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Mom Hides Camera To Find Out Why Doctor Insists On Alone Time With Daughter

Jennifer thought his request was strange. Why would a busy doctor want to spend time with her daughter in a separate room?

It just didn’t sit well with her. And her gut instinct was right. 

Jennifer felt like her entire life was crashing down when she learned about her daughter’s leukemia diagnosis. 

Fortunately, they lived near a cancer hospital with an amazing reputation. But when she first met Angela’s oncologist, she instantly felt that something was off. 

During their first appointment, the oncologist asked Jennifer to leave the room. She was confused. This had never happened to her before. 

What was going on?

Jennifer understood the doctor’s request, but she still felt like she shouldn’t have to leave her five-year-old alone. 

But the oncologist insisted, so she finally complied. 

Fifteen minutes later, Angela walked out of the room smiling and giggling. She was in a strange mood. “What’s going on?” Jennifer asked her daughter. “What did the doctor do?”

But she wasn’t prepared for the truth. 

Jennifer needed to know what happened in the office. She had never seen her daughter this happy before.

Jennifer asked the oncologist about the appointment, but he ignored her question and just said that Angela was very brave.

Jennifer needed to get to the bottom of it. Her daughter was acting different, and it just didn’t sit well with her. 

So, she decided to set up a hidden camera in the doctor’s room when they walked in and see what he would do when she had to leave again. 

During the second appointment, Jennifer was asked to leave once again. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she opened the security camera app on her phone and pressed play. 

What happened next would shock her to the core. 

The oncologist smiled at her daughter and walked to the opposite side of the room. Then, suddenly, he started dancing in front of her!

But it was Angela’s reaction that surprised Jennifer the most. 

Angela was trying to imitate the doctor’s dance moves. She raised her hands in the air as he did and jumped up and down. 

Jennifer felt tears rolling down her face. It was a beautiful moment. 

Every night, Jennifer prayed that her daughter would wake up healthy and happy.  

Suddenly, a nurse came up from behind and patted Jennifer on the shoulder. 

“She’s a good dancer,” she said, pointing at Angela’s moves. 

It turns out that the oncologist was known for entertaining sick children. He knew how hard it was for their parents to stay cheerful all the time. 

He also knew how tough these appointments were for the children. They are too young to understand what is happening to their bodies and why they feel sick all the time. 

That’s why he finds some time at the end of each appointment to have a moment of joy with the patient. 

Jennifer felt so much gratitude when she saw a happy smile on her daughter’s face. 

She thanked the oncologist over and over again for making her day a little easier. 

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, hugging Angela. “You did a great job at raising her,” he continued. 

“Angela is a very brave little girl, and she will fight leukemia in no time.”


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