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Mom Hears Crying From The Walls, So She Makes A Hole And Then Jumps Back

One evening, a woman came home to hear distant cries coming from the walls. Initially, she thought it could have been her neighbors, but they weren’t home at the time. 

She tried to forget about it, but the cries were getting louder and louder. It was only when she made a hole in the wall that she understood the seriousness of the situation. She needed to move out as soon as possible…

Being a mother herself, she knew what noise a crying baby makes. This wasn’t it. The pitch was higher, and the noise didn’t last long. 

The first time she heard the cries was while she was watching TV in the living room. Her TV was hanging on the left of where she heard the noises. “I need to do something,” she thought. But what could she do?

She called her children and asked if they, too, heard something. But they looked at her as if she was crazy. They couldn’t hear anything. 

But as soon as her kids left the living room, she heard a faint cry again. “There! Did you hear it? she shouted. 

This time, the kids nodded their heads. “You’re right!” one of her children said. “There’s something in there…”

The mother instructed her children to get a hammer, she wanted to help whatever was stuck behind the wall. But she wasn’t prepared for what she was about to see.

She asked her children to stand back as she hammered through her living room wall and made a small hole. As she put the hammer down, the noise became louder and louder. 

She put her arm inside the hole, preparing to grab whatever was crying in the wall. Then, she felt it. “OMG!” the mother screamed. “Ouch, it hurts!” What was it?

Despite the pain, she carefully pulled it out of the hole. In her hand was a small kitten covered in dirt and dust. 

At that moment, she realized there was more than one animal, and she had to rescue them all. But would she be able to save all of them?

She gave the white kitten to one of her children and shoved her hand in the hole again. A few seconds later, she felt something fluffy brush against her fingers. 

“Here comes another one,” the mom said while pulling another kitten from the hole. 

“Bub! I need that basket,” she shouted, “Aunt Dotty! come help me!”

She gave the second grey kitten to her other child before diving back into the hole. How many kittens were inside?

The mother continued to rip drywall onto the floor. She didn’t know how many kittens were still inside, but she could still hear the cries coming from the wall. 

She was determined the rescue all the kittens. 

A few minutes later, she finally got a hold of a third kitten. He was much smaller and skinnier than his brother and sister. 

The mother pulled out a black and white kitty and put him in the basket, where his two siblings were already sleeping. How many more kittens were in there?

Everyone was waiting to see how many more kittens she would pull out from the hole. 

“Oh, you’re scrawny,” Aunt Dotty said while petting the sleepy kittens. “Oh! So lightweight,” she added. 

After a minute of searching inside the hole for another kitten, the mother finally called out: “Here, come here. Come on, kitty, kitty, kitty.”  

That’s when the cameraman who was filming the entire rescue mission stepped in and helped the mother. 

The video got cut off after that moment, but we know all the kittens have been rescued and are in good hands. 

But how did they get in there? Did someone leave them there on purpose?

Neither the mother nor her neighbors have any idea how the kittens ended up inside her living room wall. 

Perhaps, the kitten’s mother was searching for a safe and isolated place to give birth and chose this family’s wall. The most important thing is that all the kitties are safe and sound. But where is the mother?

Sadly, the family wasn’t able to find the mother. They left the hole open in case she comes back for her children. 

What do you think might’ve happened to the mom cat?


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