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Mom Runs Away From Strange Fish, Then She Sees Its Teeth

As soon as Molly saw it lying on the wet sand her blood ran cold. Every single hair on the back of her neck shot up straight like soldiers standing for attention. Was this some kind of joke? What Molly saw was utterly disgusting, but it only made her want to know more.

Her little boy screamed out loud as soon as he saw it. “What is that?” he asked. It looked like something that had been pulled straight out of a Hollywood horror movie. But Molly didn’t know what it was; she had never seen anything like it before. 

If you were to ask Molly Burrows what her greatest achievement was, she would confidently say it was her three children. Raising them all by herself was a struggle but her kids were worth it. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for them. 

But this devoted mom had no idea what was coming to her and her family one warm summer day.

Molly was a single parent to 8-year-old Ruth, 5-year-old James, and 8-month-old Lola. After fleeing from her estranged husband, Molly and her family settled into a small town just on the outskirts of New York.

The family was happy here. But this mom-of-three never could have expected that an innocent and fun vacation to the beach, would result in uncovering something truly horrifying.

Molly and her family were more than excited to go on their vacation. Molly had found the deal online – it was four days in a beachside lodge at a beach Molly had never heard of before. 

Considering it was 4 days, the offer was a fantastic deal. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse! But she would soon learn that she should have refused it. You see, there was a reason why the deal was so cheap…

The sound of four days of sandy beaches, glorious sunshine, and unlimited ice cream sounded great to Molly and her three kids. They were excited to make more memories and take a break from everyday life. 

The family of four all knew it was going to be a trip to remember. And it was, but for all the wrong reasons. 

The sun was shining down and the spirits were high when Molly locked her front door, ready to leave for a few days at the beach with her kids. “Are you ready kids,” she asked with a smile on her face. “Yes, mommy!” They shouted back.

Molly jumped into the car and set her foot on the accelerate and she headed off, but she would soon end up regretting this. She had no idea what was coming to her. 

Molly and her kids arrived at their vacation spot. After checking into their beachside lodge, the family headed down to the beach. 

They walked on the pebbly path that led to the beach and it was a gorgeous scene to look at, with the blue waters swishing underneath the bright sun. But as Molly’s foot sunk into the soft sand, a shiver ran up her spine.

The smell of salty seawater lingered in the air as Molly and her family walked on the sandy beach. She took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh air and it sure felt food. 

Her two kids then asked to swim out in the ocean, and Molly let them. But she was about to regret it. 

Molly watched her kids out in the tranquil ocean; their heads bobbing amongst the calming waves. She waved to them – they looked like they were having the time of their lives! 

But then suddenly, as Molly stood on the wet sandy beach, she saw something in the corner of her eye. And a terrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach.

As soon as Molly laid her eyes on it, it made her blood run cold, and she stumbled backward. Was this some kind of joke? It had to be, right? What Molly saw was utterly disgusting, but it only made her want to know more.

Her little boy screamed out loud as soon as he saw it. “What is that?” he asked. But Molly didn’t know: she had never seen anything like this before. 

At first, Molly thought it was just an ordinary fish, lying on the wet sand. But then, when she got a closer look she soon realized this wasn’t just any fish. 

Instead of small, sharp teeth, this fish had teeth that looked just like a human being!

Molly’s mouth dropped wide open when saw the type of teeth this fish had. It looked like something out of a horror movie with thick, large scales covering its slimy body. 

But with her two kids swimming out in the water, Molly realized she had to get her kids out of the water. She had to act fast. 

As quick as flash she called her kids to come out of the sea. They ran up to their mom, both angry to have left the water, and confused to see their mom looking so worried.

Molly quickly snapped pics of the human-teethed-alien-like-fish and posted it online in hopes someone would be able to explain it. But would this eerie creature ever be identified?

While Molly waited for a response on her phone, fellow beach-goers had come over to see the fish for themselves. Just like Molly, they were taken back with its size and its bone-chilling set of teeth.

Thankfully, amongst the gawping people on the beach, there was someone that could help Molly. But what they were about to reveal to Molly would leave her running far away from the beach.

Louisa Smith was there on the beach when Molly had stumbled across the fish. She knew straight away what this fish was.

You see, these fishes are known as “bait stealers, seven striped jetty snapper or convict fish,” Louise explained. “They’re sheepshead and have the teeth to crush shrimp and other critters.” But that’s not the only thing they crush…

There have been numerous reports on these types of fishes biting humans and actually injuring them.

When Molly found this out she knew she couldn’t stop at this beach. There was no way she would risk it. So, she packed up her bags, gathered her sulking children, and headed back home.


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