


Handcuffing Allan before leading him outside, the police hear a voice. “Dad?” Suddenly, a middle-aged man walks around the corner. A middle-aged man with big brown eyes. Just like Jermaine.

Living A Lie

The father and son duo – unbeknownst to the son – lived a life of lies for decades and decades. After fleeing Canada, Allan had managed to acquire fake documents, residing in New York, North Carolina, and then settling in Connecticut.


When living in Vernon, Allan found employment as a trucker and as an engineer, while Jermaine worked for the state. Little did Jermaine know, his whole life had been a lie.

The Truth

All his life Jermaine had questions about his mother. His dad told him she passed away during childbirth, but he was pretty ambiguous about the details.


Jermaine remembers seeing his friends get picked up from school by their mothers. Jermaine never had that. And it wasn’t until he turned 33, that the truth about his mother would come to light.

What Kind Of Father Would Do This?

Stood weeping in court as his father’s lies and deceitfulness came to light, Jermaine sobbed into his tissue. How could his father do such a thing? His heart stops to hear that Allan would not be facing charges for kidnappings. Instead, he would be extradited to Canada to face further charges.

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As he steps out of court, Jermaine is lost for words. With thousands of questions running through his mind, a sudden realization hits him. His mother is in fact, alive.

The Call That Changed Her Life

Lyneth is speechless. She has just got off the phone with Ted. They’ve found Jermaine. Her baby boy. He’s alive. He’s safe. She had been waiting for this moment for 31 years.

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Overwhelmed with emotion, Lyenth breaks down, tears falling from her face. She’s going to see her baby boy again.

The Reunion

Stood in the pickup area at Connecticut airport Lyneth is about to be reunited with her son after 30 years. She can’t believe it. What will he look like?


Suddenly, a tall, dark figure appears walking towards Lyneth. Instantly she recognizes the face and those big brown eyes. Her heart stops. It’s her son. It’s Jermaine.

Never Letting Go

Running towards each other with tears streaming down their faces, Lyneth and Jermaine crash into each other with a warm embrace. Both are crying and overwhelmed with emotion.


Squeezing each other tight, they both have so many questions. But for now, they just hug each other tight, refusing to ever let go again.

Long Awaited Embrace

The mother and son got to spend time together and relish the thought of being back in each other’s lives. For both Lyneth and Jermaine, it was as though they come back from the dead because his father had lied that he had actually died.


They were in front of cameramen and reporters, but they didn’t care. This was their moment.

Local Supporters

The case was all the talk at the local police station. The mother-son reunion touched many people. Others were shocked by the father’s audacity to pull off such a stunt for 33 years.

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People showed support in various ways and wanted to bring awareness to the kidnapping problem. It is a problem that is rife in the US.

I Can Volunteer

She expressed her gratitude to the Missing Children Society of Canada and the U.S. officials for working to find her son. Lyneth contacted the Missing Children Society of Canada and U.S. officials to help her find her son and became a part of the team.

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 Toronto Police Service played a significant role in finding leads and locating Alan’s actual whereabouts.

Hopeful Mother

The story was the talk of the town for a few days, and the Toronto Police Service played a significant role in locating the boy. In an interview, the dreary mother said

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‘I want to encourage other families with missing children and loved ones not to give up hope on finding them,’ she added. ‘I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering, 31 long years, one should never give up.

Patience Is A Virtue

Lyneth tried her best to remain strong throughout the interview. But it was very emotional for her to remember the traumatic vent from 33 years ago. It stirred all sorts of emotions inside of her. Even though she was obviously depressed, she still had a message of hope for the press release attendees,

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‘But be patient. Be strong and believe that all things are possible and that anything can transpire.’ 

Convicted Man

The final charges for Allan Mann were making false statements and making false statements to get HUD housing. Because it is his son, they cannot lawfully convict him of kidnapping. The crime was more for creating all the fake identities and using them to create a new identity.

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The lengths he went through to keep his true identity a secret are what you see in a spy movie.

A Real Felon

What Alan did was no doubt inhumane towards Jermaine and Lyneth. He was selfish and did not consider the repercussions of his crimes.

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He took all the risks to ensure that his government documentation was legal and permissible. This is why he got away for so many years.

Punishable By Law

Alan Mann is currently being extradited to the country of Canada. It is likely that he will face additional charges there. Many people that were following the case said that his sentence was too little and too weak.

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The lawyers working on the case are still trying to get him out on good behavior. Let’s follow what happens to him next.

Unfair Sentence

He deserved to suffer a longer sentence for the pain and trauma he put Lyneth through. Surprisingly, Alan was always quiet and humble throughout the court proceedings.

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Many people said that he seemed smug. It was as though he got what he wanted, and it didn’t matter to him that he was going to jail.

Conniving Convict

Alan may be thought to be a cruel man, but he must have had some love in him to want to be with his son. He got to spend the best years of his life with his only son in privacy. He got to be the boy’s only source of family.

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Jermaine depended on him solely during that time. Even though he manipulated his son into loving him, he still got what he wanted.

A Harsher Sentence

Now it is left in the hands of the state to decide what will happen to him next. Some say that he deserves the worst punishment.

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Others say he should still be given the right to live under strict lockdown. We can all have our opinion but what lies in his fate is up to the judge.

Together Again

Jermaine and his mother are currently still in contact. They have been trying to start their relationship again. It has been a difficult journey for them both, but that maternal instinct is still strong. Lyneth always remembered her son.

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She thought about him every day. It was her last wish to see him before she died.

A Mothers Bond

She prayed for him every day. As a mother, she could never understand why God had been so cruel to take her only child away.

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She was lost and confused for so many years; finally, it felt like she could breathe. But she had to do it in front of so many strangers.

Take Care

 Lyneth is still actively involved in the Missing Children of Canada. Luckily, most cases are solved, but many children never see their parents again. The statistics are horrifying and are actually growing in numbers.

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Parents need to take extra precautions if they have young children, and it’s sad to say, but background checks have to be done on nannies and daycares. We are living in a world where nobody can be trusted.

Be Aware

This story is a reminder of how important it is to try and be a happy, healthy home. The problems between the parents ended up ruining an innocent child’s life.

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He won’t get back the years he lost, but he will remember that he was just another stereotype to fall victim to one of the countless mentally unstable citizens that are left free to roam the streets of the U.S.A.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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