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Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera To See Why Baby Kept Getting Scratched At Night

Every parent would do anything to protect their children. It was the same for this mother who recently was hearing strange noises and sounds in her home. The noises at first were not that loud, and she didn’t make anything of it. But as time went by, they kept getting louder and louder. At first, she was assuming it was her fiancé, but after several conversations, he kept saying it wasn’t him.

After a while, she was able to get video proof, but she wasn’t ready for the thing she was about to see.

After having everything on video, Heather Bough was ready to watch the evidence that she had recorded. She had set up a baby monitor in the baby’s room and caught something on tape. The majority of people who she told what has been happening, told her that it couldn’t be her fiancé Joshua. But she wouldn’t believe that her daughter would scratch herself that badly.

When she started watching the footage, she waited to see her fiancé enter the room. But when she saw that unidentifiable figure in the footage, she started getting chills down her spine. All this time, her fiancé wasn’t lying. The figure in the footage wasn’t him.

Heather and her fiancé Joshua had been living in his mother’s guest house since their daughter Lily was born. One day as Heather was picking her daughter up from her crib, she noticed that she had scratches on her face. She didn’t dwell on it too much, but when she noticed that it kept on happening, she then turned to Joshua.

Everything for Heather and Joshua was going great. They lived in a nice home in Highland, they were very much in love, and they had a beautiful baby daughter. Their lives were normal, and all they wanted was to live in peace and harmony. 

After some time, Heather started to hear strange noises around the house. It happened almost always at night. She would hear footsteps and creaks in some of the rooms, but the final straw was when scratches started appearing on her daughter’s face.

After the scratches started to get worse, she sat down with Joshua and started to interrogate him. She asked him if he was walking around the house late at night, and has he been going in their daughter’s room. Obviously, Joshua denied everything, but Heather wasn’t trusting him. 

Their relationship was getting worse, and they all felt tension when they were together at home. Because she wanted proof and was determined to catch her fiancé in the act, she set up a camera in her daughter’s room. The thing that she would catch on tape was something worse.

Heather was determined to get to the bottom of this. Joshua denied everything she had accused him of, but she was either going crazy, or the things that were happening were just her imagination. She considered that an animal could have scratched Lily.

She didn’t believe it was an animal because she would always make sure that all the doors and windows in the house were properly closed before everyone went to bed. So, the person or thing that was doing this to Lily had to already be in the house.

Heather and Joshua’s relationship was in downfall. To make things better, the couple decided that they would get a baby monitor and place in facing Lily’s crib. They set it up so they both could watch what was happening. Joshua said to Heather that she was just imagining things and that the scratches on the baby’s face were caused by the baby itself. 

Commonly, babies in their sleep could scratch themselves if their nails aren’t cut. On the other hand, Heather knew that she took care of Lily’s nails, which couldn’t be the case.

They didn’t buy an ordinary camera. The one they bought had night vision, and they could clearly see what was happening in the room. Heather was eager to find out what was happening. They press record on the camera, and she and Joshua went to bed. 

When they woke up and went to their daughter’s room, Lily had new scratches. She took the camera and immediately played the footage back. What she was about to see would shock her.

At one point, she could see a figure on the video. At first, she said that it was Joshua, but he could have sleepwalked. She was fully convinced that it was him, and all the times that he denied it, he was lying. 

As she continued to watch the video, she quickly changed her mind.

As the mas was close to the crib, Lily stood up in her crib and started to watch the man. She was curious to see who was in her room that night. Heather wanted to know as well, and as she tried to see who it was exactly, she noticed that it wasn’t Joshua.


When she realized that it wasn’t her fiancé in the room with her daughter, she started to panic. Her hair on her neck stood up, and her heart started to race as she was watching the footage. The figure of the man was walking around the crib staring at Lily all the time.

Now Lily knew where or from what all those noises came from. As she was re-watching the video, at one point, she noticed that the figure of the man turned transparent. 

It was at that point where Heather couldn’t sit there anymore, she was terrified. From that point on, she said that they should leave the house as fast as they can.

Heather immediately showed the video to her fiancé. Like her, he also was shocked and couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. He has said that he couldn’t believe what he was seeing in the video. Heather has said that seeing their daughter’s face covered in scratches was so heartbreaking. 

She was afraid and got some clothes, took Lily and went to her mother-in-law’s house. Both of Lily’s parents were shocked, they even compared the scratches to Lily’s fingernails, and they didn’t match at all.

Joshua knew that whatever that thing was, he had to protect his family. He got them out of the house and called the police. When he explained everything and showed the video to the officers, they instantly referred him to the Scientific Paranormal Investigations of Michigan. 

When they got involved, they found out something even more terrifying.

Mike Priest, who is the co-owner of the SPIM, got the call and sent a couple of his investigators to the house. What those people discovered, made Joshua and the whole family not want to step another foot in that house. 

The main house was just as haunted as the guesthouse.

In one interview, Heater told a story were one morning when she was getting up and ready to go to work, she felt like someone was trying to choke her. 

That was the point when she went and bought a camera. She didn’t want to talk about those weird situations with Joshua, because he would tell her she was imagining things. She has even said that she and her fiancé would hear a man’s voice in the house.

Mike Priest definitely thinks that something paranormal is in that house. They only got to record in the guesthouse, but they think that the main house could be haunted. 

Mike has heard some recording that his team has done in the house, and some of the recording you can definitely hear someone say, ‘Oh here we go, oh yeah.’

Mike and his team would go back to the hose to conduct a proper investigation. They wanted to find out what exactly did Heater capture with that camera in her daughter’s room. They even tried to replicate the whole thing again. 

Joshua’s mother, Kris, maybe has an explanation of who the man was that they saw in the video. She had been staying in the house for more than 10 years, and she could be of some help.

Kris has mentioned that when she found out about the house, it was a farmhouse. The lady, back them, who was the owner, fell down the stairs and broke her hips. She had laid in that position for quite some time before dying. 

And the guesthouse was built for the owner’s brother, who happened to be schizophrenic. Although Kris’s story might be the cause of the whole haunting, her husband also Jim wanted to tell a different story.

Jim said that the man in the video that Heather caught could be a previous tenant, that committed suicide in the guesthouse. He jumped off one of the windows of the house.

Heather and Joshua didn’t really care what the truth or the real story behind the haunting was. The only thing they knew was that they had to get out of there.

Heather has said that it has gone far enough. She and her fiancé are getting worried that something worse could happen to Lily and both of them. She said that they want to leave the house as soon as they can. 

Because things started to get physical, it is not safe in that hose.

The video that Heather captured on her camera was posted on social media, and millions of people have seen it. Many people, like Heather and Joshua, have been terrified by the video. 

But some people have been a lot more skeptical about the whole thing, and they think that there is a perfectly simple explanation.

People have been saying that they can prove that it is not a spirit that Heather captured on the video. Kenny Biddle, who is part of the Skeptical Inquirer, has come out and said that the first thing he sees in the video is that the figure has a shadow. Because he can see a shadow of the person, this tells him that he is looking at a real person.

Biddle continued to say that the possible explanation is that either Heather or Joshua was watching TV at night and got out of bed to get something to drink or eat. 

They may be even got up to go to the bathroom. On their way, they stopped to check on their daughter and didn’t realize that they’re being recorded.

On the topic of the scratches on Lily’s face, Biddle said that it is common for little babies to scratch themselves. He is almost certain that while Lily is sleeping, she could scratch herself. 

After going through more things, Biddle found something more.

Biddle went on social media because he wanted to find Heather’s Facebook page. When he clicked on it, he could see that Heather didn’t post anything on there since 2018. But her latest post was in March 2019. 

On the post, she had linked a GoFundMe page where she was asking for donations. This page’s motive was that people should help her and her family move out of the house where paranormal activities were happening.

Biddle wanted to ask Heather some questions, so he wrote her a message on Facebook. Biddle introduced himself and told Heather that he has been investigating paranormal things for more than 20 years. 

He saw her video of what she claimed to be a ghost, and he was wondering if she could send longer clips. He said that the one that has been circling the internet was short. He wanted to know the exact time when the figure appears on the video.

He only wanted more information about the whole situation. He stressed that he isn’t accusing her of hoaxing the whole thing, but that he is just trying to get as much info as possible. 

He said that any other information could be a lot of help. To this day, Biddle still hasn’t got any response from Heather.


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