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Mom Finds Babysitter’s Receipt, Sees Why Daughter Can’t Sleep

She kept asking for the babysitter to come back. She was not the kind of mother that would snoop around and was generally quite a trusting person. But she knew that something was wrong when her daughter kept asking for such a horribly rated babysitter

She knew she had to get to the bottom of this, so she decided to use her phone as a listening device. Nothing could have prepared her for what she would discover. 

Hiring a babysitter is a tedious process. Mary-Anne Jackson desperately needed to find a babysitter when she had to work one night. She was a businesswoman and did not always have time to take care of her daughter. 

She had a 4-year-old daughter, Hailey,  who was smarter than most kids her age. She managed to play chess at the age of 3, so Mary-Anne knew that her daughter needed the best of the best. 

Time was passing by and she needed to get help immediately. If Mary-Anne did not leave for work soon, she would lose an important client. 

She scoured the internet for a babysitter, and all she could find was one horribly rated sitter. Mary-Anne contemplated for a few minutes before she decided to hire her. She was desperate. 

She couldn’t help but think of all the babysitter horror stories she had heard on her way to work. She could not believe she was risking her daughter’s safety over a contract. 

She felt like an awful mother. And that would be confirmed very soon after. 

Hailey refused to go to bed. She wanted to say goodnight to her mother. The moment Mary-Anne arrived home, she was greeted by her daughter. 

Hailey could not stop talking about how amazing the babysitter was. But when Hailey went to sleep, Mary-Anne heard odd noises coming from her room.

She walked up to her daughter’s room, but she stopped hearing the noises. She was confused. She knew something was wrong so she stormed into her room.

She saw Hailey peacefully sleeping, with no signs of harm. “What could that be,” she wondered. 

The following day, her daughter begged her mother to let the new babysitter come back. Mary-Anne did not trust the babysitter, especially not with such low reviews. She needed to dig deeper. 

She found numerous complaints and some even spoke about strange interactions with teenagers and their fathers. The mothers were appalled by her behavior. 

Mary-Anne felt confused. She contacted one of her friends to clarify what was going on with the babysitter. Apparently, one of the obnoxious mothers refused to pay the babysitter her money.

The two had a falling out which led to the mother convincing her friends to write terrible reviews. 

However, Hailey wanted the babysitter to look after her again. Mary-Anne agreed, but she knew she needed to find out why her daughter raved so much about her. 

As a result, she chose to use her old phone as a hearing device. Mary-Anne had no idea what she was about to find out.

On the recording, there were only chuckles and laughter. Hailey was well-cared for by the babysitter. However, the noises reappeared just as she felt relieved.

Mary-Anne rushed towards her daughter’s room. Once again, all she found was Hailey peacefully sleeping. She was so confused, but then she noticed a receipt in the bin. 

The receipt had the babysitter’s name on it. Mary-Anne had taught Hailey not to accept gifts from strangers. Disappointed, she woke Hailey up, who had been pretending to be asleep every time her mom came in the room.

And asked, “Did your babysitter buy you a gift?” like an amateur, Hailey spilled the beans.

The first night they had the babysitter. The babysitter noticed that Hailey had a chessboard and many mind-stimulating toys. And she decided to hand her a Rubik’s Cube.

Hailey loved it. The babysitter left hers with Hailey. And then bought one for her when she returned. Hailey has played with it every night since.

When the babysitter returned, Mary-Anne was happy to see her. She thanked her for what she had done for Hailey. And she proceeded to ask her why she had horrible reviews.

The babysitter explained about her run-in with the rude mom. And to keep getting work, she had to charge the lowest fee.

Having had multiple successes in business, Mary-Anne knew how to run a good PR campaign. When the truth came out, the rude woman was alienated in the community, and the babysitter began to get steady work.

Mary-Anne’s generous actions had a lasting effect on the babysitter. She decided to do something big.

With the extra money that the babysitter could now earn, she created an agency for great babysitters to meet great parents. The goal was to have them work together harmoniously.

Every complaint was thoroughly investigated for the protection of both parents and babysitters. And it was a huge success.


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