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Mom Didn’t Know She Hired A Monster, Until The Family Dog Pointed Out A Vital Clue

They couldn’t understand why their family dog behaved so strangely around Alexis. As far as they knew, she was a good, calm girl who loved animals. 

It was only after they hid a phone under the couch that they learned the hard truth. Their babysitter was a monster.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan were ecstatic when they found out they were going to have a son. They had been trying for a baby for several years with no luck. Now, finally, their prayers had been answered. 

After Finn was born, the couple moved to Charleston, South Carolina, for work. 

Shortly after the big move, Benjamin and Hope started searching for a nanny they could trust. 

It was difficult for them to leave their son in a stranger’s care, but they didn’t have another choice. They both had to return to work. 

The couple chose 22-year-old Alexis Khan as her son’s nanny. She was an experienced babysitter and seemed like a good person overall. 

She passed the background check without a problem. “We felt like Alexis was a good fit at the time,” Benjamin said in an interview. 

Then, a few months after she started working for them, things began to change. Their family dog Kahn, who had always been friendly toward people, began to act strange around Alexis. 

What was going on?

The German shepherd/black labrador started to grow more and more protective of the little boy whenever Alexis was around. 

Kahn was friendly with everyone, even total strangers. But for some reason, he seemed to resent their babysitter. 

“He was very aggressive towards her,” Benjamin told WCSC-TV.“A few times, we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her.”

It was such unusual behavior for their family dog that the couple decided to find out why he was acting this way. 

It was clear to Hope and Benjamin that something about Alexis upset Khan greatly. So they decided to hide an iPhone under the couch to record what happened in the house while they were at work. 

They weren’t prepared for what they were about to hear in the recording…

They assumed that they would hear Alexis being rude or aggressive toward their family dog. 

However, what they heard in the recording was something so shocking that they had to call the police. What did she do?

At first, they heard Alexis losing her temper. She was screaming at their son from the top of her lungs. She was calling him names and telling him to shut up. 

As the couple continued to listen to the audio, they heard little Finn crying as the situation escalated. 

Then, suddenly, they heard Alexis slap their son. This is what their dog was trying to tell them about. 

Kahn had been watching their nanny’s behavior for almost half a year and tried to let his owners know who Alexis really was. 

“It started with cussing,” Benjamin told WCSC-TV.

“Then you hear slap noises, and his crying changes from a distress cry to a pain cry. I just wanted to reach through the audiotape, go back in time, and just grab him up.”

Not only did Alexis slap their son, but the couple could also hear her shaking him violently. 

Benjamin and Hope rushed Finn to the hospital to get him checked for any injuries. Fortunately, the boy was in good health. But what about Alexis?

The couple called the police on Alexis, and she was arrested. The evil nanny pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was sentenced to one to three years in prison. 

She will never be allowed to work with children again. 

“Had our dog not alerted us to the trouble . . . it could have been Finn that was killed by the babysitter. You never know,” Benjamin said. 

Kahn is a true hero, and his owners will never stop reminding him of it.


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