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21 Most Disturbing Photos Of Donald Trump With Women That’ll Make You Cringe

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump has come under much scrutiny. A lot of this attention has been focused on his negative treatment and interactions with women. That makes seeing these photos a bit awkward. Try not to cringe while browsing through these photos from Trump’s history with women.

21. Ivanka Butt Grab (2016)

Trump’s hands are a little too close to his daughter’s rear for comfort here. It’s actually really awkward to look at it.

20. Paula Zahn Sandwich (1992)

What’s more disturbing: Donald kissing with his eyes open, or the fact this lady now has to live with this photo forever?

19. Playboy Polaroids (1993)

Trump attended the 40th anniversary press party for Playboy Magazine in 1993, and took some polaroids of model hopefuls.

18. Hand-Feeding Barbara Walters (1989)

Donald seemed to highly enjoy hand-feeding Barbara Walters during the 1989 March of Dimes Gala in New York.

17. Dirty Dancing (1996)

This photo of Trump and then-teenage daughter Ivanka enjoying a concert together recently came to light. Allegedly it shows Ivanka “grinding” on Trump’s leg during the show and has people once again questioning the father-daughter relationship.

16. King Of The Universe (1991)

A smug Donald Trump was surrounded by Miss Universe contestants aboard The Spirit New York Cruise.

15. Miss Teen USA (1999)

Trump was sure to pose with plenty of pretty ladies at a Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA press conference.

14. Playmates And Girlfriends (2003)

Well, this is awkward. Trump posed with 1997 Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt and with then-girlfriend Melania (his current wife.) That face, though.

13. Make Out Sesh (2004)

Trump and Melania were spotted mid-kiss at Men’s Health Magazine‘s 50th celebration.

12. Beach Benefit (1996)

Donald Trump attended this DISHES Pediatric AIDS Benefit with wife Marla Maples. He seemed to cozy up to model Roshumba Williams while enjoying the scenery at Atlantic Beach in New York.

11. Miss Universe Kiss (1997)

Donald stopped to give Miss Universe Alicia Machado a kiss as she completed her workout.

10. Meet And Greet (2001)

Of course, Donald had to say ‘hello’ to this Playboy Bunny during a fashion show in New York City.

9. Handsy (2004)

Please note how close his hands are to Katie Couric’s breasts. And all this at a colon cancer benefit nonetheless!

8. EMMY Awards Nightmare (2005)

Megan Mullally did not look comfortable during this encounter at the 2005 EMMY Awards.

7. Poor Pam Anderson (2005)

Trump was all up in Pam Anderson’s face at the Donald J. Trump Birthday Quarter Million Dollar Giveaway celebration in New Jersey.

6. All About The Models (2008)

Seriously, Trump can’t keep his lips off the models! He’s seen here kissing model Heidi Klum as wife Melania looks on.

5. Kisses For Olivia Culpo (2012)

It looks like Olivia was none the wiser to Mr. Trump’s attempts.

4. Lingering Gaze (2009)

Trump loves the Miss USA contestants, and that seemed especially so with 2009’s Kristen Dalton.

3. Model Life (1998)

Trump made one of his infamous faces while posing with then-girlfriend model Kylie Bax at a New York movie premiere.

2. ‘The Apprentice’ (2004)

Melania seemed to sneer as Donald got a little close to The Apprentice 2 contestant Jennifer C. Interestingly enough, Jennifer later went on record to saw the reality show ruined her life after she was fired from her real job for comments made during filming.

1. Going In For The Kill (2006)


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