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Mom Is Surprised That Daughter Has Been Talking To An Old Man, Then She Meets Him

Audrey was annoyed that her mother wouldn’t let her see “Mr. Knuckles” anymore. She had been meeting him every day before class, and now she had to stop seeing him. 

But soon, she learned that the “cute little old man” wasn’t who she thought he was. Her mother was right. She needed to stay away from him. 

Gina tried her best to keep her daughter safe, and now she felt like she had failed as a mom. 

But despite all the warnings, Audrey would still occasionally talk to strangers. That day, she found out that not all people have good intentions. 

When Gina first heard about her daughter’s friend Mr. Knuckes, she asked how old he was. “He is old…” her daughter said quietly. Audrey told her mother that he waited for her outside the school every day.

 What did he want from her?

Gina didn’t feel comfortable with the situation. Why would an old man want to talk with a child? 

She needed to find out who this strange man was and why he was so interested in her daughter. 

“I don’t want you to keep seeing this man anymore,” Gina said to her daughter. “He might be a creep!”

But would Audrey listen to her mother?

The next morning, Gina dropped her daughter off at school and kissed her goodbye. Then, she turned around and saw an elderly man standing next to the school’s entrance. 

He was old and short. Was he Mr. Knuckles?

Her daughter approached the man, and they started chatting. Gina couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but Audrey seemed comfortable around him. 

Suddenly, the old man raised his fist. 

Gina was out of the car in an instant, leaving the driver’s door open. 

Her heart was pounding in her chest as she ran to save her little girl from a predator. When she arrived at the scene, she saw that a group of children had also gathered there. What was going on?

Then, Gina heard the children erupt with laughter. She heard several kids say, “Good morning, Mr. Knuckles.” 

That’s when she understood what was really going on. He wasn’t dangerous, after all.  

The man’s name was Wally Richardson, and he was known for entraining children at Audrey’s school. Everyone at her daughter’s school loved him. 

But why was he doing this?

The 94-year-old veteran greeted each kid that crossed his path. He sent each child off with a fist bump or a handshake, including Gina’s daughter.

He had been chatting with kids for the last ten years. His wife used to join him on his adventures, but now she was finding it too difficult to walk. 

Every morning, Wally would get out of bed, eat breakfast and walk to the Marina Village Middle School. 

He would talk with the children, give them advice, and wish them a good day. He simply wanted to make a difference in the children’s lives, and they absolutely adored him. 

Mr. Knuckles isn’t planning to stop spreading good vibes anytime soon. The kind 94-year-old veteran is well-known in his community. 

Audrey’s classmates said that he is the best part of their day, and the video of him entertaining kids on YouTube has reached 146,000 views!

The years that kids spend in middle school and high school are some of the most difficult times of their lives, and Wally’s small act of kindness is what keeps them going. 

He has remained active and healthy at the staggering age of 94!

Wally said his positive outlook on life is what motivates him to make a difference in these children’s lives. 

How are you planning to spend your 90s?


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