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25 Most Adorable Babies In Halloween Costumes Everyone Needs To See

One of the best things about Halloween is seeing all of the adorable kids and babies in their costumes. Whether it is a store-bought outfit or a DIY project, there are plenty of bewitching baby costumes out there. 

As if babies could look any more adorable than usual, these here have been made into a long list of characters that somehow make the babies cuter and the costumes even more adorable. This is perfect inspiration if you are looking to doll up your little one for the Halloween holiday and get a whole lot of remarks from people who think you are brilliant!

25. Gnome

This garden gnome is ridiculously cute, and perfect for any pint-sized kid going trick-or-treating this year. This kid does not seem to mind the soft fake beard made of yarn or his adorable suspenders. This one is an easy project if you want to make it for your little dude. 

24. Baby Einstein

The fluffier the beard the better! It does not matter how young the baby is— they will all make amazing little Einsteins! This kid is just chilling in his cotton beard and sweats. This one is also an easy one to do on your own and spend less on a pre-made costume. 

23. Squirrel

Some people love getting in the Halloween spirit by going all out with their costumes. This little girl is one of those people.

22. Charlie Chaplin

Sure, kids may not know who the great Charlie Chaplin is, but that doesn’t make this costume any less cute!

21. Pink Flamingo

You can never go wrong with something as traditional as a flamingo!

20. Old Ladies

It’s uncanny how much babies already resemble older people, so why not work with it?!

19. Raggedy Ann

Wait, is this a doll or a baby?! It may be a simple outfit, but it’s obviously a winner.

18. Pig

You can keep your baby warm and win the costume contest with this adorable outfit.

17. Peanut

Have you ever seen a happier peanut? It’s a look straight out of a commercial!

16. Woody From ‘Toy Story’

All these years later, and Woody is still a popular costume. It’s probably because it’s downright adorable.

15. Peacock

This delightful costume makes for an easy DIY Halloween project.

14. Octopus

Something for the really small babies! It’s a straightforward outfit you can make at home, and is comfy for baby to wear.

13. Urkel

I dare you not to fall in love with this one!

12. Pizza

Not just any slice of pizza, though, a slice of supreme!

11. ‘Top Gun’ Pilots

Not only is this a unique costume, but it’s also a crafty way to incorporate the much-needed wagon!

10. Werewolf

Who could possibly fear such a cute little wolfie?!

9. Gum Ball Machine

A simple DIY costume that is also super cute!

8. Superman

Who knew babies make for the perfect Superman?!

7. Harry Potter

No kid is ever too young to get into the Harry Potter spirit!

6. Lobster

Complete with a pot for “boiling!”

5. Charlie Brown

A perfect costume for the bald baby in your life.

4. Beanie Baby

A great option if your Halloween is going to be a bit chilly.

3. Mouse In Trap

This baby mouse isn’t scary at all! It’s another ingenious costume to include a stroller or wagon.

2. Carl From ‘Up’

This will never stop being funny! And cute.

1. Cabbage Patch Doll


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