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Mom Bought More Than She Bargained For At Goodwill

More Than Meets the Eye

Life of a Bargain Hunter

An avid bargain hunter, Sarah Thomas managed to create an entire business around her hobby, which she runs on Facebook. Her online shop is called Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals and her mission is to offer some of the best deals around for everything from kids’ clothes to vintage handbags.

Some ME Time

A Steal of a Deal

Sarah of course stopped by every bargain shopper’s dream store first, Goodwill. One great fact about Goodwill is how you can find items that are still worth a lot of money for practically nothing. With all of the inventory being donated, it’s seriously one man’s trash is another’s treasure…

A Diamond in the Rough

Too Good to Be True

Not only was the bag in great condition but it was practically a steal with the original price of the bag at around $200, and the sale price was only $3. With a deal like that it almost seemed too good to be true. Sarah just knew she had to have it, so she slammed down her three bucks and claimed her prize. It wasn’t until later that she realized something was a bit “off” with the diaper bag.

Something Was Wrong

A Mysterious Hole

Sarah had searched the bag inside and out, checking all of the pockets but nothing was in the bag. Or so she thought. After her detailed search of the handbag, she noticed a hole in the lining of the diaper bag. Could this be where the item was being stashed?

More Than She Bargained For

This Doesn’t Belong

Sarah was still very hesitant to destroy her vintage bag. She tried to widen the hole to peek inside, but unfortunately, that option failed. Finally, she decided to just rip it wide enough to stick her hand through. Immediately she felt something heavy and metal inside the lining. You won’t believe what she found.

The Long Lost Camera

The Press of a Button

Sure enough after clicking the little button on the side, the camera turned on and pictures started to appear on the screen. Looking through those pictures, Sarah knew what she must do.

The Secret Treasure

Doing the Right Thing

“I would hate to lose pictures,” she told KTVL. Therefore, Sarah decided to make it her mission to find the owner of the camera. With so many precious memories locked away inside, Sarah knew it was the right thing to do.

Searching for Katie

The Power to Connect

At first, Sarah was worried that the camera was too old and the owner long gone, but thanks to the magic of social media luck was on her side. She actually found the owner of the camera, a woman named Katie Connor. Now, all Sarah needed to do was make the connection.

Connecting at Last

A Target Location

It took a moment, but then it clicked for Katie. She couldn’t believe that after so many years, the camera she had thought she lost forever had been found. Sarah suggested they meet in a public place, so they decided upon meeting in a Target parking lot nearby.

The Meeting

A Blast From The Past

Although this parking lot exchange occurred in 2017, the recovered photographs had been taken in by Katie and her son in 2011.Her little baby boy in the photos was now seven years old. Katie was so excited to see what was on the camera that after talking with Sarah for a bit, she rushed home.

A Precious Gift

If That Bag Could Talk

You have to wonder the stories that diaper bag could tell if items could talk. For half a decade it carried around that camera and now thanks to a determined bargain hunter named Sarah, her and her son could relive the long lost memories of the past.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Golden Rule

“I didn’t buy a camera, I bought a bag, and that’s wrong,” Sarah continued. “I live by the golden rule – I would hate someone to do that to me.” As a result, she made sure to do her best to get it back to the rightful owner.


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